NASA Seeks Public’s Designs to Throw Shade in Space

To further this exploration, NASA is supporting the early-stage study of a concept for a hybrid observatory that would combine a ground-based telescope with a space-based starshade.

Review of the 5th National Climate Assessment: Call for Nominations

Nominations are due by Monday, August 1, 2022.

John Christy Debunks Climate Models and Extreme Weather Hysteria With Laura Ingraham on FOX News

From the July 14, 2022 episode of Ingraham Angle.

Germany’s Running Out Of Energy: Wind Turbine Construction Stalls, Firewood Becoming Scarce!

Personally, I called a local firewood dealer earlier in the week. They told me they have none left and that they could put me down on a waiting list.

Claim: Coastal Glacier Retreat Linked to Climate Change

but exactly what’s triggering the large-scale retreat has been difficult to pin down because of natural fluctuations in the glaciers’ surroundings.

Democrats Vent their Fury as Joe Manchin Shelves Action on Climate Change

We’re all going to die

Sen. Tom Cotton Warns Companies Joining ESG: “You’d Better Lawyer Up”

There’s a reason why America’s top law firms are already advising their clients to be wary here.

Live Now, Roundtable : Media Wrongly Blames Climate Change for Yosemite Park Fire

Climate Change Roundtable Ep21 The Heartland Institute The corporate media is predictably latching onto the wildfire at Yosemite Park as another example of climate change in action. You’d think the…

Evolving To Outpace Climate Change, Tiny Marine Animal Provides New Evidence of Long-Theorized Genetic Mechanism

“These copepods are a saltwater species that now needs to adapt to much fresher water in their environment.”

Open Thread

Open Thread

Impact of Changing Climate on Andean Glaciers in Sync with Polar Ice

Despite variations in solar radiation between the two hemispheres, the study showed glacier changes in both regions occurred at the same time.

Let the Litigation Flow!

our work is an important contribution to the effort to develop evidence that can be used to make claims for legal standing.

Biden’s Transportation Department targets CO2 emissions of cars on highways to push EVs

the Biden Department of Transportation (DOT) proposed a rule targeting CO2 emissions from highway vehicles, for which DOT also has no legal authority.

James Webb Space Telescope vs. Hubble

A simple image comparison. Original Hi-Res version. HT/Roy Spencer

BJORN LOMBORG: Going organic might be fashionably green, but it won’t feed the world

A global food crisis is looming, so policymakers everywhere need to think hard about how to make food cheaper and more plentiful.

Stronger Overturning Circulation in the Pacific During the Last Glacial Period

Data from fossil corals points to changed circulation of ocean currents – an important finding for climate models

Trudeau’s Nitrogen Policy will Decimate Canadian Farming

Much like in the Netherlands, Justin Trudeau is bringing in a nitrogen emissions cap that will absolutely decimate Canadian farming.

NASA Highlights Climate Research on Cargo Launch, Sets Coverage

NASA and SpaceX are targeting 8:44 p.m. EDT Thursday, July 14, to launch the agency’s next investigation to monitor climate change to the International Space Station.

LinkedIn Bans Scientist for Presenting Inconvenient Truths About CO2

His ‘crime’ consisted of posting charts from peer reviewed research

Researchers Rediscover Oak Tree Thought to be Extinct

One Quercus tardifolia found clinging to life in Big Bend National Park

Biden Depletes U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve: CC Roundtable Live at Noon CT

The Biden administration is releasing around one million barrels of oil per day from the United States Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR). The move is designed to ease Americans’ suffering at…

Novel NASA Instrument Sets Sights on Earth-bound Solar Radiation

A very small instrument has a big job ahead of it: measuring all Earth-directed energy coming from the Sun and helping scientists understand how that energy influences our planet’s severe…

European Commission Declares Nuclear and Gas to be Green

The European Commission has labeled nuclear and gas as sustainable. Critics are calling the step “greenwashing” and say it could threaten the bloc’s bid to become climate-neutral by 2050.

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