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Wrong, Phys.Org, Boreal Forests Are Doing Well Amid Modest Warming

So, amid climate change, tree growth and range expansion across the Earth’s boreal forests exceed tree decline, no ifs, ands, or buts.

Americans’ Beliefs on Climate Change Causes Shift: Survey Insights

For independents, the decline was even steeper: from 61% in 2018 to 42% in 2023.

Just Stop Oil Actually Stopped Oil!

Thanks for saving the planet

Study: EV’s are Cars for People Who Don’t Need to Drive (as much)

If federal agencies are overestimating true mileage, that results in overestimating the emissions savings.

Models Vs. Reality: Sea Turtle Edition

Sea turtles in Florida are handling the climate crisis quite well.

Ørsted Abandons New Jersey Wind Projects

“Macroeconomic factors have changed dramatically over a short period of time, with high inflation, rising interest rates, and supply chain bottlenecks impacting our long-term capital investments,”

Electric Vehicles: Unveiling the Hidden Costs

…a Texas think tank says the true cost is the equivalent of USD$17.33 per gallon — or CAD$6.32 per litre — over the life of the car, after factoring in…

Siemens Energy’s Green Dream Meets Reality: Renewables in Distress

In a rather grim portrayal of the sector’s health, the term ‘green panic’ has been coined

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Pielke Jr.: Going All in with Peak Fossil Fuels by 2030

The International Energy Agency bets its reputation on an aggressive prediction

Permanent California Drought Update

But the drought’s not over!

New York City Goes Pedal to the Metal on Electric Vehicles.

…all heavy-duty vehicles purchased after 2028 to be zero emissions

Navigator CO2 Ventures cancels carbon-capture pipeline project in US Midwest

The people united to resist Navigator at every level in every corner of every state and we won,

Andrew Forrest’s Climate Alarmism: A Misguided Crusade

His climate crusade, while grand in its presentation, leaves much to be desired in terms of fostering a rational and constructive discourse on climate issues.

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“The Techno-Optimist Manifesto” (Marc Andreessen in the energy debate)

We believe markets are generative, not exploitative; positive sum, not zero sum.

Observed increases in North Atlantic tropical cyclone peak intensification rates

…it’s utterly shocking that hurricane forecasters and modelers wouldn’t have noticed and identified it previously.

Milloy: Biden’s Kamikaze Climate Plan for the US Economy

The Biden administration, on the other hand, is determined to cripple the U.S. It is engaged in simultaneous EPA rulemakings to zero out coal and gas plants, and to mandate…

UK CfD Subsidies Increasing Again

Most renewable output is still subsidised via Renewable Obligations.

It’s Cold: Germany Fires Up Reserve Coal Plant

The success of the Energiewende on full display.

New Study Concludes: If We Artificially Raise the Cost of Fertilizers, Farmers Will Use Less and Grow Less Food

Draconian Climate Policies fix everything. Don’t worry. Someone else will feed you.

Rising Seas and Social Justice

And will the pursuit of equity hold back death and destruction from the deadly Climate Change?

COP28 in Dubai: A Crossroads of Rhetoric and Reality

In a recent article by Tilak Doshi on Forbes, the convoluted saga of climate negotiations is meticulously unraveled, shedding light on the dichotomy between rhetoric and reality as the world…

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