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Will Global Cooling Continue in 2014? (Now Includes January Data)

Image Credit: WoodForTrees.org Guest Post By Werner Brozek, Edited By Just The Facts You may have seen the following recent articles (1, 2 and 3) by Walter Dnes on his January Leading Indicator. The same idea can also be shown … Continue reading

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Is the Climate SELL Signal Imminent?

What a simple statistical investment tool can tell us about the climate Guest essay by Eric Worrall One of the simplest statistical tools used by investors is a moving average plot. If you plot the average share price of a … Continue reading

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How Scientists Study Cycles

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach We have the ill-fated stillborn Copernicus Special Edition as an example of how those authors went about analyzing the possible effects of astronomical cycles. Let me put up a contrasting example, which is The 1,800-year oceanic … Continue reading

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An impartial look at global warming…

Guest essay by M.S.Hodgart (Visiting Reader Surrey Space Centre University of Surrey) The figure presented here is a new graph of the story of global warming – and cooling. The graph makes no predictions and should be used only to … Continue reading

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Global cooling as significant as global warming

From Newcastle University Global cooling as significant as global warming A “cold snap” 116 million years ago triggered a similar marine ecosystem crisis to those witnessed in the past as a result of global warming, according to research published today … Continue reading

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“Sorry, a TIME Magazine Cover Did Not Predict a Coming Ice Age”… It was just a TIME article.

Guest Post by David Middleton You can always count in TIME magazine’s Bryan Walsh for a good laugh… Well, I suppose that Mr. Walsh is correct that a 1977 TIME magazine cover did not predict “another ice age.” The prediction … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on cooler weather patterns in relation to tornadoes and hurricanes

Guest essay by Dr. Norman Page Most climate warming alarmists have recently realized that it is now counterproductive to attribute every and all extreme weather events (even cold snowy winters) to global warming and try to project a judicious objectivity … Continue reading

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Russian Scientists say period of global cooling ahead due to changes in the sun

From Radio Voice of Russia: Russia’s Pulkovo Observatory: “we could be in for a cooling period that lasts 200-250 years” Scientists at Russia’s famous Pulkovo Observatory are convinced that the world is in for a period of global cooling. Graph … Continue reading

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Global Cooling – Methods and Testable Decadal Predictions

Guest post by Dr. Norman Page 1. Methods and Premises My approach to climate science is based on Baconian empirical principles as presented in a series of earlier posts on this site (http://climatesense-norpag.blogspot.com)  notably: 6/18/10 Thirty Year Climate Forecast 7/19/12 30 … Continue reading

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The 1970’s Global Cooling Compilation – looks much like today

A compilation of news articles on the global cooling scare of the 1970’s Does the bullet point list for solutions to global cooling at right look familiar? It reads almost like some of the manifestos we get from warmists today, … Continue reading

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It’s the Sun stupid – The minor significance of CO2

Guest post by Dr. Norman Page 1 The IPCC’s Core Problem The IPCC  – Al Gore based  Anthropogenic Global Warming scare has driven global  Governments’ Climate and Energy Policies since the turn of the century. Hundreds of billions of dollars have been … Continue reading

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This is what global cooling really looks like – new tree ring study shows 2000 years of cooling – previous studies underestimated temperatures of Roman and Medieval Warm Periods

Since Princeton’s Dr. Michael Oppenheimer conflated weather with climate last week, proclaiming a short lived heat wave as “This is what global warming really looks like” in a media interview, it seems only fair to show what real science rather than … Continue reading

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Newsbytes: World Cooling To Global Warming

By Dr. Benny Peiser of The GWPF Politicians, today, have predictably “walked away” from the issue of global warming. In retrospect we have to ask why this mass illusion, the transition to “a new ecological society” imploded and fell off … Continue reading

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Premonitions of the Fall (in temperature)

Guest post by David Archibald The first prediction of the current climatic minimum was made by Hubbert Lamb in 1970 in a report (Weiss and Lamb) for the German Navy. He did it by making a reconstructed record of the … Continue reading

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Astronomers: World may be entering period of global cooling

From the National Astronomical Observatory Of Japan (via Dr. Benny Peiser of The GWPF) World May Be Entering Period Of Global Cooling: The sun may be entering a period of reduced activity that could result in lower temperatures on Earth, … Continue reading

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Pielke Sr. on Zeke’s zinger

Guest post by Dr. Roger Pielke Senior Missing The Major Point Of “What Is Climate Sensitivity” There is a post by Zeke on Blackboard titled Agreeing [See also the post on Climate Etc  Agreeing(?)]. Zeke starts the post with the text “My … Continue reading

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Piers Corbyn goes global cooling

Piers Corbyn showed up on Fox and Friends this morning to discuss his most accurate prediction of a bone-chillingly cold winter, and throw some ad hominem attacks towards the global warming “cultists”.  Many comments in the blizzard stories on WUWT … Continue reading

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