Goldilocks planets ‘with a tilt’ may develop more complex life

GOLDSCHMIDT CONFERENCE Research News Planets which are tilted on their axis, like Earth, are more capable of evolving complex life. This finding will help scientists refine the search for more…

Claim: Global evidence links rise in extreme precipitation to human-driven climate change

Understanding how humans influence extreme precipitation is important for interpreting climate events today and for preparing cities and protective infrastructure for the changing world ahead.

Sky News Think Bangladesh Never Used To Flood

As any competent journalist should have known, severe flooding in Bangladesh is a common event, something which has always occurred in the majority of years. British Pathe , for instance,…

Climate changed the size of our bodies and, to some extent, our brains


Claim: 5 million deaths a year caused by global climate related abnormal temps

More than five million deaths a year can be attributed to abnormal hot and cold temperatures MONASH UNIVERSITY Research News More than five million extra deaths a year can be…

How to constrain unconstrained global-warming predictions

Suddenly, the hitherto-unconstrainable equilibrium sensitivities become constrained – and their entire interval turns out to be below the lower bound of the currently-imagined interval. Inserting the 255 K emission temperature…

Did Manmade Climate Change Cause the Surfside Condo Collapse?

by Anthony R. Lupo In the middle of the night on June 24, 2021, two major sections of Champlain Towers, a 12-story residential condominium in Surfside, FL, just north of…

Chasing cosmic particles with radio antennas in Greenland’s ice

“Detecting radio signals from high-energy neutrinos is a very promising way of significantly increasing the energy range we can access, and thus opening this new window to the cosmos even…

Gulf Coast ready to develop carbon storage hub

The stage is set for a new carbon storage economy to emerge along the Gulf Coast, according to a study led by The University of Texas at Austin, with the…

Was Global Warming The Cause of the Great Northwest Heatwave? Science Says No.

The evidence for a predominantly natural origin of the high temperatures records of last week is compelling, with global warming marginally increasing the peak temperatures by perhaps a few degrees.…

Turning Algae Trash into Treasure: Conservation Nation Episode 5

These algae blooms are causing big problems for Florida waters, but Aguaculture may have found the key using free market forces and technological innovation.

Closing the gap on the missing lithium

There is a significant discrepancy between theoretical and observed amounts of lithium in our universe. This is known as the cosmological lithium problem, and it has plagued cosmologists for decades.

Europe faces global scepticism about its carbon border tax

The European Union faces an uphill battle to convince trading partners that the world’s first levy on carbon imports is fair, workable and a necessary part of the bloc’s attempted…

Central Planning Gone Wild!

Taken together, these analyses provide a strong case for redistributive policies that establish both minimum and maximum income and/or consumption levels

NASA Rocket, Satellite Tag-Team to View the Giant Electric Current in the Sky

Some 50 miles up, where Earth’s atmosphere blends into space, the air itself hums with an electric current. Scientists call it the atmospheric dynamo, an Earth-sized electric generator. It’s taken…

Observation, simulation, and AI join forces to reveal a clear universe

After extensive training and testing on large mock data created by supercomputer simulations, they then applied this new tool to actual data from Japan’s Subaru Telescope and found that the…

Off By More Than 99%? It Changes Nothing!

Ocean plastic pollution is less than 1% of what we’ve been screaming for decades, but is still as big a problem as ever

El Niño and the lengthening New Pause: now 6 years 10 months

The latest UAH temperature anomalies show that the New Pause has lengthened by another two months to 6 years 10 months. As usual, the Pause is defined as the longest…

New Podcast: Global Warming and the Northwest Heatwave, Plus the Weekend Forecast

Reposted from the Cliff Mass Weather Blog New Podcast: Global Warming and the Northwest Heatwave, Plus the Weekend Forecast The severe heatwave this week has been on everyone’s mind, for…

Claim: Earth’s cryosphere shrinking by 87,000 square kilometers per year

AMERICAN GEOPHYSICAL UNION Research News WASHINGTON–The global cryosphere–all of the areas with frozen water on Earth–shrank by about 87,000 square kilometers (about 33,000 square miles), a area about the size…

Over 150 fire scientists urge the US West: Skip the fireworks this record-dry 4th of July

With this combination of extreme drought, heat and dry vegetation, all it takes is a spark to ignite a wildfire.

Claim: NASA Satellites See Upper Atmosphere Cooling and Contracting Due to Climate Change

The sky isn’t falling, but scientists have found that parts of the upper atmosphere are gradually contracting in response to rising human-made greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate Litigation Supporters Admit That Attribution Science Is Failing In Court

What is surprising about that latest development, however, is that the wealthy financiers of climate lawsuits would bankroll a report that confirms this paid-for science has serious limitations.

Robert Felix Of Ice Age Now Sadly Passes Away

Sadly Robert Felix, who ran the Ice Age Now website, passed away a couple of weeks ago.