Guardian: BoJo’s Political Weakness Endangers Climate Action

UK PM Boris “Lockdown Party” Johnson’s deteriorating political fortunes are worrying climate activists, who are concerned his successor might be more focussed on lowering the cost of living than hitting…

Covid 1984 – KFC Smugglers and Brutal Police Repression

As some Republicans discuss possible sanctions against Australia over police brutality towards Covid lockdown protestors, New Zealand has just arrested occupants of a car with a trunk full of lockdown…

Guardian: Covid-19 Lockdowns are Driving Up CO2 Emissions

Ditching the commute might seem an easy climate win, but other factors such as the relative inefficiency of home heating outweigh the CO2 savings.

UK Government Explicitly Exempts Rich People and Other Elites from Covid Lockdown Rules

Following the very recent embarrassment of the minister for lockdowns Matt Hancock breaching his own lockdown rules, while having a fling with a staffer, the British Government has decided to…

Great Reset Architects Celebrate The Orderly Quiet of Covid Lockdown Cities

The World Economic Forum released a video, hastily withdrawn, which celebrated the quiet and orderliness of cities whose factories and people were silenced by harsh Covid lockdowns. WEF hosts the…

The progress of the COVID-19 epidemic in Sweden: an update

Whether the longer or shorter regression periods provide better estimates of normal mortality in 2019 and 2020, it seems clear that excess deaths, as a proportion of the population, were…

Financial Review: Companies, Directors face a Wave of Climate Lawfare in 2021

As companies and company directors go all in to try to prevent the Covid economic crash from turning into a new great depression, greens are advancing plans to bleed struggling…

Covid-1984? British Anti-Lockdown Activist Arrested for Filming Empty Hospital Wards

As the British National Health Service screams about the intense stress of dealing with rising Covid-19 hospital admissions, a strange story has emerged of an anti-lockdown activist being arrested for…

Guardian: Could the Covid Lockdown have Helped Save Us from Climate Change?

According to The Guardian, the Covid lockdown brought “heart warming” images of sheep grazing in a deserted children’s playground, and gave us a glimpse of what might be possible under…

New Covid-19 Outbreak in Beijing, China

According to SCMP, Beijing has gone into “emergency response mode” to contain a new Covid-19 outbreak, which has been detected near Beijing International Capital Airport.

Claim: UK Mutant Coronavirus Spreading More Easily, Displacing Other Strains

The good news is the new mutant HS69/V70 Covid-19 strain does not appear to be more lethal, and the vaccine is expected to be effective against the new variant. But…

Forbes Climate Crisis: “Lock in lifestyle changes brought about by COVID-19”

According to Forbes contributor and clean tech entrepreneur Wal van Lierop, climate change is such an emergency that Covid-19 lockdowns should continue indefinitely as climate change lockdowns.

Elon Musk Flees Californian Coronavirus Lockdown, Relocates to Texas

Would the last Californian please remember to turn out the… oh never mind.

Biden Promises to Request 100 Days of Mask Wearing to Combat Covid-19

Joe Biden has called for 100 days where everyone has to wear a mask. But Biden has not clarified whether this mandate will apply to the Obama family and Democrat…

Claim: San Francisco Covid-19 Exodus – 89,000 Families have Left

Your new neighbour could be Californian; Covid-19 and presumably Covid-19 lockdowns appear to be the final straw for people living in California’s filthy crime ridden big cities.

Italian Covid-19 Lockdown Businesses Threaten a Tax Strike

50,000 Italian businesses hit with repeated lockdowns have threatened a tax strike, on the grounds it is unreasonable for the government to demand tax money if they are not allowed…

WMO: “impact of the COVID-19 confinements [on CO2] cannot be distinguished from natural variability”

Proof that ongoing expensive CO2 reduction efforts are utterly futile. Green hopes that the Covid-19 lockdown would have a significant impact on global CO2 have been dashed.

US Sheriffs Refusing to Enforce Covid-19 Thanksgiving Lockdowns

Some sheriffs in areas affected by Coronavirus lockdowns have rejected the idea they will enforce the lockdown orders.

State Security, Your Papers Please? UK to introduce “Freedom Passes” for Coronavirus

One of the distinguishing features of British society vs repressive tyrannies like the Soviet Union used to be that you didn’t have to carry identity papers to prove your right…

California Governor Apologises for Breaching his Own Covid-19 Lockdown Rules

More evidence strict Covid-19 lockdown rules do not apply to Democrats.

Joe Biden Advisor Recommends 4-6 Week National Covid-19 Lockdown

Biden advisor Dr. Michael Osterholm wants a US nationwide lockdown of 4-6 weeks, to achieve the same level of control over Covid-19 as Australia and New Zealand achieved. But this…

Iranian Militia Covid-19 Lockdown: “Burn US Flags at Home”

Iran has cancelled their annual march to commemorate the Iranian Hostage Crisis over fears large public gatherings could worsen their raging Covid outbreak.

Pope Francis Calls Covid-19 Lockdown Protestors Selfish Complainers and Profiteers from Misfortune

Let them eat Cake? Pope Francis has in my opinion demonstrated a total lack of sympathy and understanding for people whose circumstances might drive them to defy or protest against…

Report Your Neighbours: British Police Urge the Public to Inform on Covid-19 Lockdown Breaches

Remind me again who won the Cold War? The British police are urging ordinary people to inform on neighbours who breach Covid-19 lockdown rules.

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