Polar Wildlife Report reveals Arctic and Antarctic animals were thriving in 2022

From Polar Bear Science Susan Crockford The Polar Wildlife Report is a peer reviewed summary of the most recent information on polar animals, relative to historical records, based on a review of…

Emperor penguin ESA listing in 2022 used Antarctic sea ice models known to be flawed

…ea ice experts now say those old sea ice models are quite useless for predicting future sea ice conditions and have known this for more than a decade

The Washington Post Gets Iceberg Story Right

The article goes into detail about the theory and mechanics of the ice shelf and the natural growth of the chasm that eventually caused a split—in part due to the growth of…

Antarctica Putting Brakes on Global Sea Level Rise! And: ‘World Climate News’ Makes Debut

The new model also expects more snowfall in Antarctica and the Antarctic ice mass is even expected to remain unchanged and stable overall this century

Claim: More than half of Antarctica’s plants, animals could disappear due to climate change

Lee said that more action is needed to save one of Earth’s vast, pristine biomes.

Nature Geoscience: “Eastern Antarctic Peninsula Ice Sheet HAS GROWN Over Last 20 Years”

The U. of Cambridge press release also adds that the advance is linked due to decade-scale [natural] changes in atmospheric circulation, which has led to more sea ice being carried to…

Emperor Penguins Join Polar Bears on ESA List of Threatened Species Based on Flawed Climate Models

Though emperor penguins are not found naturally in the U.S., the endangered species protections will help increase funding for conservation efforts.

Seasonal Change in Antarctic Ice Sheet Movement Observed for First Time

If true, these seasonal signatures may be uncaptured in some measurements of Antarctic ice-mass loss, with potentially important implications for global sea-level rise estimates

Record of Antarctic Ice Sheet Response to Climate Cycles Found in Rock Samples

“Antarctica has these interesting brines with no carbon in them, because it all precipitated out earlier, so when those brines are isolated from other sources of water they form opal,”…

Dr. Susan Crockford, For the Win, Booyah!

There is actual evidence that two of my fully-referenced blog posts caused some Antarctic Treaty delegates to reject a bid for special protected status for Emperor penguins. Activist heads have exploded.

China Ruins Antarctic Treaty Attempt to Enact Special Protection Status for Emperor penguins

China has thwarted an attempt by members of the Antarctic Treaty organization to enact special protection status for the Emperor penguin, which would have generated a ‘Species Action Plan’. 

New Study: The 2016-2020 Antarctic Sea Ice Decline May Be Traced To Natural Processes

Nowhere in the paper do the authors mention anthropogenic CO2 emissions as a factor determining sea ice trends.

Newly Discovered Lake May Hold Secret to Antarctic Ice Sheet’s Rise and Fall

“This lake is likely to have a record of the entire history of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet, its initiation over 34 million years ago, as well as its growth…

In Sediments Below Antarctic Ice, Scientists Discover a Giant Groundwater System

Previously unmapped reservoirs could speed glaciers, release carbon Peer-Reviewed Publication COLUMBIA CLIMATE SCHOOL Many scientists say that liquid water is a key to understanding the behavior of the frozen form…

MSM Scares Themselves, Confuse ‘Unprecedented’ Weather Model Temperature Spikes with Actual Temperatures

Scientists (and journalists) that use those terms might be better off keeping a lid on their opinions until they have real data to confirm their “unprecedented” claims. Carl Sagan rightly…

Thawing Permafrost Could Leach Microbes, Chemicals Into Environment

The hope is that using measurements from a combination of platforms will help scientists create a fuller picture of changes at the poles, where permafrost is thawing the fastest.

Claim: Melting of the Antarctic ice sheet could cause multi-meter rise in sea levels by the end of the millennium

“This study demonstrates clearly that the impact of 21st-century climate change on the Antarctic ice sheet extends well beyond the 21st century itself, and the most severe consequences — multi-meter…

Satellites Reveal Arctic Rivers are Changing Faster than We Thought

New analysis integrating data from satellites, river gauges and hydrologic models reveals Arctic rivers are discharging much more water than previously thought. Peer-Reviewed Publication UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS AMHERST AMHERST, Mass.…

Friday Funny – BONUS edition

When media worlds collide, “climate change” style. One wonders if Geoffry Lean or Sir David King have headed there to live yet. Inquiring minds want to know. Here are the…

Temperature Bottom Falling Out: Antarctica’s Coldest Half-Year Since Measurements Began 60 Years Ago

Antarctica sets a record cold six month period…Neumayer station sets new winter record low, sees rapid cooling since 2000!

South Pole’s Winter Weather Record

The Antarctic interior recorded its coldest April-to-September this year since records began in 1957. According to the US National Snow and Ice Data Centre (NSIDC), the average temperature at the…

The Antarctic Refrigerator Effect

Due to the formation of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current, enabled by plate tectonics, Antarctica became thermally isolated from the rest of the earth initiating 1) a permanent ice cap, 2)…

South Pole Sees Record Cold Winter, Smashing 1976 Record …WaPo Admits “Chill Was Exceptional”

The Washington Post’s suggestion that Antarctica “continues to warm rapidly” is also contradicted by recent studies showing the entire South Pole continent has in fact cooled since data recording began…

Body Of Evidence: All Of Antarctica Is Cooling… Peninsula Cooling Since Long Before Greta Was Born

The cooling since the 1990s hadn’t fully taken over the warming from 1979-1999 yet, so that’s why the overall trend is still a slight, statistically insignificant warming when referencing the…

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