Don’t Believe the Geniuses Claiming to Know Our Energy Future

The energy supply will inexorably move to whatever best supplies consumer needs at the lowest cost.

New York’s Good Environmental Intentions Unsullied by Reality

A zero-risk standard sets a high hurdle for permitting a new facility or keeping an existing source in operation.  

Germany’s ZDF Public Television Suggests Bathing Once a Week Would Be Beneficial

Today, people almost look at you strangely if you tell them you don’t shower several times a week.

Canada’s Green New Deal: “To Hell with That” (Premier Moe speaks)

“[Canada is] heading down this same dark cul-de-sac that we have seen the European head. And we see energy and climate policy at the national level in our nation that…

Destruction Of German Heritage…430 Year Old Family Craft Bakery Succumbs To “Green Revolution”

The traditional bakery has been baking since the 16th century – now it has to close down,

“Dream Big and Dare to Fail” Is Great High School Valedictory Advice but Terrible Energy Policy

…throwing out the furnace just before winter starts is not part of the solution.

Pelosi calls it! Celebrate! The ‘climate crisis’ is officially over! Pelosi Declares ‘We Saved the Planet’ w/ pork-barrel federal spending bill! — But wait…Not so fast…

From Climate Depot House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Sept 22, 2022: “We saved the planet.  We’re saving the planet with record $360 billion to save the planet, generating jobs and…

50 Reasons to Re-Think Climate Policy

Climate Policy is in crisis.

Collapse Of Energy, Food, Transportation Systems Prompt Calls for Government Nationalization of Industries – Echoes 1930s Push for Great Reset Style Reforms

From Climate Depot Morano: The modus operandi of the Great Reset (AKA Build Back Better) is to intentionally collapse the current system with policies designed to create a crisis, havoc,…

Wall Street Journal Exposes Gov. Newsom & California’s High-Cost Energy and Reliability Debacle

“The grid problems that Californians are enduring will grow and spread as supersized green-energy subsidies and mandates spread their harmful incentives throughput the U.S. economy in coming years. The culprit is the…

The Quantity of Metals Required to Manufacture Just One Generation of Renewable Technology to Phase Out Fossil Fuels

 Current mining production of these metals is not even close to meeting demand. Current reported mineral reserves are also not enough in size.

Democrats Soak U.S. Taxpayers $430+ Billions so World’s CO2 can Climb 2+ Billion Tons by 2030

Biden and his Democrats seem intent on destroying U.S. energy and economic viability in the clearly incompetent, misguided and false belief that they are “fighting climate change”.      

Green New Deal in Action! ‘Businesses in Spain have to keep summer air conditioning above 80 degrees F under new govt rules’

From August 9, businesses have to keep summer air conditioning above 80 degrees Fahrenheit under new government rules

Resources for the Future: Retail Electricity Rates Under the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022

In conclusion, the Texas data do not show that renewable energy deployment reduces costs. 

Apocalyptic Versus Post-Apocalyptic Climate Politics

Overall a more rapid transition will be facilitated if we don’t unduly focus on CO2 emissions and meeting near term emissions targets.

Big Wind/Solar Roll Taxpayers, Landscape: Legislative Bonanza: A Terror Unleashed

Schumer-Manchin is part of the single-minded, “hurry up and get it done” mentality behind the renewables push in the United States.

Is There Anyone Taking This Green Energy Transition Thing Seriously?

So it’s great to know that we will shortly have a new natural gas distribution system in Greenwich Village, ready for the next hundred years or so.

New York Climate Act: Cost Estimate Sleight of Hand

The Draft Scoping Plan was written to prove the desired conclusion that the benefits were greater than the costs.  In order to make that case both benefits and cost estimates…

New York Climate Act: What the Experts are Saying Now  

Roger Caiazza On February 6, 2022 an article of mine was posted: New York Climate Act: Is Anyone Listening to the Experts?  This post shows that the experts are saying…

As Germany’s Green Dream Becomes A Nightmare, Asia And Russia Power Ahead With Nuclear Power

The prospects of this emerging renaissance of nuclear power seem to have already attracted the attention of smart money investors growing tired of technology stocks such as Tesla or Facebook.

We’re saved! U.S. Army sets 2050 net-zero emissions goal 

The strategy also set milestones for electrifying its vehicle fleet. It would go all-electric for light-duty non-tactical vehicles by 2027 and across all non-tactical vehicles by 2035…

Cheers! Biden’s Climate Agenda Collapses: Dem Sen Manchin kills Build Back BANKRUPT Bill

Manchin: “I cannot vote to continue with this piece of legislation…This is a no,” Manchin said.

THE LANCET: Urgent action needed to integrate climate change mitigation into COVID-19 recovery plans to address global inequities in health and build a sustainable future

The 2021 report of the Lancet Countdown on health and climate change: code red for a healthy future outlines the growing risks to health and climate

Reliability Challenges in Meeting New York’s Climate Act Requirements

I fear New York consumers will be lab rats for a politically motivated virtue signaling empty gesture that is going to cost enormous sums of money, and, in the event…

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