Yellowstone Eruption: More Quickly, not Sooner

Arrgh. Three days ago, a New York Times article reported: Yellowstone’s last supereruption occurred 631,000 years ago. And it’s not the planet’s only buried supervolcano. Scientists suspect that a supereruption scars the planet every 100,000 years, causing many to ask when we can next expect such an explosive planet-changing event. Advertisements


AIS: An Inconvenient Rally Cry to the Troops

Last night I attended a “special event” at the local Red River Theatres, a rather nice independent movie theater in Concord NH. The event was their premiere showing of “An Inconvenient Sequel – Truth to Power”. It was made special with a reception and introduction before the showing and an introduction featuring letters from our…

Major refresh to WUWT's Sea Ice Reference page

One of WUWT’s most read reference pages has been the Sea Ice reference page. For over a year, it could be described with one word, dreadful. The many problems included: WordPress broke handling of non-SSL references to images to display. They seem to be downloading them into their own cache directory, but never update it.…