White House “Desperate… Panicking” Over Saudis and Oil

Civilization depends on cheap energy, and we are right to expect that our political leaders put the provision of it above electoral politics.

Gazprom Releases a Sinister Video Taunting Europe Over Winter Gas Shortages

In the wake of announcing an indefinite shutdown of gas supplies, and massive flaring of gas which could have been sent to Europe, Gazprom has released a video titled “And…

Germany Green Energy Crisis: Warning of “Lehman Like” Contagion

Germany’s renewable policy inspired energy insecurity has reached crisis levels, with Germany’s Vice Chancellor warning of “Lehman like” economic contagion if energy prices rise any further.

Sri Lanka Food Shortages Due to Fertilizer Ban, (Not Putin)

From NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT By Paul Homewood h/t Joe Public https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m0018c87/newsnight-16062022?page=1 BBC Newsnight ran a piece a week ago on the economic crisis in Sri Lanka,…

IEA Warns Russia could Cut Off All Gas to Europe

Just as well Europe has invested hundreds of billions of Euros in renewable energy capacity /sarc.

Watch Western Sanctions on Russia Boomerang: A Global Energy and Food Crisis in The Making

After weeks of contradictory advice from Brussels, the EU just gave its assent to payment for Russian gas in roubles by its members.

Ross McKitrick: The 2030 emissions plan: Canada’s gift to Putin

From the Financial Post The sad reality is that the federal government does not care what its climate plans will cost people You might have thought the Russo-Ukrainian War would…

“Freeze To Hurt Putin” Sounds Better Than “Government Rationing Gas,”… German Pols Look To Sell Hardship

That means tenants may find themselves freezing in underheated apartments all winter long. But it’s all for a good cause, politicians are insisting.

The Pause Lengthens Again: No Global Warming for 7 Years 5 Months

The drop from 0.03 K to 0.00 K from January to February 2022 in the UAH satellite monthly global mean lower-troposphere dataset has proven enough to lengthen the New Pause…

Ukrainian Climate Scientist: “The money that’s invested in fossil fuels, they’re using against us”

A Ukrainian climate scientist blames Western purchases of Russian fossil fuel for the might of their military onslaught, but she fails to ask why the West became so dependent on…

Guardian: Big Oil Conspiring to Use Ukraine to Overturn the Green Revolution

The Guardian and other greens are still in denial about their culpability in the wrecking of Europe’s energy security.

Xi And Putin Leave Climate Alarmists At COP26 In The Lurch

Expect another religiously presented “gloom and doom” climate event with false promises hailed as historic achievements by an elite who offer only fear and deprivation for working people.

Putin Trolls Germany

While Europe is cursing him now, they only have themselves to blame for continuing to demonize his gas and oil :

With Gazprom’s Nord Stream 2, Putin Is Getting Ready to Put the Screws on Europe

From Foreign Policy The new pipeline won’t deliver energy security. It will make the EU more dependent on a capricious Russia. By Mikhail Korchemkin| October 7, 2019, 6:24 PM There…

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