You can see the 97/98 animation form below the ocean months before it manifests in this new detailed visualisation produced by Australian researchers.
ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science / National Computational Infrastructure.

Do over: The 1997/98 Super El Niño via latest computer animation

From the UNIVERSITY OF NEW SOUTH WALES Extraordinary animation reveals ocean’s role in El Niños Ocean model data generated by Australia’s most powerful supercomputer, Raijin, shows 97/98 El Nino unfolding Sydney, Australia: Australian researchers from the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) and the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science have produced a remarkable high-resolution…


Quicky October 2016 ENSO Update

Guest Post by Bob Tisdale Weekly NINO3.4 Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies from NOAA Are Approaching the Threshold of a Moderately Strong La Niña.  Australia’s Southern Oscillation Index from BOM is in La Niña values.  And NOAA’s Multivariate ENSO Index is Still in ENSO Neutral Territory. NOAA’S WEEKLY NINO3.4 REGION SEA SURFACE TEMPERATURE ANOMALIES   NOAA’s…

Obligatory cracked Earth image from California drought, 2014

Claim: ‘greenhouse gases could extend California drought for centuries’

From the UCLA Newsroom: Pacific Ocean’s response to greenhouse gases could extend California drought for centuries Warming forces have caused millennia of dryness in California’s prehistory, and greenhouses gases could do the same Clues from prehistoric droughts and arid periods in California show that today’s increasing greenhouse gas levels could lock the state into drought…