Washington Post: President Biden will Punish Australia for Climate Failures

Scott Morrison
Aussie PM Scott Morrison Brandishes a Lump of Coal in Parliament

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

According to the Washington Post, Biden plans to impose trade tariffs on Australia unless Australia embraces a net zero carbon plan and curbs Australia’s CO2 intensive energy export industry.

Biden’s plan to combat climate change leaves coal-loving Australia an outlier

By A. Odysseus PatrickNovember 17, 2020 at 8:00 p.m. GMT+10

SYDNEY — Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election was largely welcomed by America’s friends as a step toward more predictable and conventional U.S. foreign policy. One close American ally, though, faces a thorny predicament as a result of Biden’s plan to build a global coalition to combat global warming: Australia.

Australia is the world’s second-largest coal exporter and top liquefied natural gas exporter, according to industry bodies, and one of the biggest emitters of greenhouse gases per person. This status, combined with years of hand-wringing on both sides of Australian politics over climate policies, has earned the country a reputation as a climate-change laggard.

“Australia has nowhere to hide,” former Labor prime minister Kevin Rudd said in an interview. “It’s time for Morrison to swallow his pride, admit he was wrong and embrace a carbon target.”

“Our policies won’t be set in the United Kingdom; they won’t be set in Brussels; they won’t be set in any part of the world other than here,” Morrison said last week.

Once a Biden administration takes office, one of the main economic threats to Australia is whether the United States goes ahead with a plan to impose tariffs on big emitters of carbon dioxide.

Read more: https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/asia_pacific/australia-climate-fires-biden-murdoch/2020/11/17/25516342-2306-11eb-9c4a-0dc6242c4814_story.html

A lot of Australian mainstream media outlets and celebrities backed Biden to win against Trump.

If Biden imposes climate sanctions, or if Australia shuts down energy exports to placate a new US administration, everyone in Australia would feel the impact; curbing Australian exports would likely turn Australia’s mild trade surplus into a trade deficit, ending the economic free run Australians have enjoyed for the last two decades, by putting upward pressure on interest rates and the prices of imported goods.

Biden sanctions could force Australia to choose between reconciliation with China and economic ruin. Australia’s support for US efforts to curb China’s aggressive expansionism has triggered a costly trade war with China. Australia is in no position to fight a trade war with both the USA and China at the same time.

Update (EW): “If you make China the Enemy, China will be the enemy” – a leaked document has just provided the latest example of just how toxic Australia’s relationship with China is becoming, thanks to Australia’s support for the USA. But China has left the door open – providing Australia adopts a more China friendly attitude.

112 thoughts on “Washington Post: President Biden will Punish Australia for Climate Failures

  1. Real smart move from the senile one.

    Australia a signatory to the new the Asia free trade deal. Is Biden really trying to push a key regional ally even closer to the influence and domination by China ?

    • Dear dementia Joe,

      Punitive tariffs on Australia are a very unfriendly act.

      Please return Pine Gap to Australian Aboriginal ownership and vacate…. ASAP

    • Exactly and the USA has a trade surplus with Australia. What we see is some in the green media are as stupid as greentard posters on WUWT and hyperventilate about things that won’t happen.

      • And the Propaganda Ministers in the Media have been informing us for 4 years that Trump is the Fascist Nazi imposing his will on the world.

        Anybody that is paying even half a bit of attention to what is going on around them understands that Biden is in the early stages of dementia and will not be making any decisions on his own. He and his successor Kamala lala are nothing more than hand puppets.

        The Press has moved on from Propaganda into their targeted role as advisor and mouthpiece for the ruling class in aligning the U.S. into a totalitarian leadership role in the Globalist New World order.

        Comply or be destroyed says the Washington Post. What was it that Jefferson said about refreshing the Tree of Liberty? HInt: he wrote it in a letter to William S. Smith all the way back in 1787.

    • Seems like the US is trying to reassert itself as an imperial power. Unfortunately yes, it seems like it does want to punish the ONLY key regional ally of any weight.

      Mind you, you will remember Obama tried to do the same when he said the UK would go to the back of the trade deal queue if we dared to vote Brexit. Perhaps Biden will also try to force us to accept EU and US trade deals?


