Democrats Didn’t Clap As Trump Touted American Energy Boom In SOTU

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10:01 PM 02/05/2019 | Energy

Michael Bastasch | Energy Editor

President Donald Trump touted booming American energy production and exports during his State of the Union Address Tuesday night to thunderous applause, but not from Democrats.

“We have unleashed a revolution in American Energy – the United States is now the number one producer of oil and natural gas in the world,” Trump said. “And now, for the first time in 65 years, we are a net exporter of energy.”

Republicans stood up and cheered the news, while Democrats stayed in their seats. However, Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin applauded Trump’s touting of booming American energy production.



Democratic Oregon Sen, Jeff Merkley went so far as to tweet in response: “The United States is now the number one source of the fossil fuels creating a climate crisis that is literally killing people and destroying Americans’ livelihoods.”

Merkley, who’s considering a 2020 presidential run, is one of many Democrats who outright oppose fossil fuels because of global warming. Many Democrats have rallied around New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s so-called “Green New Deal” that aims to eliminate fossil fuels within 10 years. (RELATED: Liberal Operative Reveals The Real Reason Ocasio-Cortez Backs A ‘Green New Deal’)

Indeed, U.S. oil production broke records in 2018, outpacing both Saudi Arabia and Russia to become the world’s largest hydrocarbons producer. Production peaked at 11.7 million barrels per day in November, thanks to hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling.

The U.S. is already a net exporter of natural gas and coal, and Energy Department forecasters expect net U.S. oil and petroleum product exports in 2020.

Trump attributed the growth of American energy to his administration’s policies, which include rolling back Obama-era energy regulations and opening up new lands for development.

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81 thoughts on “Democrats Didn’t Clap As Trump Touted American Energy Boom In SOTU

  1. Cold weather literally killed several Americans, and many more would die without the electricity and heat provided by fossil fuels. As to livelihoods, a strong economy does positive wonders for workers and particularly, those in the energy sector are doing quite well. Quite telling that is objectional to the self-proclaimed party of the workers.

    • The “party of the workers” needs those workers to remain dependent upon government.
      That’s how they are to be controlled.

    • Mike wrote:
      “Cold weather literally killed several Americans, and many more would die without the electricity and heat provided by fossil fuels.”

      MIke – “several” equals 100,000 Excess Winter Deaths in America every year.

      Joe d’Aleo and I co-authored the following paper on Excess Winter Mortality in 2015. The title states the reality that cold weather kills much more than warm weather.

      by Joseph d’Aleo and Allan MacRae, September 4, 2015

      Excess Winter Mortality is the number of deaths that occur in the four winter months (December through March in the NH) minus the number of deaths that occur in equivalent non-winter periods.

      About 100,000 Excess Winter Deaths occur annually in the USA, equivalent to about two-9-11’s per week for 17 weeks every year.



      From the article:
      Many Democrats have rallied around New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s so-called “Green New Deal” that aims to eliminate fossil fuels within 10 years. (RELATED: Liberal Operative Reveals The Real Reason Ocasio-Cortez Backs A ‘Green New Deal’)

      A progressive activist who worked on New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s campaign and helped draft an outline for a “Green New Deal” characterized the global warming plan as a “proposal to redistribute wealth.”

      “America’s ruling class is freaking out about [Ocasio-Cortez’s] proposal to redistribute wealth and power from the people on top to the people on the bottom,” Waleed Shahid tweeted Tuesday, referring to a Fox News segment on the “Green New Deal.”

      [end of excerpt]

      My concern, as an energy expert, is that intermittent energy from wind and/or solar power cannot supply the grid with reliable, uninterrupted power. These so-called green energy technologies are not green and produce little useful energy, because they require almost 100% conventional backup from fossil fuels, nuclear or hydro for periods when the wind does not blow and the Sun does not shine. Green energy does not even reduce CO2 emissions, because of the need for almost 100% conventional spinning reserve. There is no current grid-scale “super-battery” technology that can economically solve the intermittency problem, except for Pumped Storage that requires special siting that exists in only a few places in the world.

