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GISS Hockey-Stick Adjustments

Guest Post By Walter Dnes: There have been various comments recently about GISS’ “dancing data”, and it just so happens that as GISS data is updated monthly, I’ve been downloading it monthly since 2008. In addition, I’ve captured some older … Continue reading

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Can GISS And Other Data Sets Set Records in 2014? (Now Includes April Data)

Guest Post by Werner Brozek (Edited By Just The Facts) GISS and other sets are  poised to set new records in 2014, even without an El Nino. The present GISS record is a two way tie for first place with … Continue reading

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The Slow Fourier Transform (SFT)

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach While investigating the question of cycles in climate datasets (Part 1, Part 2), I invented a method I called “sinusoidal periodicity”. What I did was to fit a sine wave of various periods to the … Continue reading

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Crowdsourcing A Full Kernel Cascaded Triple Running Mean Low Pass Filter, No Seriously…

Image Credit: Climate Data Blog By Richard Linsley Hood  – Edited by Just The Facts The goal of this crowdsourcing thread is to present a 12 month/365 day Cascaded Triple Running Mean (CTRM) filter, inform readers of its basis and value, and … Continue reading

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Lakes For Sale, Partially Thawed, N=20

Guest Post By Willis Eschenbach Anthony pointed out the selling of overhyped claims of the “dramatic thinning” of Arctic ice here. The title of the underlying scientific study is much more prosaic, Response of ice cover on shallow lakes of … Continue reading

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New record low set in the coldest city in the continental USA – much of the country headed for a deep freeze

As we begin 2014, it will usher in record cold temperatures. Next week looks quite cold as this forecast for Tuesday shows. Image from Dr. Ryan Maue, WeatherBell International Falls, MN set a new record with -42ºF.

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Claim: November 2013 is the ‘warmest ever’ – but will the real November 2013 temperature please stand up?

Lots of clima-hullaballo this week in the media thanks NOAA and this announcement in NOAA’s “State of the Climate” report seen here: http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/sotc/global/ They state: The combined average temperature over global land and ocean surfaces for November 2013 was record … Continue reading

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‘Twas the nightmare before Christmas

By Joe Bastardi ‘Twas the week before Christmas, when all through the news, There were reports of record cold, so many were confused. Told global warming is why we should care, And that the point of no return would soon … Continue reading

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Whither went the warmer weather?

17 years, 3 months with no global warming By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley The Long Pause just got three months longer. Last month, the RSS monthly global mean lower-troposphere temperature anomalies showed no global warming for exactly 204 months – … Continue reading

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Cowtan and Way – The Magician’s ‘Red Scarf Trick’ with Linear Trend Lines

Guest Post by Kip Hansen There are a lot of good, in-depth technical discussions of Cowtan and Way 2013, Coverage bias in the HadCRUT4 temperature series and its impact on recent temperature trends. This is not one of them. In … Continue reading

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UAH October temperatures, part 2

Note that the original October report on WUWT from a press release issued accidentally by UAH is superseded by this report. – Anthony UAH v5.6 Global Temperature Update for October, 2013: +0.29 deg. C By Dr. Roy Spencer We finally … Continue reading

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An impartial look at global warming…

Guest essay by M.S.Hodgart (Visiting Reader Surrey Space Centre University of Surrey) The figure presented here is a new graph of the story of global warming – and cooling. The graph makes no predictions and should be used only to … Continue reading

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What People Will Read and See with the IPCC’s Lead-Off Illustration from the AR5 SPM

Anthony Watts published an illustration and an excerpt of the draft of the IPCC’s Summary for Policymakers due out later this month. See the WUWT post Excerpts from the Leaked Summary for Policy Makers. Included with his post is the … Continue reading

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Britain’s Warm, But Unremarkable Summer

Guest essay by Paul Homewood For those of us living in the UK, the glorious summer has been much in the news. We seem to have spent half of it listening to the BBC telling us about temperature records that … Continue reading

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Does your weather station get the wind? How station siting compromises temperature measurements via wind issues

Guest essay by Bob Fernley-Jones Well Melbourne (Oz) sure does, (and we are the butt of a few intercity jokes, a polite one being; we can have “four seasons all in one day”). The following graphic (source) of an extreme … Continue reading

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CO2 calculation in the global carbon cycle may be off due to a depth error

It seems that a simple assumption about where to measure CO2 in the ocean surface has drastic implications. via The Hockey Schtick New paper finds global carbon cycle datasets may be biased A paper published today in Global Biogeochemical Cycles … Continue reading

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RSS Flat For 200 Months (Now Includes July Data)

[NOTE: RSS is a satellite temperature data set much like the UAH dataset from Dr. Roy Spencer and John Christy - Anthony] Image Credit: WoodForTrees.org Guest Post By Werner Brozek, Edited By Just The Facts The graphic above shows 3 … Continue reading

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The Elusive Absolute Surface Air Temperature (SAT)

Here’s an interesting Q&A on issues with trying to determine the SAT of the Earth that I have not seen before. There’s a surprise at the end as to who wrote it.