      • When Obama said “to the back of the queue”, it was obvious that he was reading a script written by Cameron, the UK Prime Minister, and everybody in the UK immediately understood that. The US Pres. as a sock puppet with the UK PM’s hand up his podex? Quite remarkable, especially as he had made clear his deep dislike of the UK.

      • Distrust power in the hands of anyone in whom the desire to punish is strong.

        Especially for made-up slights.

    • Biden works for China. Of course he’d use the White House to push Australia towards China and away from the US.

    • ‘Is Biden really trying to push a key regional ally even closer to the influence and domination by China ?’


    • “Is Biden really trying to push a key regional ally even closer to the influence and domination by China ?”

      As former US Defense Secretary Gates said, Joe Biden has been wrong on every foreign policy position for the last 40 years.

      Joe Biden is wrong again, if this really is his policy. It sounds like something AOC would cook up.

      At least Seventy-three million American conservatives support Australia. Biden doesn’t speak for all Americans.

    • Seems so

      Just stupid

      It’s Australia’s biggest trading partner and China could care less about idiotic CO2 fantasies.

      It seems like a first world version of green colonialism that is forcing African countries to adopt chinas Belt and Road program.

      Is this all just an incredibly stupid plan to turn the world over to china?

      Or are they too stupid to even think that far ahead?

    • It looks like China might be our best ally. We could have cheap reliable coal power and our trade relationship would get back to normal. Both in our best interests.

  2. On what grounds can the US impose trade sanctions against Oz or any other country because of internal matters that even they themselves aren’t doing? US hasn’t signed up for the NetZero suicide pact craze. Where in the WTO does it allow for sanctions regarding how you run your country? A lot of times even valid steel, wood, etc. dumping issues don’t get addressed properly by the WTO, but the US is going to arbitrarily punish Australia – sounds like climate bullying.

  3. US currently has a trade surplus with Australia:
    “… U.S. goods and services trade with Australia totaled an estimated $67.5 billion in 2019. Exports were $48.0 billion; imports were $19.5 billion. The U.S. goods and services trade surplus with Australia was $28.5 billion in 2019 …”.
    US ranks only marginally behind Australia for CO2 emissions per cap (2018): US 16.14 metric tons, Australia 16.77 metric tons (Knoema).
    ‘People in glass houses …’ but only in Biden’s terms, if and when he gets the job.

    • The only reason US is currently slightly behind Australia for CO2 emissions per cap is because of fracking, a technology Biden has said he will ban.

        • In a rare moment of insight, the EU has realized that it has done the same thing. So they are proposing to put a ‘carbon tax’ on imports from high CO2 countries. What will the effect of that be? Well, more tax income, essentially a substantial tax on their citizens, and … that’s it. Any attempt to move heavy industry back to the EU will be met by a wall of greenies and simpering media.

      • Excuse me, Chris, but what does hydraulic fracturing, or “Fracking” have to do with C02 emissions? It’s a oil well completions technology that has been around since at least 1947. The produced oil & gas is the same stuff. The greenies like to wave “Fracked Gas” around as if it was something different somehow, and especially awful. None of them, however have any idea what hydraulic fracturing is.

    • Exactly if Biden wants to sanction us go right ahead … never interrupt an enemy while they are making a mistake and being stupid. The only thing he could really do which might worry us would be threaten the ANZUS alliance and really if he does that Australia would probably need to rethink it’s entire defense strategy with the USA.

      • we could stop buying crap fighters at insane prices maybe?
        go elsewhere for stuff that works or do deals to make em in Aus
        as for Bidet making pres?
        sure hope nnot
        and if he does a hell of a lot of the real life Aussies will greet him with our national expression used for a$$holes of all sorts
        F off!

        • “as for Bidet making pres?
          sure hope nnot”

          Sidney Powell, one of Trump’s lawyers, said this morning that had the votes been counted properly, Trump would have gotten about 80 million votes and over 400 electoral votes (270 required to win).

          It’s not over yet. Maybe Australia won’t have to worry about a Traitor Biden administration. The U.S. Supreme Court is the key. They can put Trump over the top by voting to uphold the U.S. Constitution.

