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The big list of failed climate predictions

Reader “Sasha” responding to Jeff Alberts in comments provided a large list that I thought was worth sharing. Submitted on 2014/04/02 at 8:37 am The question wasn’t “what do people think is caused by global warming”, but “what was predicted … Continue reading

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Maybe the IPCC’s Modelers Should Try to Simulate Earth’s Oceans

UPDATE (April 6, 2014): I’ve added a link to a follow-up post about the cause of the observed C-shaped warming pattern in the Pacific. # # # The climate models stored in the CMIP5 archive are supposed to be simulations … Continue reading

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Oh Noes! Salamanders shrinking due to climate change

A video of this press release follows. Here’s a screen cap from it. CLEMSON, S.C. — Wild salamanders living in some of North America’s best salamander habitat are getting smaller as their surroundings get warmer and drier, forcing them to … Continue reading

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Global warming dud predictions on the Great Barrier Reef

Andrew Bolt asks in his column – Why won’t other journalists tackle Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, too? Maybe such dud predictions should be called “claimet change” for all the failed claims? – Anthony by Andrew Bolt THE ABC was among the first … Continue reading

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Friday Funny – Great moments in Environmentalism: the ’2 million’ KXL comments – real or fake?

UPDATE: Bill McKibben doesn’t seem to want to address the question. See below. Earlier today,’s founder Bill McKibben tweeted this: [Source: ] Tom Nelson asked about those boxes and the environmental impact to which I replied:

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Great moments in climate protests: KXL wackadoodles get themselves arrested to get out of freezing cold rain

Current weather in Washington, DC: Rally organizers peg the number arrested at around 400. Buses were brought in to cart away those who’d been arrested. Here’s a look at some hilarious photos from the protest. I like the one about … Continue reading

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Cowtan and Way (2013) Adjustments Exaggerate Climate Model Failings at the Poles and Do Little to Explain the Hiatus

We’ve already discussed Cowtan and Way’s infilling of HADCRUT4 data in the post On Cowtan and Way (2013) “Coverage bias in the HadCRUT4 temperature series and its impact on recent temperature trends”. The paper is available here. In that earlier … Continue reading

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Our Climate Models Are Aglow with Whirling, Transient Nodes of Thought Careening through a Cosmic Vapor of Invention

UPDATE: Even Trenberth is critical of the Cai et al. (2013) study. See the update at the end. # # # My apologies to the writers of Mel Brooks’ Blazing Saddles for the title of the post. Hedley Lamarr: My … Continue reading

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2013 Was Not A Good Year For Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Climate Warming Change Disruption Weirding Ocean Acidification Extreme Weather, etc.

Image Credit: European Space Agency – CryoSat By WUWT regular “Just The Facts” For anyone keeping track, 2013 has not been a good year for those who propagate the Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (CAGW) Narrative, also know by a litany … Continue reading

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Questions Policymakers Should Be Asking Climate Scientists Who Receive Government Funding

Even before the study of human-induced global warming became fashionable, tax dollars had funded a major portion of that research. Government organizations continue to supply the vast majority of the moneys for those research efforts. Yet with the tens of … Continue reading

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November 2013 Russian “Hotspot” – Alarmists Are Overlooking Something

UPDATE: Corrected the typo in Figure 3. 1988 now correctly reads 1989. # # # There’s lots of blogosphere chatter about the warm temperatures in Russia in November 2013. In their global State of the Climate Report this month, NOAA … Continue reading

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Ooops – Met Office decadal model forecast for 2004-2014 falls flat

‘The Pause’ claims another victim. Source: Paul Matthews writes: The skillful predictions of climate science Smith et al (2007): 0.3°C in 10 years In 2007, a team of climate scientists from the UK Met Office led by Doug Smith wrote a … Continue reading

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IPCC Adjusts Model-Predicted Near-Term Warming Downwards

This is another post that illustrates and discusses just how poorly climate models simulate one of the most important climate variables: global surface temperatures. I’ve included a copy of this post in pdf format, linked at the end, for readers … Continue reading

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Will Global Warming Increase the Intensity of El Niño?


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Will their Failure to Properly Simulate Multidecadal Variations In Surface Temperatures Be the Downfall of the IPCC?

OVERVIEW This post illustrates what many people envision after reading scientific papers about the predicted multidecadal persistence of the hiatus period—papers like Li et al. (2013) and Wyatt and Curry (2013). See my blog post Another Peer-Reviewed Paper Predicting the … Continue reading

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IPCC Still Delusional about Carbon Dioxide

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Part 1 – Comments on the UKMO Report about “The Recent Pause in Global Warming”

INTRODUCTION I’ve received a number of emails and requests to comment on the recently released 3-part report from the UK Met Office titled “The Recent Pause in Global Warming”. See the UKMO webpage here. This is part 1, corresponding to … Continue reading

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The Grand Prize in Obama’s War on Coal™

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach It’s a bad week for poor people around the planet. First, and with great fanfare, our President unleashed his patented climate plan, affectionately known as Obama’s War on Coal™. He hasn’t said yet how much … Continue reading

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