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Law of Unintended Consequences Number Eleventy-Zillion

By charles the moderator We missed this story in May, but in order to replace the use of coal in the UK, power stations are being refitted to burn wood chips.  But the UK doesn’t have enough forests to supply … Continue reading

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Whose Reality is it Anyway?

by charles the moderator [updated to correct usage of the words rank and reach. The correct graphs were used originally, but I used the wrong word to describe them] Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project claims 8.6 million views of their … Continue reading

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Weekly Climate Energy News Roundup

The Week That Was: 2011-03-12 (March 12, 2011) Brought to You by SEPP ( The Science and Environmental Policy Project (SEPP) PLEASE NOTE: The complete TWTW, including the full text of the articles, can be downloaded in an easily printable … Continue reading

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I forwarded the email before I was against it

The revelation a couple of days ago that Dr. Eugene Wahl deleted emails with an IPCC author after receiving some form of communication with Dr. Michael Mann has caused quite a bit of excitement. The more recent revelation is that … Continue reading

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To Serve Mann

Breaking: Mann and Wahl have responded. See updates below. 3/9 12:45 PM Pacific Time. This story is now updated to be consistent with Mann and Wahl’s response: By Steven Mosher and charles the moderator Sources confirm that a federal inspector … Continue reading

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Bangladesh, the Poster Child

Guest post by: B.Quartero Bangladesh, the largest Delta in the world, has been the poster child of a scary sea level rise story ever since “An Inconvenient Truth”. There is much to be concerned about in Bangladesh, and flooding is … Continue reading

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New Year’s Open Thread

Anthony is traveling and offline for another day or too. So [insert witty ctm like comment here] here’s another open thread for fun and amusement.

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By Charles The Moderator, I have lived in California all my life, the first half in SoCal, the second half in NorCal. A funny thing happens ever year. If we have a below normal amount of rain, in the spring … Continue reading

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Climategate–the Made Up Story, or Mr. Assange, WUWT?

By charles the moderator While the identity(ies) of the source(s) of the Climategate files has never been identified, long time readers of WUWT and Climate Audit are quite familiar with the Climategate timeline as it unfolded here, there, and throughout … Continue reading

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Nov. 2010 UAH Global Temperature Update: +0.38 deg. C

from December 3rd, 2010 by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D. YR MON GLOBE NH SH TROPICS 2010 1 0.648 0.860 0.436 0.681 2010 2 0.603 0.720 0.486 0.791 2010 3 0.653 0.850 0.455 0.726 2010 4 0.501 0.799 0.203 … Continue reading

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Climate Model Deception – See It for Yourself

Guest post by Robert E. Levine, PhD The two principal claims of climate alarmism are human attribution, which is the assertion that human-caused emissions of carbon dioxide are warming the planet significantly, and climate danger prediction (or projection), which is … Continue reading

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Livetoon pencil sketches of the GWPF Klaus lecture by Josh

WUWT carried the Vaclav Klaus – The Climate Change Doctrine – The Inaugural Annual GWPF Lecture here. Now Josh has summed it up in a series of cartoons.

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Bad News (Polar) Bears?

Famous photoshopped polar bear image: Ursus Bogus – click the bear for the story behind this faked image Update/background story: From the Port of Churchill Polar Bear Watchers/Excursion outfit: October 12, 2010 If the summer season is any indication of … Continue reading

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Wind power mirages

Would generating more electricity from wind really help poor families or the environment? By Pastor Jay Dennis From We Americans are often told we must end our “addiction” to oil and coal, because they harm the environment and Earth’s … Continue reading

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What Happened to All the Hurricanes, Al?

From Pajamas Media, After Hurricane Katrina and the amazing season of 2005, we were supposed to see year after year of terrible hurricanes. Where are they? Where is all the death and destruction? We were told global warming was here, … Continue reading

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Middlesboro Kentucky: Pitch Black?

