License to Disrupt: Australia Goes Soft on Climate Protestors

Deanna “Violet” Maree Coco, who used a truck and flares to set up an illegal road block on Sydney’s main harbour crossing, has just walked free from jail on appeal.

Law Whispering is Dead, Long Live Law Whispering!

Scotus opinions? We don’ need no stinking SCOTUS opinions!

Appellant Brief Filed in Young v. EPA

Round 2 gets started in the only lawsuit that can derail the Biden EPA’s PM2.5 railroad. Read the opening brief of appellants Stan Young and Tony Cox.

Final Brief Submitted In CHECC v. EPA

In the case, we ask the court to compel EPA to go back and re-assess the “science” of greenhouse gas “endangerment.”

Support Clintel in their “Climate Case of the Century”

This case is now pending on appeal before the Hague Court of Appeals.

Researchers Propose Compulsory Climate Change Teaching in Core Law Curriculum

Legal educators now face the responsibility of ensuring that law graduates are equipped with adequate knowledge of climate law and social context in which they will operate.

“ESG Check in”: More details on the Securities & Exchange Commission’s Activist Role in the “Whole of Government” Push on ESG, “Climate Risk Disclosure”

The sheer volume of senior staff time dedicated to this issue, including canoodling with activists, is troubling.

EPA And The Electricity Cost Crisis

Could the DC Circuit — supposedly one of our premier courts — fall for something this blindly ignorant? We shall see.

Municipalities of Puerto Rico v. Exxon Mobil, et al. Part 2: RICO-teering

When it comes to unsupportable political assertions and accusations, the above problems and what I covered in Part 1 are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Municipalities of Puerto Rico v. Exxon Mobil, Part 1

It is filled with so many faulty assertions and accusations that I’ll have to split it into two parts.

Puerto Rico Greens Launch a RICO Lawsuit Against Big Oil

Big oil is accused of conspiring to deceive the public into thinking the current warming might not have been caused by Anthropogenic CO2.

The “reposition global warming as theory” Memos: When It’s All You Got, You. Have. NOTHING.

that worthless-as-evidence memo directive phrase (it was never implemented anywhere) being the only thing enviro-activists have in their arsenal to support their accusation about the fossil fuel industry bankrolling disinformation campaigns

Who’s Funding the Climate Lawsuits? Do the Plaintiffs Even Know?

… the politicians who promised a massive double-dip to the lawyers out of supposed taxpayer damages, and any enablers, will face serious questions about their fidelity to fiduciary obligations.

Climate Litigators are Riding a Dead Horse II: Platkin v Exxon Mobil Corp.

it’s guys like AG Platkin who are either oblivious to the fatal faults within both angles of that side of the issue, or who simply don’t do their job to…

The Briefing Begins In CHECC v. EPA

The key point is that EPA’s “science” has been invalidated by evidence.

Blockade Australia Charges Dismissed Because of Climate Insanity

Australia’s Lismore court accepted a Section 14 Mental Health Act defence – not guilty due to cognitive impairment or mental health issues.

Big Oil, Exxon Not Guilty as Charged (a rebuttal in six parts)

Trying to appease the enemy is futile. Employees, investors, board members who view oil and gas as destructive should not be part of the company.

UN: Climate Inaction Violates Human Rights

The United Nations Human Rights Committee has ruled in favour of eight Torres Strait Islanders, who claim Australia’s climate inaction violated their human rights.

Virginia Child Climate Lawsuit Bites the Dust

“… this action belongs two blocks over at the General Assembly and not before this court …”

Litigious Climate Scientist on the Hook for Legal Fees

Stanford prof ordered to pay legal fees after dropping $10 million defamation case against another scientist

Another Bad Day at Black Rock

BlackRock will be forced to defend multiple lawsuits unless it takes significant steps to abandon both its ESG investment strategies and its extensive activities to force net-zero emissions at the…

Emails, Wayback Machine Gem Confirms: DiCaprio, Other Private Funders of Governmental Climate Litigation Paid Millions to “Climate” Lawyers Via Pass-through Charity

Did the law firm disclose to its clients, e.g., Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, that it was already being paid to conduct this litigation?

Court Sides with GAO over UCLA, Awards $225,000 in Legal Fees Over Records Fight

These revelations might well have implications for one or more of the “climate” lawsuits the Hollywood money is actually paying for.

Let the Litigation Flow!

our work is an important contribution to the effort to develop evidence that can be used to make claims for legal standing.

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