Monday Mirthiness – ‘Russia caused Climategate’

Lol, this is hilarious! Asteroid expert and self-appointed super-sleuth Mark Boslough has it all figured out (on Twitter no less). It was the Russians wot dun it! Just like his ilk finds the effects of “climate change” under every rock and behind every tree, and no longer content to blame Exxon-Moblie, Boslogh has used his…


An example of "squeaky clean" climate science

I have often noted that the number of climate scientists (including both real-and self proclaimed) around the world is quite small, and those with certain areas of expertise, such as in paleoclimatology is even smaller. This leads to the problem of finding qualified reviewers for scientific papers. Looking for something else today, I came across…

Climategate as belief system tipping point

From Quadrant Online: Doing science by consensus is not science at all, says the climatologist all the alarmists love to hate. Not that the enmity bothers Judith Curry too much — and certainly not as much as the debasement of impartial inquiry by which the warmist establishment keeps all those lovely grants coming.