Friday funny – a shadow falls

Josh writes: The Trump effect is already being felt at COP22 – “is it Game Over?” asks Ian Duncan We can but wait and see. Meanwhile the usual conversations are taking place. Cartoons by Josh PS for more fun watch Sheila Gunn Reid’s COP22 reports for The Rebel Advertisements


Friday Funny – Madhouse Mann

Josh writes: Michael Mann has a book out called “The Madhouse Effect” with cartoons by Tom Toles, and which was the subject of a WUWT post back in April. It looks like it’s a summary of every alarmist strawman and lots of name calling of sceptics – well, I guess that’s all they got. Just in case…


‘Tiny the Turbine’ – a new story illustrated by Josh

Josh writes:  Apologies for the lack of cartoons this summer but I’ve been beavering away on a follow up to the Subisdy Sam story produced earlier in the year. Today we are launching ‘Tiny the Turbine’ written by Lyndsey Ward and illustrated by me.   Lyndsey writes: Tiny the Turbine is a story that really is for children.…