IEA Special Report on Clean Energy Innovation

The International Energy Agency (IEA) recently published “Special Report on Clean Energy Innovation” that concludes that innovation is necessary for jurisdictions and companies to fulfill their de-carbonization targets. While the authors could not keep from using the Covid-19 crisis as a call for more innovation, the report does provide useful reference information on the technical readiness of decarbonization technologies.

PG&E $25 Billion Settlement Calpocalypse 2019

This video from Juan Brown reports on an unsettling letter from California Governor Newsome regarding a PG&E bancruptcy case. LINKS: UPDATE 13 Dec Newsom Rejects Bankruptcy Plan-https://htv-prod-media.s3.amazonaws.c… Camp Fire Report: “Appendix A: SED Camp Fire Investigation Report” California Assembly Bill 1054… California Senate Bill 901 Patreon: PayPal: HT/Dan H

Autonomous vehicles could be an environmental boon or disaster, depending on public policy

Princeton University, Engineering School Widespread use of autonomous vehicles (AVs) could either massively increase or drastically cut greenhouse gas emissions depending, in large part, on public policy, according to new research from Princeton University. “We need fuel economy standards to ensure the cars are clean, and policies to encourage ridesharing to reduce vehicle miles traveled,”…

‘Clean energy leader’ PG&E Filing Bankruptcy – rejects investor bailout – massive rate hike looms

If only they’d spent more money on keeping their infrastructure maintained instead of chasing green dreams. From Zero Hedge late yesterday: Confirming earlier reports that distressed California utility PG&E had rejected a proposal by some of the world’s most prominent investors that would keep it out of bankruptcy, moments ago Bloomberg reported that the board…

The “tippy top” plan for a “Green New Deal’s” same-old misanthropy

Guest essay by Dr. Charles Battig Organized by the Sunrise Movement, over 200 youth activists supported by Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took over House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s office the morning of November 13, 2018 lobbying Democrats to act decisively on climate change. However, Pelosi’s first address to the 116th session of Congress Thursday, January 3, 2019 stating that she…