UN Shames Australia for a Lack of Climate Ambition

Making big climate pledges was a cheap political win when the goal was way off in the future. But now the first deadlines are approaching, long serving politicians in countries…

Claim: Aussie PM Edging Towards a 2050 Carbon Pledge

Surprise! When Aussies re-elected conservative PM Scott Morrison in the last national election, we thought we were rejecting the hardline climate madness of the Labor opposition party. Turns out we…

Australia Not Invited to a Big International Climate Summit

Summit organisers rejected Australia’s attendance, say Australia’s climate action plan was “unacceptably weak”.

UN Paris Agreement Architect Blasts Australia’s “Lack of Integrity” on Climate Action

According to former UN climate chief and Paris Agreement architect Christiana Figueres, coal exporting Australia is not acting with integrity when it comes to global efforts to reduce CO2 emissions.

Washington Post: President Biden will Punish Australia for Climate Failures

According to the Washington Post, Biden plans to impose trade tariffs on Australia unless Australia embraces a net zero carbon plan and curbs Australia’s CO2 intensive energy export industry.

The Guardian: A Biden Presidency would Crack Down on Climate “Cheats”

The Guardian fantasising how Biden might use the USA’s economic might to bully other nations on climate policy.

Aussie PM Defies Pressure to Set a Net Zero 2050 Climate Target

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has upset greens by refusing to set a net zero target. ScoMo is not concerned the net zero targets of trading partners will affect Aussie…

The Guardian: Aussie Government Ignoring an Official Renewable Energy Covid-19 Recovery Plan

Australian opposition politicians are aghast that the Scott Morrison government has not even bothered responding to a report prepared by the Government Climate Change Authority, which recommends stimulating Australia’s Covid-19…

Fight for Planet A: Aussie PM Retreats from Charging Eco-Warrior

The Guardian has accused Aussie Prime Minister Scott Morrison of “not wanting to engage”, after he beat a hasty retreat when charged by “Fight for Planet A” host Craig Reucassel…

An Open Letter to the Editor of The Times (UK)

By Mike Jonas In your editorial “The Political Climate” in The Times, 20 May 2019, you discussed the Australian election result in the context of climate. The commentary was all…