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More low climate sensitivity

This paper A lower and more constrained estimate of climate sensitivity using updated observations and detailed radiative forcing time series from Skeie et al is now in open peer review at Earth System Dynamics. They say an ECS of 1.84 … Continue reading

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The early chill in the Arctic continues

Temperature above 80 degrees north drops below freezing early, and continues to drop. Many people have been watching the remarkable early drop in air temperature at the DMI plot here: This drop looks to be about two weeks early. As … Continue reading

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When it comes to new high temperature records, ‘shoot first, ask questions later’

Readers may recall my investigation over the weekend of an announcement by the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) about a new all-time high temperature record set in Greenland that was subsequently picked up by the Capital Weather Gang at the Washington … Continue reading

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About that ‘warmer temperatures increase violence’ claim…real world crime data doesn’t support it

Readers surely recall the wild claim yesterday made by researchers from Princeton University and the University of California-Berkeley who reported in the journal Science that even slight spikes in temperature and precipitation have greatly increased the risk of personal violence … Continue reading

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NASA predicts 8 degrees of warming in the US by 2100

For the National Climate Assessment NASA has produced a model-based prediction of eight degrees Fahrenheit for the continental US by 2100 as the most likely scenario Story submitted by Ben Bakker NASA scientists have created a video showing predicted dramatic … Continue reading

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Australia’s average temperature

Are Australians heading for the cooker? Guest essay by Bill Johnston Elections for Australia’s National (Federal) parliament are looming and carbon tax is a battleground issue. The incumbent Labour Party have proposed to transition its existing toxic carbon tax to … Continue reading

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How Good Are Met Office Predictions? (Now Includes at Least May Data)

Image Credit: WoodForTrees.org Guest Post By Werner Brozek, Edited By Just The Facts “We are now using the system to predict changes out to 2014. By the end of this period, the global average temperature is expected to have risen … Continue reading

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I need help with a graph search

In the last week, I came across a graph on a climate skeptic website that showed the earth’s average temperature in F, the known variation of temperature on earth, and the rise of temperature over the last 100 years depicted … Continue reading

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100 years ago today – Death Valley 134° record by the observer, why are there two different paper records?

Today, NOAA is celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the 134° reading at Greenland Ranch in Death Valley, including speakers, guests, and media coverage expected to begin at 11AM PDT, right about now. I find this fanfare odd, particularly in … Continue reading

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UAH global temperature, up somewhat

UAH v5.6 Global Temperature Update for June, 2013: +0.30 deg. C by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D. After 10 days in Michigan’s U.P. for my 40th high school reunion, here’s the belated monthly global temperature update. We added two satellites … Continue reading

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Models Fail: Scandinavian Land Surface Air Temperature Anomalies

UPDATE: I’ve added a comment by Marcel Crok to the end of the post. #### The climate models being used by the IPCC for their upcoming 5th Assessment Report show little skill at being able to simulate a number of … Continue reading

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Which mercury reading in Mercury is the right one?

How can two stations less than 1/2 mile apart be so different? How can one set a new record and best it by two degrees while the other doesn’t? I was intrigued by this Record Event Report out of Las … Continue reading

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It seems NOAA has ‘de-modernized’ the official Death Valley station to use older equipment to make a record more likely

About those ‘record’ Death Valley temperatures everybody is waiting for… UPDATE: 128°F today at Death Valley COOP station. See Record Event Report below. It seems the media and the alarmists are cheering on the possibility of an all-time temperature record … Continue reading

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Friday Funny: New world record temperature ‘hockey stick’ spotted in Washington today

Gotta love this, with all the hullabaloo over a possible new world temperature record in Death Valley, a logging town in Washington has pre-empted them. Hilariously, the reading of 139 degrees F is listed as “suspect” as it should be, … Continue reading

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Hottest weather of the season likely coming

Model output from WeatherBell added by Anthony By Steve Pierce, AMS chapter president, Oregon Portland, Oregon (June 25th 2013) –  “The hottest weather of the season is likely on the way for the Pacific Northwest this coming weekend, and it … Continue reading

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A data review to supplement the UK Met Office ‘Disappointing Weather Meeting’

A graphical review of 14.5 years disappointing UK weather Guest essay by Neil Catto A meeting today (18th March 2013) took place at the UK Met Office HQ in Exeter. See the report here: http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/news/releases/archive/2013/meeting-unusual-seasons It was arranged to include … Continue reading

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New paper by Ross McKitrick – ‘temperature data strongly affected by local population growth’

Ross McKitrick writes: I give a demonstration of why the Parker and BEST analyses don’t disprove the evidence of contamination of temperature data, and outline what it would likely take to settle the issue properly. Cheers, Ross ENCOMPASSING TESTS OF … Continue reading

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