A new satellite mission carrying CU-Boulder space weather instruments is expected to help mitigate damage to satellites and communications systems caused by powerful solar storms.

New Earth and space weather satellite set to launch on November 19th

Ready for launch: CU Boulder instrument suite to assess space weather From the UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO AT BOULDER A multimillion dollar University of Colorado Boulder instrument package expected to help scientists better understand potentially damaging space weather is now slated to launch aboard a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration satellite on Saturday, Nov. 19. Designed…


Can heat be controlled as waves?

From the GEORGIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY: A growing interest in thermoelectric materials — which convert waste heat to electricity — and pressure to improve heat transfer from increasingly powerful microelectronic devices have led to improved theoretical and experimental understanding of how heat is transported through nanometer-scale materials. Recent research has focused on the possibility of…


The Search for Novelty in Science

Guest essay by Eric Worrall Why pre-judging the value of potential stepping stones to a solution, stifles scientific innovation. Kenneth Stanley, one of the world’s top artificial intelligence researchers, has produced a fascinating presentation, on why focusing on an objective can sabotage innovation. Consider how you would teach a robot to solve a maze. The…