Warming could raise UK flood damage bill by 20%, Say Make-Believe Computer Simulations

Meanwhile back in the real world, real flood experts have analysed historical flood trends, and found that the percentage of the population at risk has actually declined since 1870 in…

A Curious Essay

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach et al. Here’s the draft essay: Introduction Climate is a complex and dynamic system, regulated by a multitude of interrelated processes, feedback loops, and emergent…

Can You Trust Machine Learning Chat Applications for Weather Information?

ChatGPT can produce reasonable-sounding prose that is often totally wrong.

Wrong, Phys.org, Atmospheric Rivers and Hurricanes are Not Getting Worse

The misleading nature of attribution science has been pointed out multiple times at Climate Realism, for example, here, here, and here,  as the accuracy of a computer models are only as accurate as the…

Record Cold in New England, As Natural Gas Comes to The Rescue Again

The fossil fuels that Joe Biden has promised to eliminate from the grid by 2035 supplied 65% of New England’s electricity at 8.00pm on Friday night.

California:  Atmospheric River and Misguided Climate Fear

It’s remarkable that so many intelligent people profess that the current California disaster is due to human-caused climate change.

The California Drought is Over. Definitively.

 Blaming climate change as the primary cause for current problems and recent “drought” leads to not dealing with the real problems.

Wrong, Washington Post – History and Data Contradict Claims of Worsening ‘Atmospheric Rivers’

WaPo and much of climate science today is overly reliant on projections from computer models rather than looking at trends in historical and real-world data.

Fear, Flooding, Forecasting & Australia’s 2022 Official Rainfall Statistics

There are stories emerging now of children who experience panic attacks every time it rains.

“Bomb Cyclone” Winter Storm to Clobber California

A major winter storm, with winds gusting up to near hurricane strength is moving towards northern California. Dubbed a “bomb cyclone” due to rapid central pressure drop, it more than…

UK’s Arctic Blast and Australia’s Cold Spring Contradict Climate Narrative

The mainstream media (MSM) wants the world to believe that climate change has turned us into rotisserie chickens.

Christmas Day Forecast: Snowiest and Coldest Since 2000

Joe Bastardi forecast: Christmas Day – snow as far south as Louisana and Houston Texas, temperatures over 20 degrees below normal.

“Goofy” Celebrities Blind to Cold and Snow

Sometimes, it is easier to understand weather data than a mind unwilling to accept a reality that challenges an apocalyptic narrative. As for the celebrities who exhibit such recalcitrance, we…

Ace Forecaster Bastardi: “Something We Used to See In 1970s”, Warns Of “Spectacular Cold”

Joe worries that many countries aren’t going to have sufficient energy to meet the forecast cold challenges, something politically inexcusable in 2022 with all our modern technology.

Nationwide Cold Wave Continues with Numerous Low Temperature Records Likely to Be Set…Intense Great Lakes Snow Event on The Way

The “perfect” scenario for places like Buffalo and Watertown of western New York State to get pummeled by snow in a Great Lakes snow event is for an extended period…

BBC Admit Their Pakistan Floods Claim Was False

It was plainly evident that nothing like a third of the country had flooded.

Typhoon Frequency Has Fallen Since 1950, Contradicting Alarmist Global Warming Claims

The typhoon trend is just more “Inconvenient Truth” that the climate scamming alarmists don’t want the public to know.

Global Scatterplots

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach For a while now, I’ve been using a curious kind of scatterplot. Here’s an example. It shows the relationship between the surface temperature and the…

Colder, Wetter Than Normal September Pushes German Gas Consumption +14.5%, Winter Gas Outage Looms!

Sudden mid September cold snap forces Germans to turn on the heat early…consume 14.5% more gas than previous years…”wettest September since 2001″…gas shortage in winter “difficult to avoid”


This live and real-time radar stream is coming directly from the National Weather Service WSR-88D NEXRAD network and is provided as a free public service of The Heartland Institute and…

Natural Oceanic Cycles Behind Heavy East Australia Rains, New Study Finds

In other words, rains and dry periods depend on what the oceanic cycles are doing, and not CO2. Understanding the key natural cycles is key.

Good News: 2022 Hurricane Season Mild. Bad News: Pressure Pattern Threatens Europe with Hell Winter

Europeans need to start preparing for an autumn and/or winter blackout. Note that a blackout means not only the power goes out, but so do the heat, lights, communication, Internet…

Pakistan Floods Likely Made Worse By Warming–BBC

It’s like a spiritual adviser who claims he influence helped you win the lottery — after you’ve already won it.

Rescued 66,000 Sheets of Real UK Rainfall Observations Refute Alarmist Claims of More Drought

From the NoTricksZone By P Gosselin  Europe saw a dry summer this year and global climate alarmists claimed that droughts are becoming more and more frequent. This is the new normal,…

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