The Conversation: Restoring UK Marshes and Peat Bogs will Slow Climate Change

Malaria, which our ancestors called Ague, was once endemic in Britain and Northern Europe. Our ancestors defeated Malaria over 100 years ago by draining dangerous marshes and swamps. But a…

The Middle East Doubles Down on Oil and Gas As the UN Warns of “Climate Emergency”

Secretary-General António Guterres issued a stark warning: the world is facing a catastrophe ahead as it is on track to warm by more than 30 C by the end of…

Boris Johnson Bans (Barely) Affordable Gas Home Heating

Heating Bills are set to quadruple under Boris Johnson’s latest climate brainstorm. Many people in Britain cannot afford heating bills of this magnitude. Around 10% of Britons already cannot afford…

Australia Not Invited to a Big International Climate Summit

Summit organisers rejected Australia’s attendance, say Australia’s climate action plan was “unacceptably weak”.

State Security, Your Papers Please? UK to introduce “Freedom Passes” for Coronavirus

One of the distinguishing features of British society vs repressive tyrannies like the Soviet Union used to be that you didn’t have to carry identity papers to prove your right…

UK Bans Gasoline and Diesel Vehicle Sales from 2030

Boris Johnson has demonstrated a spectacular lack of empathy for vulnerable people who cannot afford an electric vehicle.

Put More Money into Renewable Energy or We’ll Report You to Joe Biden?

According to The Guardian, Boris Johnson has only pledged £4 billion per year of an estimated £33 billion per year which is required to fund Britain’s zero carbon conversion to…

Report Your Neighbours: British Police Urge the Public to Inform on Covid-19 Lockdown Breaches

Remind me again who won the Cold War? The British police are urging ordinary people to inform on neighbours who breach Covid-19 lockdown rules.

“Voting is Such a Blunt Instrument”: Britain’s Climate Assembly Report Gathers Momentum

Climate activists are celebrating the sham political legitimacy of the government sanctioned British Climate Assembly, and other climate assemblies which are popping up around Europe.

Boris Johnson in intensive care

By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley Boris Johnson’s transfer to intensive care for Chinese-virus symptoms is bad news for lovers of liberty on both sides of the Atlantic. Very sadly, on…