          If that doesn’t happen, then the affected States, which have Republican majority legislatures can throw the election to the US Congress, where each State gets one vote and that would mean Trump would be elected president in the US House, and Pence would be elected Vice President in the US Senate, since Republicans have a majority in both Houses under these rules.

          It’s not over, although the lying Leftwing Media is trying its best to make is seem that way. Keep your fingers crossed! 🙂

          • “Trump would have gotten about 80 million votes and over 400 electoral votes”.
            Extraordinary claim you got there – hope you’ve got some extraordinary evidence to back it up. “Trump said so”, the opinion of Rudi, or some conspiritard YouTube videos does not count as evidence.
            It is over. Trump lost. 60 days and counting.

  4. Extortion by a friendly country? Just like China does. Biden would be living up to the left’s playbook – bullying. And if Rudd were a good Australian he would not be absent so much. He got dumped by everybody including his own team – he, the great moralist, has no moral right to comment on Australia anymore. He should gracefully refrain from lecturing others but ego won’t let him. His is a sad story.

    • Rudd is one of the worst prime ministers we have ever had. He is currently trying to get a Royal Commission to bring down the Murdoch papers, mostly conservative in a left wing field.

  5. Simple. Just impose tariffs on U.S. goods. I don’t buy U.S. unless I can’t avoid it anyway. I impose my own sanctions on countries.

  6. “ending the economic free run Australians have enjoyed for the last two decades, by putting upward pressure on interest rates and the prices of imported goods”

    The end goal of communists is communism, and that always includes the ruination of the capitalist system and destruction of the middle class. You need a nation of paupers for communism to “work”. Of course, it never will, it will spectacularly implode sooner or later… at the cost of enormous human suffering and misery.

  7. The planet Earth is 4 billion years old, and the climate always changed during those 4 billion years. So, what means “combat climate change”?

    • but now it is changing from a new, additional driver: human CO2.

      There CAN be a new cause of climate change on top of those running 4 billion years!

      • …. but griff, there’s no actual scientific evidence for your statement and you’ve been asked to show the data on here, quite possibly a 100 times.

        Currently, you’re batting zero for a hundred. You’re not going to get many converts to your cause on here with a track record of abject failure.

        The voices in your head is not scientific data.

          • “there is a mountain of actual evidence, based on physical observations.”


            Mindlessly yapping like a chihuahua behind a 6ft fence ..

            …. IS NOT EVIDENCE.

          • “there is a mountain of actual evidence, based on physical observations.”

            BS !!!!!

            OUTRIGHT LYING is also NOT EVIDENCE.

          • There is evidence that climate is changing.
            There isn’t a shred of evidence that this change is being caused by CO2.
            This has been explained to griff the liar before.

          • Despite clear, unambiguous evidence, you deluded dimwits have been brainwashed into thinking evidence for AGW CAN’T exist. With close-minded blinkering that severe what is the point? Watts disagrees with you, Eschenbach disagrees with you, Middleton disagrees with you, the entire field of science disagrees with you. It is only a very few fringe nutters/industry shills who DO agree with you.
            Attempting to present evidence to you zealous bozos leads straight down a rabbit hole. No, all one can do here is call out the bs and set the record straight on a case by case basis.

          • Griff you keep conflating NYTimes articles and CNN Reports with “actual evidence” of the scientific variety. And just because the NYTimes article gets reprinted on HuffPo,VOX or Media Matters doesn’t make it confirming.

            If you point to these reports, complete with “Experts” (often of the unnamed expert species) found that CAGW “might possibly” (or some variation of qualifiers) make life on earth uninhabitable in [put you time estimate here] (Memo: its always best to go out at least 50 years since most people in earshot will be dead or dying by then.) AOC got that memo she was just too busy running her mouth off to read it.

            Most important the Left’s “Peer Review” process is as corrupt as voting in Chicago, Detroit and Philadelphia. Just because your “CO2 Probably…” article is “Peer Reviewed” doesn’t make it Scientific. It simply makes it paid propaganda. So when you point to or link to these reports as evidence, which is all you got, you are simply keeping company with Alexandria Occasio Cortez and making a big fool of yourself.

