Pope Francis Promotes a “Cultural Revolution” Against Climate Skeptic US Bishops

Pope Francis is launching a new website, apparently to mobilise opposition against US Bishops who have resisted his demands they support renewable energy and sustainable living.

Ipsos Mori Poll: UK People Reject Expensive Climate Action

According to Ipso Mori, 83% of the British people want drastic climate action, but support “drops off rapidly” when people are asked to make personal sacrifices.

Claim: Anti-Capitalist Religious Groups Can Help the Climate Struggle

According to University of Cambridge Professors Tobias Müller and Esra Özyürek, religious groups can help combat climate change, but they need to renounce our “profit oriented economy”.

EU to Restrict Coffee Imports to Combat Climate Change

Has the European Union finally crossed a line? Coffee importers who cannot pinpoint the exact geographical source of their product, and prove their product is “deforestation free”, are set to…

Net Zero California Governor Just Banned Backup Generators and Fire Pumps

California just banned the sale of gasoline powered backup generators, lawn mowers, small gas powered fire fighting pumps, and other small stationary engines, as part of their drive to reduce…

SMH: Trump’s Fault that China is Not Trying Harder on Climate Change

According to SMH Reporter Nick O’Malley, Trump’s victory in 2016 created a perception of “boom and bust” commitment to climate action. But Chinese leaders do not have to face elections,…

Biden’s New CEQ Climate Hire Wants to Make Climate Action Affordable

There is no even theoretically feasible engineering path to affordable renewable energy, but Biden’s new White House Council of Environmental Quality hire Jane Flegal thinks she can make climate action…

Richard Branson Launches a New Climate Action Coalition

Billionaire Richard Branson appears to be attempting to build his presence as a major global influencer on climate policy, but his new climate change club does not appear to have…

German Think Tank: Climate Deniers are Holding Back Climate Action

According to a German think tank, most people are not aware of the overwhelming scientific consensus on climate change, with a majority of people even in European countries believing that…

Washington Post: President Biden will Punish Australia for Climate Failures

According to the Washington Post, Biden plans to impose trade tariffs on Australia unless Australia embraces a net zero carbon plan and curbs Australia’s CO2 intensive energy export industry.

“Eventually Tibet Will Become like Afghanistan”: Dalai Lama Calls for Urgent Climate Action

“Buddha Would be Green”: The Dalai Lama claims urgent action is required to prevent climate change from impacting Tibet and the rest of the world.

WHO Presses for More Action on Climate Change

In the midst of an ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, with many nations struggling with their response, the WHO has decided to focus their efforts on combatting climate change.

UN: Urgent Climate Action Required to PREVENT the Greening of the Sahara Desert

6000 years ago during the Holocene Climatic Optimum the Sahara desert was covered in lakes and vegetation. All this went away when the world cooled. Some of the poorest people…

Study: “mitigation costs of limiting global warming … are higher than … avoided damages this century”

According to a new PLOS One study, efforts to mitigate global warming will not yield a net economic benefit until the next century.

China Government Document Rates Non Discrimination Against Huawei 5G on a Par with Climate Action

An eclectic collection of goals; China’s “Position Paper of the People’s Republic of China On the 75th Anniversary of the United Nations” lists China’s goals as world peace, nuclear disarmament,…