Dominion Hides Huge Offshore Wind Cost Risk

Dominion Energy says the cost of its monster project will not go up. Apparently, there is not even a risk of it going up. This preposterous claim is worth exploring.

What NASA and the European Space Agency are admitting but the media are failing to report about our current heat wave

…the Tonga volcano didn’t inject large amounts of aerosols into the stratosphere, and the huge amounts of water vapor from the eruption may have a small, temporary warming effect, since…

British Politician: “happily fill the room [of Green Policy opponents] with carbon monoxide”

The Liberal Democrat leadership have sent Councillor Michael Tarling to an awareness course instead of suspending him.

Cobalt Carnage, Child Labor and Ecological Destruction

They labor ten to twelve hours a day in sweltering heat and toxic mud, water and dust, in enormous pits hundreds of feet deep – hacking at rocky walls and…

Houston Recognizes They Have a Problem, the UHI.

Kudos to ABC13 in Houston for reporting honestly on how the UHI affects Houston’s temperatures.

Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #561

We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology.” — Carl Sagan [

Germans Will Need to Turn on Heat as Cold, Wet Weather Sets to Grip Country in Early August

NOAA August forecast for Europe flops!

Greece’s Fires: A Human Act, Not Climate Change Catastrophe

it’s become clear that human agency that’s the root cause of most of these fires.

Race to salvage sinking cargo ship carrying 3,000 vehicles as it burns out of control in North Sea after fire ’caused by electric car’

Perhaps electric car makers will jump on the bandwagon of “source locally”.

The IPCC Says No Climate Crisis

Guest Post By Willis Eschenbach OK, quick question: What do these weather phenomena have in common? Give up? So would I. What these phenomena have in common is that the…

Another Day, Another Alarm: The ‘Time-Travelling’ Pathogen Paranoia

Science should not be a tool for manipulation and alarmist propaganda.

Sardinia Temperature Record Set in Middle of Undergrowth, And Yards from Road

At best, it can only be classified as Class 4 (out of total of 5 Classes); this means that temperatures could be artificially inflated by as much as 2C because…

Aussie NSW Farmers Call for a Ban on New Solar Projects

NSW Farmers, Australia’s largest farming organisation, is demanding a prepaid decommissioning fund for solar farms, to prevent farmers being left with the bill for decommissioning and disposal.

London’s ULEZ Expansion: Balancing Environmental Protection and Motorist Rights

The narrative underlines the palpable frustration and resentment of those affected by the ULEZ expansion.

The Lancet’s Scientific Chicanery on Mortality Exposed by CO2 Coalition

Sleep well; global warming is saving lives.

Video: 2022 Nobel physics prize winner John Clauser rips climate idiocy, No ‘climate crisis’ and IPCC ‘one of the worst sources of dangerous misinformation’

2022 Nobel physics winner John Clauser ripped the pseudoscience and ‘techno-con’ that is climate last week in South Korea.

Meteorologist: “No Need To Worry About Drought” in Germany…Enough Water In The Ground

We don’t need to worry at all that drought and dryness are coming in the foreseeable future. That issue we can completely forgotten about this summer, the way things look…

Climate Change Weekly #478: Backlash, Polls Confirm Climate Change Is Low-Priority Issue

Around the world, nations are choosing to prioritize economic growth and national interest over climate policy.

Dumpster Diving NASA Climate Scientist Peter Kalmus: ‘Biden must declare a climate emergency’ – Admit he has ‘bottomless grief’ because ‘we are losing Earth’ & seeks to ‘end’ fossil fuels

“Here’s why race justice and climate justice are one & the same: The oppressive extractive plutocracies that colonize and kill black bodies and colonize and kill our planet are one…

How To Push a Climate Crisis Hoax: Florida’s Record Ocean Temperature

The hottest temperature ever recorded in the state of Florida was 109 degrees on June 29, 1931, in Monticello located over 400 miles north of Everglades National Park.

Wrong, USA Today, Ocean Currents Aren’t Near Collapse

In fact, based on the limited data, the authors have no way of knowing whether the AMOC speeds up and down cyclically on a multidecadal or multi-century basis, or whether…

ClimateTV Live at 1PM ET – Climate Change Causes Everything’

Today’s episode of Climate Change Roundtable, titled “Climate Change Causes Everything,” critically addresses the pervasive narrative that climate change is the root cause of every weather event. Host Anthony Watts,…

Global Boiling Has Arrived!

It is little wonder only a few people believe in this scam any longer, when the UN chief has to resort to moronic talk of “global boiling” to get his…

Offshore Wind has a Cost Crisis

Originally posted at CFACT By David Wojick  The horrific term “cost crisis” is not from me. It comes down from on high, in this case the mega-conference: US Offshore Wind 2023.…

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