      If these “green energy” warriors have their way, I would get off the grid and generate my own power from natural gas. That is the rational approach when politicians ruin a perfectly good grid energy system with their naïve, uninformed foolishness.

  2. The US Democrats are not pleased by this development as they had hoped to turn the US into a replica of Rwanda or Venezuela under a Pelosi socialist regime. Trump keeps on insisting on doing things that benefit the American people and the economy. Democrats must attempt to stop him at all costs or their plan is lost.

    • Actually, I think the Left’s vision for America is approximately a larger version of Belgium: nihilist, socialist, dysfunctional, and inconsequential.

      • Pelosi visibly mouthed “thanks Obama” when Trump said, paraphrasing “we’re now officially producing more oil and gas than Russia and Saudi Arabia combined, and net exporting”

        I must say I was impressed. Not only that, he had over a 70% approval rating that even the MSM lying liars couldn’t cover up. Many Democrats were surprised how little they were offended .

        You could also point to the Republicans and generals not clapping or standing when he claimed to be pulling out the troops because a great nation can’t be engaged in endless war .

        Spineless Losers on all sides but this President is actually backing up what he claimed he would do. Again, count me impressed.

        • The Generals, and SCOTUS Justices, generally do not clap during the SOTU speech. That has been consistent for many years and several Presidents.

          • Generals don’t clap because that would be seen as being political. In this situation, they are American generals, not Republican or Democrat generals.

          • It’s against Federal law for active duty members to publicly show support for a political position or party. Those generals/admirals can’t clap by law.


          • Yes, and the fact that the cameras only showed them during certain times is another indication of the subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, media bias.

        • I would love to hear Nancy’s explanation of how Obama was responsible for the increase of oil and gas production in the US. (Just like Obama now claims he’s responsible for the economic resurgence that he was on record saying we’d never see again.)

          Nancy was telegraphing the “approved” response to the “useful idiots in white” sitting in the chamber. No cause and effect is necessary in arguments from that side of the aisle to their constituents.

          • If it’s good, the Democrats are responsible. If it’s bad, the Republicans are responsible.

            That’s how left wing logic works. Facts are just not needed or appreciated.

      • 😙And so-called Belgian waffles suck. Why can’t I get old-fashioned golden crispy waffles in a restaurant any more?

        • In the USA, and particularly under the current incumbent, the rich are getting richer and the poor – poorer. Trump’s recent ill-thought through tax cuts have only served to increase the income gap even further.
          When Trump talks about the “tremendous job creation” during his presidency, many of these are crappy low-paying service jobs that hardly put food on the table.
          Although I am strongly against illegal immigration – and this is the Democrat’s bete noire – I do believe the progressives have some good ideas on improving the lot of America’s poor – who are much worse off than those in Europe in my opinion.
          This Dutch historian who spoke at Davos has some good ideas on getting the super rich to contribute more to the societies they live in:

  3. Sigh.

    Maybe someday we’ll get back to politics for the good of the country, as opposed to slimy personal political agendas.

    • Sadly that is NEVER going to happen, until the Deep State bureaucratic coup against PDJT is exposed and eradicated. And double-sadly, I doubt that is ever going to happen. Therefore, as soon as the clock runs out on PDJT, it will be back to “business as usual” for the corrupt interlocking directorates of the Deep State, Wall Street, Slimy Politicians, and Corporate leaches.

      The final resort is going to be another bloody revolution … I am sad to report.

      • “Sadly that is NEVER going to happen, until the Deep State bureaucratic coup against PDJT is exposed and eradicated. And double-sadly, I doubt that is ever going to happen.”

        It turns out that Mueller was aware that the “Dirty Dossier” was a pack of lies produced by Hillary Clinton’s minions in collution with Russian intelligence, and apparently Mueller is no stranger to using fraudulent FISA requests to spy on people when he was head of the FBI. The FISA court reprimanded Mueller in connection with about 78 FISA warrants he submitted to them, according to Hannity. Hannity will probably have a report on it on his tv show tonight.