          • ‘Despite clear, unambiguous evidence, you deluded dimwits have been brainwashed into thinking evidence for AGW CAN’T exist’


            Loydo – in keeping with the close-minded bigotry that defines his ilk has said flatly that no matter what we show him – no matter how many ‘mickey mouse’ graphs he sees, he will never be conviced.

            I don’t know whether it’s more stuck-up, arrogant, fascist, or simply a$$hole.

            I’m afraid ‘dimwit’ doesn’t even come close.

      • “but now it is changing from a new, additional driver: human CO2. ”


        But all little griff seems capable of.

        1… Do you have any empirical scientific evidence for warming by atmospheric CO2?

        2… In what ways has the global climate changed in the last 50 years , that can be scientifically proven to be of human causation?

        Run away again, little COWARD.

      • “but now it is changing from a new, additional driver: human CO2.”

        Griff, how is the climate supposedly changing that has you so concerned? Before you say “record high temperatures” know that you will be expected to cite the length of your record.

      • “There CAN be a new cause of climate change on top of those running 4 billion years!”
        Yes, and tomorrow there CAN be a flying saucer landing in my garden! (Prove that it is not possible).

      • Do you have even the tiniest bit of evidence that the current warming, which still hasn’t gotten current temperatures up to the average of the last 10K years, is being caused by CO2? Or is that just what you are paid to believe?

      • Yeah. 95% natural sources, of a gas that represents 3% of greenhouse gases, which in turn represents 3% of the atmosphere. Yep. That’s gotta be the driver.

        No actual evidence, but Grift keeps saying so.

  8. Dear Joe, According to the Chief Science officer of Australia Both trees/forests and grasslands sequester between 0.5 and 2 tonne of carbon per hectare. (Although the Australian Mountain Ash can sequester 10 times as much. Australia has about 145 million hectares of trees/forests. Also about 440 million hectares of grasslands. Conversion is 3.67 times carbon for CO2.

    So we get at a minimum approx (145/2) 72.5 x3.67 or 266 million tonne CO2 pa for trees.
    And we get (440/2) 220*3.67 or 807 million tonne CO2 pa for grasslands

    Australia’s emissions are listed as 560 Million tonne.

    Therefore Australia’s net emissions are – minus 513 million tonne

    Well below net zero.

    Barrett et al 2002 in the American Journal of Agricultural Economics calculated the CO2 exhange between atmosphere and soil as 700 million tonnes per year. Again net sequestration.

    • Wrong reference for Barrett.
      Barrett DJ (2002) Steady state turnover time of carbon in the Australian terrestrial biosphere. Global
      Biogeochemical Cycles 16 , 1108.

  9. Greenhouse gases per person. Ah, that little chestnut. What complete tripe. We are a First World country, highly industrialize, blessed with a large country, a relatively small population and a sh!t load natural resources. Two words WaPo. Piss Off! We here in Australia are doing just fine.

    • Your sentiment is exactly why the PM couldn’t cave in because the Australian public won’t support the policy we would simply vote to get what we want.

    • Yeah, eff the subsistance, peasant losers in third world shit holes, lets see them cut back first.

      How statesman-like, how noble, how terribly generous of spirit.

      • Please don’t pretend to the moral high-ground, Loydo – a smarmy twerp like you can’t pull it off.

  10. Indonesia will absolutely love that.

    Cutting Australia’s coal and gas exports will have absolutely ZERO effect on world CO2 emissions.

    • …. and ZERO SQUARED effect on “climate”.

      …. but people still get paid to spout this shiite but hey, idiots have rent payments too.

  11. Not only that, but think of the HUGE imports needed of Chinese solar panels and wind turbines

    I hope Morrison has the balls to stand up to this socialist totalitarian bullying.

  12. Does anybody believe that Joe does anything beyond stumble his way through teleprompter sessions?

    Identifying those who write the scripts seems like worthwhile work?

  13. I’ve been waiting decades for Australia to develop a spine and have pretty well given up. A kicked dog usually comes cringing back — especially if it has nowhere else to go.
    Regardless of my opinion of Mr Biden, he is unlikely to suffer for offending a subservient vassal.
    I try to imagine Australia taking an independent stance — and fail every time.

  14. They thought Trump was mad. Now we will have a real mad one in the White House and they will finally be able to compare notes.

