UN global poll

Climate Change … Who Cares?

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Thanks to the blog of the irrepressible Hilary Ostrov, a long-time WUWT commenter, I found out about a poll gone either horribly wrong or totally predictably depending on your point of view. It’s a global poll done by the United Nations, with over six million responses from all over the…

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A Future Climate Science Moment

Guest Post by Bob Tisdale Not too far in the future, a third-generation climate scientist will be asked by a college student about his grandfather’s work with climate models.  Flabbergasted, the climate scientist replies… My apologies to Mel Brooks and Gene Wilder, but I couldn’t resist. The models used by the IPCC really are horrible…

Figure 2

California Drought – A Novel Statistical Analysis of Unrealistic Climate Models and of a Reanalysis That Should Not Be Equated with Reality

Guest post by Bob Tisdale UPDATE: See the update at the end of the post. In the post The Obvious Failures of Climate Science That Mainstream Media Ignores, I promised to discuss the paper behind the National Science Foundation press release Cause of California drought linked to climate change. That paper was Swain et al.…