        It sure looks like the fix was in from the very beginning to get Trump one way or another and Mueller is right in the big middle of it. It really is a witch hunt.

        There’s a chance the truth will out. We have a new supposedly aggresive Attorney General getting ready to get a handle on things, and we have a Justice Department Inspector General doing investigations, and a Federal Attorney looking into the Clinton Foundation among other things. And if we don’t get the essential truth from these places, then Trump will have to declassify all documents requested by Congress over the last ten years and make them public for all to see.

        We can’t allow this slow-motion overthrow of the elected government of the United States to be successful. The perpetrators need to be publicly punished so this does not happen in the future.

        All roads lead to Barack Obama. The Elephant in the room. And apparently he embedded a lot of his minions in strategic places in government agencies to make things just as difficult as they can for Trump to operate. They worked hard at this operation and are still working hard.

        Any Republican Senators that publicly oppose Trump declaring a national emergency on the southern border are only helping in the overthrow of this government.

        Republican Senators who oppose will be hurt politcally. Why would you oppose Trump on this? I heard one idiotic Republican Senator give his idiotic reason the other day. He said if Trump declared a national emergency on the southern border then that might mean a future Democrat could declare a national emergency about Climate Change. Senator, really, that’s your argument?

        Anything Trump does or does not do will not prevent a future Democrat president from declaring a national emergency if it is necessary. That’s really a stupid reason for opposing Trump. If declaring Climate Change to be a national emergency would have worked, then Obama would have already done so. The problem with declaring Climate Change a national emergency is the president would have to nationalize Amercan industry to focus their efforts and the Supreme Court is not going to allow him to do that. President Harry Truman tried to nationalize the steel industry during a national emergency and the Supreme Court said he couldn’t do it.

        And just for the record, Republican Senators who oppose Trump declaring a national emergency on the southern border need to provide us with a list of all the national emergencies they opposed being called during the Obama administration. I don’t recall any Republcian Senator ever rasing an objection to Obama declaring a national emergency. But I could be wrong. But I don’t think so. 🙂

        • Not just Mueller, but Trump is aware the Dodgy Dossier is a product of MI6′ Christopher Steele of Orbis, which just happens to overlap with Integrity Initiative and the Institute for Statecraft of Temple Street. And the Brit-for-Bernie of IfS just happened to turn up as well.
          As Trump said at his first press conference with May – there goes the special relationship.
          Two presidential campaigns meddled with from London, not Moscow.
          As far as Obama goes , he threw in all his OFA tanks behind “100% Just” for the Green New Deal which hopes to go full bore in 2020, internationally. They are trying an “International Emergency” to install a regime worldwide! Anyone getting in the way to get the Venezuela treatment.

    • “… slimy personal agendas.”

      It’s even worse than that since many alarmists, especially those in politics and the media, actually believe the claims of the IPCC that on a per W/m^2 basis, CO2 ‘forcing’ is many times more powerful at warming the surface than solar forcing. The mis-perception of a climate catastrophe caused by CO2 emissions leads these scientifically ignorant alarmists to insane levels of self righteous indignation when you disagree with them. They simply can’t accept the reality of ostensibly intelligent climate scientists being so wrong about something so important to the future of mankind.

      It’s been a propaganda war and the scientific truth has been on the loosing side since the inception of the IPCC when the scientific method was surreptitiously replaced with conformance to a far left political narrative in support of the UNFCCC. The result of this was the conditioned response of the Democrats to Trump’s remarks about the US becoming a net energy exporter.

    • I don’t want energy that’s diverse, I want energy that’s cheap and reliable. Two things that renewables are not. Take your diversity and put it where the sun don’t shine and the wind don’t blow.

      • PG&E happily complied with Jerry Brown’s DEMAND the utility provide “renewable”. Energy. What does PG&E care? They just jacked up MY energy rates to cover the inefficiency. And the CAPUC acquiesced to the jacked up Consumer energy rates. NOBODY involved in the Kangaroo Court of Energy Policy gave a shit about the poor suckers paying the bills.

  4. The Australian media is awash with female democrats dressed in white and a sleeping boy wakes to become a hero and little else about the SOTU speach.