  15. Choose reconciliation with China!!

    Here is the future of Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

  16. Even without that the continued shift away from coal in Asia will effectively end Australian coal exports… S Korea, Vietnam, Phillipines, Japan – all cutting back on coal plant. India still rolling out renewables and trying to shift to domestic coal production. Chinese shifting to and from coal power, but still rolling out renewables.

    • South Korea: 515 people / km2
      Vietnam: 308 people / km2
      Phillipines: 358 people / km2
      China: 148 people / km2

      Most arable land is busy producing food for Asia’s vast populations.

      Where exactly are they supposed to put all the solar panels and wind turbines they would need? Offshore in their typhoon prone oceans?

    • For every coal-fired power plant in North-East China, there are 20 coal-fired thermal plants to heat water for apartments for 4 months of the year.

    • Saying things as if they were true seems to be a fond pass time of yours.


      Grab the slider and pull it to “future” so you can see all the coal plants either planned or under construction already. Ooooops. Lots of them! Oooops! Look where they are!

      They will get their coal somewhere griff . If not from nearby Australia then from somewhere else.

    • Typical BS comment. China might be shifting but compared to coal it is minuscule.
      They are still building coal fired power stations and will need coal for years

    • Poor griff. “Japan’s government has announced it will phase out 90 percent of the country’s old and inefficient coal-fired power generators, alongside the construction of “cleaner” high efficiency coal power by 2030. ”


      “Why Japan is building 22 new coal-fired power stations”


      • But Lee, they have been cancelling the new coal plants… the original plan was for 45 coal plants, not 22. And replacing old inefficient plant with new plant is not an expansion.

        • Closing old inefficient coal..

          Replacing it with NEW coal and gas fired, and turning back towards Nuclear.

          Some amount of renewable.. but they aren’t DUMB like you griff…..

          …… they know they still need RELIABLE BASE-LOAD DISPATCHABLE electricity to drive their cities at night and on cloudy windless days.

    • “Even without that the continued shift away from coal in Asia”

      LIAR !!

      China is ADDING 17 times the coal fired output what they say their total wind output will be in 2030.

      Wind and solar are still a tiny bit-player.

      IGNORANCE is no excuse for your continued mindless prattle.

    • ROFL Griff

      Japan is building new coal power stations right now, it’s coal imports have remained steady at just under 200 million tonnes. Vietnams coal use hit new records up 53% to 32Million tonnes in the middle of a pandemic. Philippines posted a modest gain to import 32Million tonnes. South Korea imports were down 11% to 45million metric tonnes.

      In complete disregard for poor Griff the Adani coal mine is due to export it’s first coal next year. Yep teh mine that had no market and was not going to be able to get financing and all the other doom and gloom from greentards is clearing overburden and will soon start shipping 🙂

        • “In sum, the decision to suspend or abolish inefficient coal-fired power plants in response to the international outcry against coal seems nothing more than a step to realize METI’s goal of reinstating nuclear energy as the principal source of power supply. This would be accomplished by accelerating the restart of existing nuclear power plants and creating a national consensus for building new nuclear plants, which has been put on hold since the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster. It is obvious that the ministry wants nuclear power to make up for the shortfall in coal power supply.”

          So, shutting old coal, building some new more efficient coal, and bringing back nuclear

          No-one in Japan would countenance DESTROYING their wonderful scenery, just for the sake of inefficient, unreliable, UGLY, avian-life-destroy industrial wind estate.

          griff off in its own little gullible brain-washed little dream world, as always

        • roflmao

          Again the fool griff doesn’t read his own links

          “Kyushu Electric Power and Tokyo Gas, however, announced that they would continue a feasibility study for the construction of an LNG-fired thermal combined-cycle power plant to be built at the same location.”

          GAS instead of coal.

          DUMB griff. !!

    • Where is this so called Chinese shift away from coal?
      They are still building coal powered power plants as fast as they can.

  17. And this is how President Biden, if elected will treat an ally: Australia, that has always given their support to the defense of the USA and the Pacific region and beyond? If Biden does that, then, using Australian vernacular he is a “drongo” (for those not Australian it means someone who is incompetent).

