Prof. Roger Pielke Jr. “The Inconvenient Truth about Climate Science”

At the University of Colorado, Roger founded and directed both the Center for Science and Technology Policy Research and the Sports Governance Center.

NOAA predicts a near-normal 2023 Atlantic hurricane season

“The upcoming Atlantic hurricane season is expected to be less active than recent years, due to competing factors — some that suppress storm development and some that fuel it —…

Cyclone Mocha: Don’t Fall for the Climate Bait

Don’t fall for the climate bait.

Sea Turtles, Florida Lore, and Hurricane Prediction

According to Florida folklore this will be calm storm season.

Happy Easter, Happy End of the 2023 Cyclone Season at the Great Barrier Reef

The available data shows that there has been a steady decline in both the number and intensity of cyclones since the 1970s.

No, Axios, Future U.S. Hurricane Damage Losses Will Not be Driven by Climate Change

Originally posted at An article in Axios, written by Andrew Freedman, claims increased hurricane winds due to rising temperatures driven by increasing carbon dioxide concentrations may result in more…

BBC Refuse to Correct Blatantly False Hurricane Claims

Apparently viewers would not have been misled by the misinformation, despite the fact that most will now be convinced that hurricanes are becoming more frequent, when they are not!

2022 Global Wide Hurricane Season Ends with Weakest Storm Levels of the Last 42 Years

This blatant failure by the climate alarmist media to address the reality of declining weather event severity and instead conceal such data is just another example establishing the dishonesty and deception of climate alarmist propaganda articles…

World’s Northern Hemisphere Tropical Storm Accumulated Cyclone Energy Plunges 33% in 2022

This readily available tropical storm data has been consistently ignored, hidden, concealed, misrepresented and otherwise falsely manipulated by climate alarmist politicians and media.

Despite Prediction 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season Fizzles Out Below “Normal”

Despite Prediction 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season Fizzles Out Below “Normal”

Wrong, The Conversation, Evidence Shows People Are NOT Under Greater Threat from Hurricanes

Efforts to control climate change by limiting the use of life sustaining fossil fuels will do nothing to either prevent hurricanes from forming or to reduce the harm when they…

Is Global Warming Responsible for Hurricane Ian? The Evidence Says No

This tendency to link climate change to every single weather event after is passes has in all honesty become tiresome.

Hurricane Hype, Lies, Censorship – and Reality

Politicized hurricane and climate science breeds distrust, green energy and economic disasters Paul Driessen Hurricane Ian is in the history books, having unleashed its Category 4 fury on southwestern Florida.…

New Push to De-Platform Climate Dissent Fueled by JunkScience Tweets

The climate mafia recently renewed its pressure campaign on social media companies to to silence online dissent. I’ve noticed a pattern. Maybe you’ll spot it, too.

Did Global Warming Make Hurricane Ian Intensify Faster than Normal?

There has not been an increase in the frequency, intensity, or speed of intensification of Atlantic hurricanes in the past several decades.

Live at Noon Central Time: Hurricane Ian Isn’t Proof of Anthropogenic Climate Change

As expected, the corporate media latched onto Hurricane Ian to advance the false narrative of anthropogenic, catastrophic climate change.

NYTimes Hurricane Analysis is Purposefully Misleading

So, instead of citing the clear and convincing scientific consensus, the NY Times substitutes their own narrative. Yikes!

After Hurricane Ian: No Trend in Florida Landfalls, Global Activity Trending Down

Looking at just the numbers of global hurricanes since 1980, we see no obvious trends.

European Models Provide Far Better Forecasts than U.S. Models for Hurricane Ian

U.S. global weather prediction is not as good as some major international centers, and the cost to the American people is enormous (can you imagine the costs of all the…

Hurricane Ian and Tampa Bay — with Updates

Hurricane Ian is projected to run right up the channel leading into Florida’s Tampa Bay, making landfall as a Major Hurricane.

Map Of Eastern Canada Battered by Fiona’s Hurricane-Force Winds and Storm Surges

Homes lost, residents flee as Fiona smashes Port aux Basques, N.L

Good News: 2022 Hurricane Season Mild. Bad News: Pressure Pattern Threatens Europe with Hell Winter

Europeans need to start preparing for an autumn and/or winter blackout. Note that a blackout means not only the power goes out, but so do the heat, lights, communication, Internet…

Why a Dud Hurricane Season … So Far? Join us LIVE on YouTube at noon CT today.

Participate in the chat on the YouTube stream LIVE at Noon CT today and every Friday to get your questions answered.

The 53rd Anniversary of Hurricane Camille…A Category 5 At Landfall and One of The Most Devastating Storms in US History

It will also be remembered as the year when a major hurricane –Hurricane Camille – struck the United States as a category 5 storm and the second most intense tropical…

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