Why the Sun, Not CO2, Heats the Oceans Revisiting the Debate: Does Greenhouse Back-radiation Warm the Oceans?

After analyzing the physics detailed in this video, I’m convinced it is solar energy that drives the observed ocean heating, and any infrared ocean heating is insignificant at best.

Evolving To Outpace Climate Change, Tiny Marine Animal Provides New Evidence of Long-Theorized Genetic Mechanism

“These copepods are a saltwater species that now needs to adapt to much fresher water in their environment.”

Stronger Overturning Circulation in the Pacific During the Last Glacial Period

Data from fossil corals points to changed circulation of ocean currents – an important finding for climate models

How ‘Viral Dark Matter’ May Help Mitigate Climate Change

The question of magnitude is a serious consideration when taking into account the vastness of the ocean.

Model vs Model: Is the North Atlantic Current Collapsing?

12,900 years ago the North Atlantic Current failed, likely due to the emptying of an enormous glacial lake. This catastrophic lake failure is believed to have disrupted ocean currents, which…

3 New Studies Show Atlantic Tipping Point Unrealistic…”Muted Response”…”Changes To Be Viewed With Caution”

Yet another 3 recent journal publications show there’s no Atlantic tipping point taking place. 

International Satellite to Track Impacts of Small Ocean Currents

SWOT’s solar panels unfold as part of a test in January at a Thales Alenia Space facility in Cannes, France, where the satellite is being assembled. SWOT will measure elevations…

Claim: Timing Of Ocean Plankton Blooms to Shift with Global Warming

Global warming is directly impacting the ocean’s net primary production (NPP) at the base of the food web as well as the seasonal timing of plankton blooms, according to a…

Claim: World’s Ocean Is Losing Its Memory Under Global Warming

Peer-Reviewed Publication UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII AT MANOA Using future projections from the latest generation of Earth System Models, a recent study published in Science Advances found that most of the world’s ocean…

The Big 5 Natural Causes of Global Warming- Part 1: Varying Atlantic Water Transport

The Big 5 natural climate dynamics – when considered together- offer a far better explanation of both regional climate trends and the statistical global warming trend since the end of…

Claim: Climate change has likely begun to suffocate the world’s fisheries

New research finds the ocean’s middle depths, home to many commercially fished species, started losing oxygen at unnatural rates in 2021

Fishing for Citations

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Charles The Moderator, who is the man whose endless work keeps this site ticking over, pointed me to an interesting happenstance involving the world of…

Study: Ancient Fish Thrived During PETM Extreme Global Warming

The Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM), a period of extremely rapid global warming which occurred 10 million years after the demise of the dinosaurs, was supposed to have been an ocean catastrophe.…

Natural variability in Pacific Ocean drives decade-long intensification in Pacific walker circulation

The study showed evidence that natural decadal variability related to the Pacific Ocean played a more significant role in modulating the Pacific Walker circulation change and the Walker circulation was projected to…

Volcanic Fertilization of the Oceans Drove Severe Mass Extinction, Say Scientists

“Our study may prompt reinvestigations of other mass extinctions during Earth history”, concludes Dr Longman.

Claim: Climate Change is Making One of the World’s Strongest Currents Flow Faster

Study co-authors said it is also likely that the speed of the current will increase even more as the Southern Ocean continues to take up heat from human-induced global warming. 

How the Sun Controls Arctic Ice and Temperatures part 3

Part 3 on controls on Arctic sea ice. Although sunspot cycles do not add enough energy to explain the Arctic’s warming, the sun and sunspot cycles do explain redistribution of…

Bogus De-Oxygenation Crisis

Claims that CO2 warming is causing oceans to loose oxygen is thoroughly examined and refuted. In truth, the increase in upwelling and marine productivity, supporting a robust marine ecosystem since…

How do higher waves cause more ice clouds? Researchers claim expedition into arctic sea explains

Scientists explain the peculiar interplay that exists between sea-ice decline, wave height, and ice cloud formation over the Arctic

Claim: Climate change: Up to 95% of ocean surface climates may disappear by 2100

The authors conclude that while some marine species currently keep pace with changing ocean climates by dispersing to new habitats, this may no longer be possible if existing ocean climates…

Off By More Than 99%? It Changes Nothing!

Ocean plastic pollution is less than 1% of what we’ve been screaming for decades, but is still as big a problem as ever

Scientists Use NASA Satellite Data to Track Ocean Microplastics From Space

Scientists from the University of Michigan have developed an innovative way to use NASA satellite data to track the movement of tiny pieces of plastic in the ocean.

ICCC-14 Preview, Ep. 4: Roy Spencer on “What Recent Ocean Warming Suggests About Future Warming”

The warming predicted by the latest climate models in response to a doubling of atmospheric CO2 averages close to 4C. Using an updated model – and even assuming all warming…

Good news for Australia’s Barrier Reef you’ll likely not hear about in the media

Dr. Peter Ridd writes on his Facebook page: In 2016, there was a major bleaching event in the northern section of the Reef. There were doom headlines around the world…