  5. What I would say to Senator Merkeley is “Show me the bodies!”. If he is claiming current damage from climate change, where and who?

    • Merkley is a ‘senator’ from a neighboring state to me – and I used to live in Oregon – so I have followed his career as an interested bystander.
      In summary, Jeff Merkley has never been known to let any facts become a part of his opinions or pronouncements.

  6. Obama: “Suddenly America is the largest oil producer, that was me people … say thank you.”

    • Was this the same Obama who proclaimed that we can’t drill our way out of our problems?

      Of course all of the increase that happened while Obama was president happened on private land, and on federal leases that were let long before he became president. The only difference he made was practically shutting down new federal leases during his time in office.

        • Obama’s legacy is pretty much toast! Senator Graham on Hannity the other night said that President Trump’s success was due to just one thing: he did everything exactly opposite to what Obama did! That is the best evidence there is proving Obama’s intentions were pro-Globalist and anti-American!

    • Typical shamelessness from Obama who wants the credit for the successes of others and blame others for his failures.

    • In the video he says oil production went up every month during his presidency. He left out the drop in late 2015.


    • “that was me people”

      No, that was in spite of you, not because of you, Barack. You shamelessly take credit for another accomplishment you had nothing to do with. Totally in character for you, of course.

  7. This world needs more cheap energy! The US petroleum industry deserves credit for the technological advances that resulted in increased production.

  8. Well, Twitter un-shadowbanned me again today, so perhaps Sen. Merkley will see my tweet:

    My guess is that it’s tweets like that which annoy someone enough to shadowban me.

    Note that Twitter claims that they never shadowban, period. They lie.

    If you’re using a regular computer (Windows, MacOS, Linux, etc.), then to test whether one of your individual tweets is shadowbanned, you can open the tweet to which you replied, but in an “incognito” or “private” window, or in a different browser (where you’re not logged into Twitter, or not logged into your main Twitter account), rather than in your regular browser window. Then see if your own tweeted reply is visible in the list of replies to that tweet. If not, you’ve been shadowbanned.

    If you need to check whether Twitter has shadowbanned your account, this site is very useful:

    You can put your twitter handle at the end of that URL to check your own Twitter account. E.g., my twitter handle is @ncdave4life, so this URL works to test whether I’m shadowbanned at the moment:

    Unfortunately, even after Twitter un-shadowbans your account, some of your old tweets may still be shadowbanned (hidden except to you & whoever you give a direct link to). This morning, after they un-shadowbanned my account, I checked eleven tweets which I had sent, which had been hidden in the threads where I posted them (even hidden to the people to whom I replied). Seven of the tweets are no longer shadowbanned, but four are still shadowbanned. (However, my guess is that Twitter didn’t send the usual notifications, even for the seven that are no longer shadowbanned.)

  9. If fossil fuels are “literally killing people”, then it should be trivial to name some names.

    Come on, I’m waiting.

    • Just another person who doesn’t use words literally. If the “literal” in that statement isn’t literal, it must be the “killing” isn’t literal either.

    • The goodsenator ignores the hundred of thousands of people his decisions did kill in various wars he supported and we can show the bodies.

    • Fossil fuels literally saved my family’s life every day this week, -30 C every day, wind chill -40, solar panels on shed not cutting it.

      • DMackenzie wrote:
        “Fossil fuels literally saved my family’s life every day this week, -30 C every day, wind chill -40, solar panels on shed not cutting it.”

        Fossil fuel saved your lives, and everyone else’s as well. Eliminate fossil fuels today and ~everyone in the developed world is dead in a month.

  10. Funny thing about being opposed to fossil fuels. I will bet my life that not a single one of the Democrat’s in the American House & Senate who are opposed to the use of fossil fuels, travels anywhere without using them.


  11. Not sure the average person is worried. YouGov polls showed about a 75%-25% split in approval for the SOTU on various talking points, and overall. Seems the speech went over very well.

    • The only people worried about Trump are the Leftwing News Media and the Democrats. Trump’s support among the people is growing.

