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A new perspective on climate science and wind power

Reposted from Dr. Roger Pielke Senior’s blog: A New Perspective On Climate Science By L. Miller, F. Gans and A. Kleidon It is not often that a new perspective is proposed in climate science, however, a set of two 2011 papers have done that (h/t … Continue reading

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Oh, thank heavens wind power will be safe

This academic pushing this PNAS paper thinks wind turbines don’t break, but get obsoleted in about 30 years. Boy is she in for a reality check. That and anyone who thinks they can accurately predict wind power density 30-50 years … Continue reading

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Whoa, windfarms in UK operate well below advertised efficiency

It’s damning, and published by a green group. The study cited by the BBC is from the John Muir trust of all places. This would be a good place to point out what I posted a few days ago: The … Continue reading

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Wind Power FAIL

This seems like a candidate for the FAIL blog, hence my caption. Here’s the story:

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We Spent Billions on Wind Power… and All I Got Was a Rolling Blackout

By Mike Smith, Meteorological Musings The Electric Reliability Council of Texas said 7,000 megawatts of generating capacity tripped ["tripped" means failed]Tuesday night, leaving the state without enough juice. That’s enough capacity to power about 1.4 million homes. By rotating outages, … Continue reading

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Pipe Dream or Viable Energy?

I’m a proponent of alternate energy sources, mostly to get us disengaged from Middle East Oil. Often there are schemes floated to produce alternate energy that just don’t balance out when you sum up the energy in versus energy out. … Continue reading

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