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Michael Mann the ‘reluctant public figure’ and ‘typewriter expert’

One of the hurdles Michael Mann has to overcome in his lawsuit against NRO/Steyn is the tenet that public figures are expected to have a higher level of tolerance when it comes to ridicule, satire, and defamation. For that reason, … Continue reading

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Friday Funny – Mann Overboard!

Dr. Mann doesn’t seem to know who he’s labeling as a “garden variety troll”. This is probably just a conditioned reflex on his part, since anyone who disagrees with the omniscient Mann is eventually labeled a troll, but in this … Continue reading

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Michael Mann forced into a “do-over” in Mann -vs- CEI & Steyn

What a great Christmas present for Mike. It is back to square one for him with his lawsuit over what he views as libel by Mark Steyn and CEI. For background, see this WUWT story: Mann has filed suit against … Continue reading

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A hilarious view of Climategate I’ve never read before

Scientific understanding and faith simultaneously on display:  ‘For climatologists, the search for an irrefutable “sign” of anthropogenic warming has assumed an almost Biblical intensity.’ – Fred Pearce, New Scientist, October 1996 This being near Climategate time, it is worth reflecting … Continue reading

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Saturday Silliness: The Zero of all sums = ooommmm

Josh writes: A cartoon inspired by Steve McIntyre’s post on Lew & Mann, and of course all the other posts from everyone else! 

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Mann and Lewandowsky go psychotic on climate skeptics

From the tiny dog whistle violin department. Dr. Michael Mann and Dr. Stephan Lewandowsky have a new paper out that redefines the term “climate ugliness”. Apparently FOIA requests are “harassment”. And Internet blogs “wrongly sidestep peer-reviewed literature”. Oh Mann, tell … Continue reading

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Paleoscientist: Mann’s recent work was a ‘crock of xxxx’

From the soon to be a Climate Crock of the Week department, Barry Woods writes to me in an email: One of the insights in the climategate emails was perhaps how poisonous Michael Mann’s involvement was, for the niche area … Continue reading

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Mann’s emails to be subject of state supreme court case

You have to wonder what he’s got in those emails to be fighting so hard to keep people from seeing the supposedly mundane details of research. Prince William FOIA case on global warming headed for Virginia Supreme Court The fight … Continue reading

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IPCC throws Mann’s Hockey Stick under the bus?

While the media circulates the talking points pre-release “leaked draft” of IPCC’s AR5 amongst themselves, there are a few nuggets of interest coming out here and there we can write about. One such nugget is contained in a series of … Continue reading

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Oh Mann… this can’t be good. Called a ‘charlatan’ and his gubernatorial pick linked to Solyndra in the same day!

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The Amazing Mann gives no pause

Robert Scheaffer reports from the meeting via email: Mann just told TAM (The Amazing Meeting of the Skeptics Society) that there has been no pause in Global Warming, and says claims that there has been are just ‘Cherry Picking’.

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Opinion: Life as a Target

Attacks on my work that are aimed at undermining true climate change science have turned me into a public figure. I am not vain enough to embrace that role. By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley (with no apologies to Michael E. … Continue reading

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The descent of Mann’s legal standing

Story submitted by Rob Ricket Mann plays the victim in article from “The Scientist” Opinion: Life as a Target Attacks on my work aimed at undermining climate change science have turned me into a public figure. I have come to … Continue reading

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Mann ‘Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars’ presentation on Live stream

Live stream URL follows. 7PM EST tonight.  (event has passed) BOONE—Climate scientist Michael E. Mann will speak March 21 at Appalachian State University. His address is a collaboration of the 24th anniversary of Appalachian’s Morgan Lecture Series in the Sciences, … Continue reading

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Monday Mirthiness – Watch the genesis (and retraction) of a smear

This is hilarious, I finally got a retraction out of Dr. Michael Mann. The AGW proponents must be reeling from McIntyre’s takedown of Marcott et al, because I watched the most hilarious smear genesis unfold this morning a few minutes … Continue reading

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Why social media is important in the #climatewars

I noted today that WUWT just passed 6000 followers on Twitter, and 15,000 followers of the blog by email. About the same time, WUWT reached 5000 likes on Facebook. A few years ago, I never much thought social media was … Continue reading

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Some Christmas gift notes for Dr. Michael Mann

As reported this past weekend, we had a hilarious case of Mann overboard! Since then, it has become the #1 story on WordPress worldwide. It stems from a $10 calendar from COSTCO I sent Dr. Mann, Dr. Gavin Schmidt, Dr. … Continue reading

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The Tuesday Titter – Mannte’s Inferno

Heh, I saw this last night, and I made a screencap early on but decided not to comment about it. But since Tom Nelson has put it out there, I thought maybe I should bring attention to it now. Dr. … Continue reading

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