      I thought Trump did an excellent job and I have to say the Democrats for the most part behaved themselves and were civil, so we can be thankful for that. I’m sure they found it hard to contain themselves when looking at the guy who is dismantling their socialist agenda practically before their very eyes, and looks like he might continue doing that for six more years.

      I did see a banner headline on Fox this morning that said something to the effect that Nancy Pelosi said she would accept whatever agreement the bi-partisan group meeting on border control, made on border security. It only appeared once, no discussion, and I haven’t seen it since, so I don’t know exactly what’s going on, but it would seem to be news if Nancy Pelosi says she will accept the deal that the bi-partisan group puts together.

      I don’t know if that’s good for border wall funding or not. I suppose she could say that and then tell her negotiators on the committee not to agree to one thin dime for a wall.

      I guess we’ll see in about 10 days or so.

      Meanwhile, Mexico is turning into a refugee camp. Good going Mexican government. You better start building a wall on *your* southern border.

  12. From the Daily Caller link, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez’ Green new Deal involves, “eliminating fossil fuels within 10 years and putting a slew of social welfare programs in place, including universal health care.

    So the plan is: destroy wealth; distribute money.


    This is what passes for thinking among the social-justice greens. I can’t imagine all other 28-year-olds are that stupid. Or a majority of 20-year-olds, for that matter.

    Let’s make Ms. Orcasio-Cortez’ program easy to conceptualize for the hard-of-thinking set: ruin food, then eat.

    Or how about: destroy lungs; then breathe.

    For this deep thinking, Ms. Orcasio-Cortez gets $174,000 per year, plus benefits.

    Median household income in the US in 2017 was $61,372. Ms. Ocasio-Cortez makes 2.8 times that. I think she ought to distribute the difference. Doesn’t her social justice virtue demand it?

  13. Just another example of the Progressive War on the Middle Class. Affluent, independent citizens have little use for what these Progressives are really selling.

  14. Attention Yanks.
    Move to Australia before it’s too late.
    You must know the Demorats will win 60th quadrennial U.S. presidential election.
    Start planning now; in 50-years y’all be in socialist hell.

    • no, dear Warren. I’m afeared that our outstanding and bullish Aussie neighbors have for some dumb reason, taken the blue pill. Wind farms that fail to generate enough power at the times when most needed, solar that gets gummed up by passing rainless clouds. South Australia has had a devil of a time keeping its grid going full bore.

      Tho — and this is factual!!! — tho’ I will have you know that I applied and was accepted for immigration to Australia a few years back. All I had to do was list my CV, my work experience, my intentions-to-be-employed-and-entrepreneurial, and of course bring along a rucksack stuffed with hundred dollar bills, oh, about $250,000 worth. That last bit “did it”. Pretty (frame-able) invitation to Make the Leap to the land down under where all the kangaroos stand on their heads to look the local yokels dead straight in the eye.

      So yah, I definitely considered it.
      Got approved.

      Who knows… when mum & pa kick the proverbial bucket, having no hard connections here, I still might make the leap. It helps… liking Fosters and other brands of Aussie beer. Which I do.


  15. The fact is that neither Trump nor Obama had much of anything to do with the fracking boom. That was driven by high prices and technological innovation, oh yes, and nature’s bounty. The US was born on third base with an incredibly rich resource base. Let’s accept that.

    The only thing politicians CAN do is prevent exploitation of that bounty. To their credit, neither Obama nor Trump did that. That is not to say that there should not be safety and environmental regulations. Sorry, but those are absolutely necessary. (I am not talking about CO2, but rather environmental remediation and actual pollution.)

    I’m all for fossil fuels and they need to be developed responsibly.

    • Obama all but ended the issuing of new leases on Federal land. If he could have stopped development on private land, he would have.

      Praising Obama for not doing what he didn’t have the power to do is mighty faint praise.

      • Hi MarkW, I am not giving credit to either of them for fracking. The Federal land was not an issue. It all happened on private land. I’m not sure why you think I’m praising Obama.

        • The part where you credit Obummer (for not doing what he didn’t have the power to do) is the dead giveaway Tony.