    • Biden is worse than incompetent, he is a criminal and a traitor to his country.

      More so than the American people, America’s allies will be the first to suffer if the Delusional Democrats get the presidency in the United States. Democrats in Office means the world’s dictators get a pass because Democrats are basically cowards when it comes to dealing with murderous dictators. Democrats are real tough on those who cannot hurt them, like Australia, or Libya. But have a murderous dictator confront them, and the Democrats cave just as fast as they can.

      A Democrat president is a danger to the United States and a danger to all the allies of the United States because Democrats live in a False Reality of their own creation which will lead them and us down the Road to Ruin. The Democrats screw things up every time they are in a position to do so.

  18. Would Biden do this? No need to worry about him.

    Kamala will take over soon and she is of the extreme left.

    If she ‘feels’ like punishing a ‘small’ country for her first blood, do not be too surprised if she chooses Australia.

  19. Australia can promote a zero carbon plan that matches China’s. After that how can anyone even raise an eyebrow.

  20. If Biden wins (the jury is still out), getting his harebrained climate action plan through Congress will be difficult.

    Republican seat gains in the House and a likely continued majority in the Senate is why.

  21. “Biden sanctions could force Australia to choose between reconciliation with China and economic ruin. Australia’s support for US efforts to curb China’s aggressive expansionism has triggered a costly trade war with China. Australia is in no position to fight a trade war with both the USA and China at the same time.”

    So, Biden’s plan is to force more countries to manufacture in China so that they don’t emit directly?

  22. So, Biden’s climate plan is to force even more allies to give all of their manufacturing to China so that they’re not emitting directly. He’s brilliant.

  23. The PRC has a highly practical mindset regarding investments. The 1.5 gigabucks shoved Hunter’s way were the velvet handcuffs ensuring Joe’s loyalty. A reconciled Australia means that PRC power plants can get back to burning the good stuff, rather than Mongolian rocks.

  24. Don’t look now, but Joe Biden is planning a “climate administration.” You thought Zero’s assault on fossil fuels (especially coal) was bad? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet! We have a long four years ahead, and the Republicans are going to need to find a replacement candidate for 2024. As far as Trump goes, I think he might make noises about running again just to get his fans ramped up, but I doubt he would actually be stupid enough to run again (then again, who knows). The Republicans really need someone who isn’t a narcissistic moronic tweetaholic bully.

    • If Biden is allowed to win by cheating, there’s no point worrying about 2024, because they’ll just print a hundred million votes.

      Either Trump wins, or America is run by Democrats until it collapses in a few years.

  25. 1st, the vote has not been certified yet. Biden is not Pres elect until the vote is certified or President Trump concedes.

    2nd, Attacking Austrailia with tarrifs is Biden doing the bidding of his Chinese overlord, Xi.

    The Chinese Social Credit System is already here in the USA and is being implemented by big tech global terrorist, and Democrats want a piece of it.

    I am afraid that waiting to fight back against this tyranny that we may be too late. But fight we must, and not just with words.

  26. btw USA ships 11 million tones of Wyoming & Montana thermal coal each yr to Asia (primarily to China) via Vancouver BC port
    Are Biden & his green team going to cancel the American contracts too?

  27. From the article: “Once a Biden administration takes office, one of the main economic threats to Australia is whether the United States goes ahead with a plan to impose tariffs on big emitters of carbon dioxide.”

    Somebody ought to ask ole Traitor Joe if China is on his carbon dioxide hit list. They emit more carbon dioxide than anyone. Surely, they are on Joe’s list. Although I haven’t heard any mention of China with regards to this topic. It must be an oversight.

    The truth is Biden will not confront the Chicoms because the Chicoms know where all the bodies are buried. There was a reason the Chicoms were feeding the Biden family money in the past. Here it is. The Chicoms say: “Joe, you go easy on us, and we won’t tell the world about your criminal activities in China.” And Joe will comply.

  28. What Biden wants to do is totally unnecessary because the burning of wood is Denmark has saved the climate so no further action is required by anyone. No one needs to worry about climate change any more. The Danes have solved the problem once and for all and for all time.

  29. Headline translation: Biden will further push Australia, Brazil and other friendly countries into the arms of China.

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