Typhoon Frequency Has Fallen Since 1950, Contradicting Alarmist Global Warming Claims

The typhoon trend is just more “Inconvenient Truth” that the climate scamming alarmists don’t want the public to know.


This live and real-time radar stream is coming directly from the National Weather Service WSR-88D NEXRAD network and is provided as a free public service of The Heartland Institute and…

In Wake of Hurricane, Microbial Ecosystem Remarkably Resilient

After sustaining seemingly catastrophic hurricane damage, a primordial groundcover vital to sustaining a multitude of coastal lifeforms bounced back to life in a matter of months.

NOAA Predicts Above-Normal 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season

Ongoing La Niña, above-average Atlantic temperatures set the stage for busy season ahead

Predicting Atlantic Hurricanes Using Machine Learning

Our forecast is that no category 5 hurricanes will be formed in the Atlantic until the next active decadal oscillation phase around 2026±2 to 2031±3

Sorry, Nature, Associated Press, etc., Climate Change Is Not Making Hurricanes ‘Wetter’

With the current limited state of knowledge, attribution studies are sideshow carnival crystal ball gazing, tea leave reading stuff, not serious scientific research. 

Hurricanes in 2021 Were Unprecedented — as in U𝗻𝗽𝗿𝗲𝗰𝗲𝗱𝗲𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗱𝗹𝘆 F𝗲𝘄

Globally, 2021 had the fewest hurricanes 𝗲𝘃𝗲𝗿 in the satellite era (1980-2021) Did you see that reported anywhere?

Western Pacific Typhoon Trends

Whatever trend there is appears to be downwards.

Matt McGrath Trumpets The Latest Hurricane Junk Science

From NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT By Paul Homewood h/t Ian Magness More from the clueless Matt McGrath: Climate change will expand the range of tropical cyclones, making…

Claim: Hurricanes Expected to Linger Over Northeast Cities, Causing Greater Damage

More storms like Hurricane Sandy could be in the East Coast’s future, potentially costing billions of dollars in damage and economic losses. Peer-Reviewed Publication AMERICAN GEOPHYSICAL UNION WASHINGTON—By the late…

Below Normal Extremes…2021 Northern Hemisphere Cyclone Activity Below Normal…US Tornadoes Below Normal

The accumulated cyclone energy (ACE) is the best measure of overall tropical activity and it is below-normal for the 2021 season across the Northern Hemisphere.

Cyclones Downs, Corals Up – Except in Glasgow

f I didn’t know something about the scientific method, greenhouse gases, the Great Barrier Reef, and that foundation, I would be inclined to believe there was a crisis – and…

Analysis: Hurricanes Have Not Gotten More Intense, Frequent Over Past 170 Years

Despite the 1°C global warming seen since the mid 18th century, hurricane intensity and frequency remained well with the range of natural variability and have not trended upwards. “If anything,…

An Unmanned Saildrone Takes Weather Observations in the Center of a Hurricane

On Thursday, September 30, an autonomous (unmanned) sailboat, called a Saildrone, made it into the center of Hurricane Sam, a category four tropical cyclone, measuring extraordinary winds and seas.  

BBC’s Fake Climate Check On Hurricanes

This Climate Check has little to do with facts, and is little more than propaganda.

America’s Deadliest Natural Disaster…the Galveston Hurricane of 1900…and the heroic efforts of meteorologist-in-charge, Isaac Cline

By the next morning, skies had cleared and a 20 mph breeze greeted the Galveston survivors, there were 3600 homes destroyed leaving about a quarter of the population homeless, and…

The Landfall of Category Four Hurricane Ida

Finally, one thing to keep in mind:  our ability to predict the tracks, and to a less extent the intensity of hurricanes, is a potent tool for reducing damage and casualties…

Bastardi Comments on Hurricane Henri

But let me be clear as to why this is the storm I have always feared.   A lot of it has to do with its end game in the forecasting.

Henri is the storm we have feared for decades

And what’s more, the weather weaponizers will be out in full force, when the very person who exposes this stuff has been talking about this for years for one, in…

Old-school data suggests hurricanes in the Atlantic are not more frequent than in the past

Researchers affiliated with several institutions in the United States has determined that the increase in the number of hurricanes forming in the Atlantic over the past several years is not…

New Study Defies Alarmists, Finds “No Notable Changes” Between Present And Future Cyclone Energy

Good news: a warmer, likely tamer climate, is in the future recent science shows. A new study projects no future increase in tropical storm energy.

Was 2020 a Record-Breaking Hurricane Season? Yes, But. . .

So why would the record for named storms be broken in 2020, while the overall activity as measured by ACE is not even be close to setting a record? The…

The Most Intense Typhoons

Far from being the most intense, Haiyan is way down the list. There have been twenty four Western pacific typhoons which have been more intense than Haiyan, which is also…

The 2021 Hurricane Season Has Begun

The extremely active 2020 Atlantic hurricane season burned through the alphabet with 30 named storms including 14 Hurricanes and 7 Majors. The two seasonal hurricane forecasts that I trust the…

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