By Steven Mosher. In his august draft of Hansen2010, Dr. Hansen makes the following claim: “We present evidence here that the urban warming has little effect on our standard global temperature analysis.  However, in the Appendix we carry out an … Continue reading

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Typhoon Megi and SST anomaly in East Asia

Guest Post by Nonoy Oplas, Typhoon MEGI (local name “Juan”) has crossed the Philippines’ landmass but still on the western side of the country’s area of responsibility as I write this. Megi is the 10th typhoon of the year in … Continue reading

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Spain’s Solar Deals on Edge of Bankruptcy as Subsidies Founder

From Bloomberg German Vilimelis heard about Spain’s solar gold rush from his brother-in-law in 2007. Across the plains around Lerida, the northeastern Spanish town where they spent weekends, farmers were turning over their fields to photovoltaic panels to capitalize on … Continue reading

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Super Typhoon Megi

From NASA Super Typhoon Megi Posted October 19, 2010 download large image (4 MB, JPEG)acquired October 18, 2010 download Google Earth file (3 KB, KMZ)acquired October 18, 2010 Share this image On October 18, 2010, Typhoon Megi approached and made … Continue reading

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Malarial mosquitoes helped defeat British in battle that ended Revolutionary War

Was it warmer in Virginia in 1781 than it is today, or has our capacity to cope been enhanced? In fact, climate does not determine our well-being.  Unfortunately, climate change policies might, and for the worse. H/T and comment above: … Continue reading

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Sea ice extent – answer to

Guest Post by Frank Lansner (frank), Answer to the article: regarding the article: I can see that skepticalscience appears satisfied with the DMI data when you use the full year data – so what causes the summer temperature … Continue reading

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Bradley Copies Fritts

A remarkable bit of digging by our man McIntyre finds out more about certain people who live in glass houses. From Climate Audit (reposted with explicit permission from the author for the plagiarism police,) In the original Deep Climate post … Continue reading

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Update And Changes To NODC Ocean Heat Content Data

Guest Post by Bob Tisdale, As noted in the post October 2010 Update to NODC Ocean Heat Content Data, the National Oceanographic Data Center has updated itsOCEAN HEAT CONTENT (OHC) data. This is the dataset based on the Levitus et al (2009) … Continue reading

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In Search of Cooling Trends

by Verity Jones and Tony Brown (Tonyb) Back in October Tony asked me to help with a big idea. Searching Norwegian climate site Rimfrost ( Tony had found many climate stations all over the world with a cooling trend in … Continue reading

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Open Sea Ice Thread

With Sea Ice News # 20 closed here is a place for ongoing discussing the 2010 season. That’s it. I may add a picture later.

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Sea Ice News #16

By Steven Goddard, Summer is rapidly winding down in the Arctic, and (based on DMI graphs) the region north of 80N appears set to finish the summer as the coldest on record. So far, there have only been a … Continue reading

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Barrow Update

By Steven Goddard, A few days ago I did a post Latest Barrow Ice Breakup On Record? Since then, the Barrow webcam has started showing open water, which has confused some of our friends into believing that the ice has … Continue reading

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Arctic Ice Graphing Lesson Increasing By 50,000 km2 Per Year

By Steven Goddard [see important addendum added to end of article ~ ctm] [Note: The title and conclusion are wrong due to bias in the start/end point of the graph, the mistake was noted by Steven immediately after publication, and … Continue reading

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AGW Mathematics : -30 + 5 = 0

By Steven Goddard, From The Vancouver Sun, a survey of leading climate scientists. “More than half the experts think there is a more than 10 per chance we’ll get five degrees C warming under that scenario,” he says. “And five … Continue reading

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Penn State Report Released

Online here I don’t have a lot to say about this, but I would suggest reading the comments over at the Climate Audit thread on the subject. The acount of Richard Lindzen’s testimony in the report is interesting. ~ charles … Continue reading

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Weather vs. Climate

By Steven Goddard I recently had the opportunity to attend a meeting of some top weather modelers. Weather models differ from climate models in that they have to work and are verified every hour of every day around the planet. … Continue reading

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Amazing Grace

By Steven Goddard, The headline reads “NASA Satellites Detect Unexpected Ice Loss in East Antarctica“ ScienceDaily (Nov. 26, 2009) — Using gravity measurement data from the NASA/German Aerospace Center’s Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) mission, a team of scientists … Continue reading

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Perhaps the stupidest article I’ve ever seen

By charles the moderator Here’s the link. I have no other comment. From Global Warming could make Humans EXTINCT within 50 years Kill mechanisms list Global Warming could make the human race EXTINCT. The #1 kill mechanism is famine. … Continue reading

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Sea Ice News #11

“Steepest slope ever.” By Steven Goddard We have been hearing a lot about how the decline in Arctic ice is following the “steepest slope ever.” The point is largely meaningless, but we can have some fun with it. The Bremen … Continue reading

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The List Goes On …. and On

By Steven Goddard, Surely the world must be coming to an end, preceded by the demise of Arctic Ice. Some of my current favorites are listed below.

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