EPA And The Electricity Cost Crisis

Could the DC Circuit — supposedly one of our premier courts — fall for something this blindly ignorant? We shall see.

Green Raw Deal: Climate Fanatism Has Put Us Full Throttle On The Highway To Hell

This combination of a misguided energy policy and a war, which shows no sign of abating anytime soon, is a toxic mixture that may threaten all of us.

As Green Policies Cause Energy Prices To Explode, Deforestation In Europe Accelerates

Skyrocketing fossil fuel energy prices are are driving the deforestation of Europe as citizens try to keep warm

Unrealistic Net Zero Policies Cost Families Dearly

“We are in the middle of the first truly global energy crisis,” Birol said. “Our world has never ever witnessed an energy crisis with this depth and complexity.”

Climate Alarmism or Realism | Bjorn Lomborg

We are in the middle of an Energy Crisis and many are wondering if Climate Change is just a false alarm. Should we really be concerned about it and why…

British PM Wins Pyrrhic Victory on Fracking

Prime Minister Truss defeated an attempt to ban fracking – barely. But the long winded consultation process tacked on by her rebellious MPs will likely prevent any genuine progress for…

German Government Fears Millions of Furnaces Going Off…Children Now Being Handed Blankets at School

Confidential government conference fears millions losing heat this winter…schools now handing out blankets for children to keep warm. 

What Caused the Energy Crisis We’re in Now? When Did It Start for Real?

It’s not too late to go in a better direction.

America Is Successfully Pursuing ESG = Extreme Shortages Guaranteed

Everything that needs electricity is made with the oil derivatives manufactured from crude oil. In an all-electric world, there will be nothing to power without oil.

Listening to European Electricity Traders Is Very, Very Scary

the real cause of this looming disaster has been the government enforced shutdown of most of our coal generating capacity during the last decade:

Coal: Europe’s Security Blanket, Third World’s Necessity

For the people of developing nations wanting to better their lives, the use of hydrocarbons is not negotiable.

Can Australian Green Hydrogen Replace Russian Gas?

It seems like we will need an awful lot of solar panels, simply to replace a tiny amount of gas!

Sierra Club Exec on Energy: Exactly Backwards

The world is already in an “energy crisis” of sorts due to the tremendous misallocation of capital from functioning energy infrastructure to mythical energy infrastructure. This has largely been driven…

Texas State Geologist Scott Tinker: The Bad Assumptions Underpinning COP26 and the Impending Energy Train Wreck

Guest “Reality can be a harsh teacher” by David Middleton The world is already in an “energy crisis” of sorts due to the tremendous misallocation of capital from functioning energy…

Europe’s Energy Crisis Better Wake America Up

The overall effect of these anti-fossil-fuel policies on livelihoods, living standards, health and life spans will be profoundly negative. Countless people will perish, many of them cold and jobless in…

Do you rip off your shingles before finding out if new ones are available? It’s painful to watch those that do

To anyone that pays attention to the energy world with any objectivity (i.e., not searching for villains), it was obvious that the world would one day run into a hydrocarbon…

Green Britain faces food shortages as energy crisis shuts down factories

As energy prices in Europe go through the roof, factories are beginning to shut down and food is disappearing from the shelves. Welcome to green Britain, offering a foretaste of what life…

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