‘Paradise Lost’ – Wildfires Were ‘Déjà Vu All Over Again’

Note: This editorial was originally in the queue to be published in a prominent newspaper, but the editor somehow forgot about it after I submitted it. While it is a…

Sacramento Bee Won’t Attribute Mild Wildfire Season to Climate Change, Falsely Claims the Inverse

The best explanations then for regional upticks in fires are differences in forest management practices, arson, as well as improper maintenance of power lines in the case of California, or combinations of factors that…

Wrong, LA Times, There is No Evidence ‘Climate Change Boosts Risk of Explosive Wildfire Growth in California’

This is a classic example of the overreliance on models (and now AI) in climate research, instead of actual data.

Man-Made Disaster’: Byron Donalds Blames ‘Green New Deal Stuff’ For Maui Wildfire

Republican Rep. Byron Donalds blamed “green new deal stuff” for the devastating wildfire in Maui, saying an electric company ignored “the basic things.”

Canada Forest Fires Trend Has Gone Down Since 2000, Data Defy Alarmist Claims

But the country’s official wildfire statistics do not show this suspected trend.

The Essential Ingredients of the Most Destructive Wildfires: Wind and Grass

Climate change has little to do with such grass/range fires. Many steps can be taken to reduce the grass/range wildfire risk.

La Brea Megafaunal Extinctions Driven by Fires 13,000 Years Ago

Peer-Reviewed Publication AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE (AAAS) Pleistocene megafaunal extinctions from Southern California were driven by large-scale fires in an ecosystem made increasingly vulnerable by climate change…

We Are Not Learning’: Bjorn Lomborg Says Politicians Hide Behind Climate Change to Duck ‘Responsibility’ For ‘Failures’

We are not learning as long as we just keep blaming global warming

Agency Headed By ‘Indigenous Knowledge’ Advocate Delayed Water Supplies That Would Have Fought Hawaii Fires, Letter Says

Water requires “true conversations about equity”

The Real Cause of the Maui Wildfire Disaster

This event was not the result of climate change, Hurricane Dora, or an extended drought.  It resulted from an unusually intense mountain wave/downslope windstorm produced by a fairly rare convergence…

The Origin of the Hawaii Fires/Preventing a Similar Tragedy in the Future

We can take steps to prevent this from happening again, including understanding why this event occurred and building the observation, warning, and action infrastructure as California.

Hawaiian Fires: Fueled by Invasive Grasses, a Wet Spring and Human Ignition Sources

Hawaii is one of the most fire-prone states in the U.S.

Wind-Driven Wildfires on Maui

Very strong trade winds developed yesterday, as a large pressure difference (gradient) formed between a strong subtropical high and hurricane Dora to the south.

Greece’s Fires: A Human Act, Not Climate Change Catastrophe

it’s become clear that human agency that’s the root cause of most of these fires.

Musings on Forest Fires, Fuel Load, Dr. Ehrlich and the CO2Fertilization Effect Upon U. S. Forests

The CO2 fertilization effect is both real and substantial in both beneficial and harmful ways. 

Unraveling the Enigma: Canadian Wildfires, a Stroke of Misfortune

…many extreme weather events hinge on random factors, with climate change’s effects relatively small compared to the random variations inherent in our complex atmospheric system.

What the Media Won’t Tell you About … Wildfires–Roger Pielke Jr

The IPCC has not detected or attributed fire occurrence or area burned to human-caused climate change

Good Climate News: Wildfire Trends Have Fallen Off Significantly Over the Recent Decades

Wildfires, very much in the news recently, have tapered downward significantly over the recent decades, contradicting the doom and gloom spread by climate alarmists and media. 

Anthony on Fox News – AOC is wrong for ‘spieling’ Canadian wildfire hysteria

Heartland Institution senior fellow Anthony Watts breaks down the science behind the Canadian wildfires on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

You are being conned: Data, studies & UN IPCC all reveal Canadian fires not due to ‘climate change’ – ‘There has been a significant & continuing decline in the number of fires’

The media and climate activists are again weaponizing wildfires and linking them to climate change. Wildfires, both globally and in Canada, have been declining significantly.

Media Wrong Again about Quebec wildfires

True to form, mainstream media has been quick to associate these terrifying and spectacular natural events with (anthropogenic) climate change. Let’s look at the facts.

New Labor Laws and the Threat to Wildfire Prevention in California

…recent changes in state labor regulations are posing a threat to this innovative wildfire prevention strategy.

CNN Publishes Blatantly False Claim About Wildfires – There’s No Link to Fossil Fuels at All

Originally posted at ClimateREALISM A May 16, 2023 article by CNN reporter Rachel Ramirez titled, “More than a third of the area charred by wildfires in Western North America can…

Are the Large Alberta Fires the Result of Climate Change?

In summary, there is little evidence that the Alberta wildfires represent a climate event.  

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