Democrat Energy Policy Civil War: Manchin Blasts Biden’s Coal Shutdown Comments

President Biden’s insensitive comments about the imminent shutdown of coal have triggered a fiery response from coal state Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV).

The Coming Green Electricity Nightmare

Hundreds of billions in new subsidies will bring expensive, unreliable, eco-destructive power

Democrats Soak U.S. Taxpayers $430+ Billions so World’s CO2 can Climb 2+ Billion Tons by 2030

Biden and his Democrats seem intent on destroying U.S. energy and economic viability in the clearly incompetent, misguided and false belief that they are “fighting climate change”.      

The “Inflation Reduction Act” Will Do Almost Nothing That Joe Manchin Says It Will

In reality, the legislation will do almost none of what Manchin claims it will—and often the exact opposite. If it becomes law, the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 will:

The Bright Side of the Manchin/Schumer Climate Deal

Guest “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” by David Middleton While there is a lot to dislike about the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, it’s infinitely better than…

Claim: Democrat Voters Disillusioned at Biden’s Broken Climate Change Promises

“Why haven’t Democratic politicians done more to prioritize this issue” – the dying gasp of a failing administration?

Climate Alarmism Not (Manchin feels the breeze of energy freedom)

The climate crusade is fueled by deficit spending both in removing wind and solar and EVs from the tax code and by limitless spending by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Democrats Vent their Fury as Joe Manchin Shelves Action on Climate Change

We’re all going to die

Climate Claim: Joe Manchin Controls “the fate of the world”

Aussie press demonizing Senator Joe Manchin, the lone Democrat who opposed President Biden’s Build Back Better.

Manchin’s Not The Climate Problem

It’s patently obvious that Manchin’s blocking of the BBB is climatically inconsequential compared to what will happen in the rest of the world. Blaming him for nothing is simply a…

Claim: Senator Joe Manchin Fundamentally Misunderstands Climate Economics

Did Manchin’s concern about the Texas Blackouts just save the USA from Build Back Better? Washington based reporter Tim McDonnell wants you to understand why a deluge of government cash…

Cheers! Biden’s Climate Agenda Collapses: Dem Sen Manchin kills Build Back BANKRUPT Bill

Manchin: “I cannot vote to continue with this piece of legislation…This is a no,” Manchin said.

New York Times Threatens Senator Manchin With Witchcraft If He Obstructs Democrat “Climate” Agenda

In other words, the threat against Mr. Manchin to destroy West Virginia with floods can’t really be based on that. It must be witchcraft!

Recovering Ecoterrorist Likely to be Confirmed as BLM Director

Guest “This would make sense if it was the other BLM” by David Middleton Does anyone here remember the ecoterrorist organization Earth First! and their terrorist attacks in the 1980’s?…

Nearly 60% of “House Democrats unite to send firm climate signal to Biden” according to Politico

Guest “Math class is tough” by David Middleton ENERGY & ENVIRONMENT House Democrats unite to send firm climate signal to BidenDemocrats across the ideological spectrum want strong climate change action…

Joe Manchin Explains Why He Torpedoed Democrats’ Green New Deal

From The Daily Caller Chris White | Energy Reporter Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin said Tuesday that he voted against the Green New Deal because the ambitious climate proposal…

Democrats Didn’t Clap As Trump Touted American Energy Boom In SOTU

From The Daily Caller 10:01 PM 02/05/2019 | Energy Michael Bastasch | Energy Editor President Donald Trump touted booming American energy production and exports during his State of the Union…

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