    • We have been blessed in a lot more than just fossil fuels. There never has been a nation in history so blessed in resources as the United States. Just one tidbit, we have 90% of the world’s deepwater ports (mostly undeveloped) The top three ports in the world, Chesapeake Bay, San Francisco Bay, and Puget Sound, belong to the U.S. Oh, and the three have developed less than 1/2 their potential. Read The Accidental Superpower by Peter Zeihan, you will be amazed.

  16. The link (RELATED: Liberal Operative Reveals The Real Reason Ocasio-Cortez Backs A ‘Green New Deal’) from the story above has a picture of AOC standing at a podium. On the front of the podium is a campaign poster. It reminds me of a certain type of Soviet propaganda poster. example It tries to make the subject look noble as they stare resolutely into the distance. What they remind me of is my cat who seems to become fixated on something only he can see. I think he’s stoned on catnip or just mentally defective.

    If AOC wants to look like Lenin, that’s fine. At least she’s showing her true colors.

  17. Democratic Oregon Sen, Jeff Merkley went so far as to tweet in response: “The United States is now the number one source of the fossil fuels creating a climate crisis that is literally killing people and destroying Americans’ livelihoods.”

    So what’s he doing there anyway – does he even recall how he was transported to the venue? Shouldn’t he be leading by example and freezing to death in a cave?

  18. It appears to be possible that if the Democrats continue to double down on Climate Change Alarmism they could doom themselves and get Mr. Trump elected to a second term.

    I suspect that there are a lot of people in the middle that would vastly prefer anyone but Trump, but also simply don’t agree with the Green agenda pushing us into bankruptcy.

    So while Trump is all over the map with a lot of other crap he does have very sensible policies WRT to climate change. Enough to get him elected again?

    • I think his re-election could easily be powered by the state of the economy, by the unemployment rate and by the status of people’s bank accounts, all 3 of which derive from the changes to the tax code that Trump managed to get in place.


    • And from the many over-the-top regulations that have been undone. I’m looking forward to the removal of the EPA finding that CO2 is pollution.


    • Yep, my thinking as well. The Dems are their own worst enemies with regard to energy, and by latching onto the Warmunist ideology, they are essentially traitors.

  19. Jeff Merkley had a strong disdain for fossil fuels? How does he travel regularly between DC and Oregon…magic carpet?

  20. Merkley is my senator, and he never listens to anything but money. I am glad that of nearly 70 comments to his stupid twitter remarks 67 basically told him he was full of polar bear poop.

  21. Why is there such a disconnect between people’s words in regard to energy, and their actions? Because technology and civilization has conferred upon them the privilege of being blameless clueless hypocrites, so long as they pay up.

    Electricity and gas arrive by wire and pipe… discreetly. Utility connections are buried and insulated so no one need face the indignity of others spying the girth and gauge of their utility connections, chucking and holding out their hands with fingers connected in a circle to represent the tumescent conduits with loud tittering and eyebrow pumping innuendo.

    Utility bills arrive discreetly wrapped, and neighbors spotting the envelope in your hand have no idea of the lascivious depravity screaming within. People skim the bottom line and glaze over the kilowatts and cubic meters. Misers mise and wasters waste and it’s nobody else’s business. What comes out of peoples’ wallets is predictable and precise though never welcome.

    What comes out of their mouths when discussing energy, especially in regard to other countries where people have access to none or less… has no bounds. And the utilities are respectfully mum.

  22. President Donald Trump touted booming American energy production and exports during his State of the Union Address Tuesday night to thunderous applause, but not from Democrats

    The only thunderous applause Democrats gave was for themselves. says it all really.

  23. The American people need to look out for themselves and be wary of Dems agendas that could hurt the country while favoring advocacy groups.

  24. Democrats Didn’t Clap As Trump Touted American Energy Boom In SOTU

    Makes sense as regressives have become a culture of the mentally ill & self-destructive.

    • US sceptics (sic) live in la la land (like Ivan the Terrible Kinsman). Democrapics Rational people don’t:

      Fixed it fer ya.

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