Biden Energy Secretary: Buy an EV Peasant!

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, who last month pocketed 1.6M exercising share options on an Electric Vehicle company, has suggested people experiencing gasoline pain should just buy an EV.

Help Us, Surrender, and Submit: DOE Secretary Granholm at CERA

Believe me, it would take a fool to not see that this empress has no clothes.

Biden Energy Secretary: “Pipe is the best way to go” When Transporting Fuel

After cancelling Keystone and other pipeline projects, the Biden administration seems to have discovered that if you don’t provide a means of transporting fuel, people run out of fuel.

Job Killer Joe’s Climate Team Promises to Replace the Fossil Fuel Jobs they “Sacrifice”

Perhaps it might have been a good idea to create these promised new green jobs, before destroying the old jobs?

It's a planetary emergency!

Environmentalist and author Bill McKibben joins Jennifer Granholm in Al Gore’s CURRENT TV  “The War Room” to talk about the impact that climate change will have during the president’s second…

Reality check: Who believes Hurricane Sandy was/was not caused by global warming?

This list of who’s who is instructive to review. It says a lot about credibility of the “Sandy was caused by global warming” argument being pushed by activists and media.…

Facepalm! Gore's "dirty energy = dirty weather" claims about the US are laughable in the context of other countries

Al Gore, is his usual incompetent persona, is bloviating weapons grade nonsense again. A few prior examples: On TV, Earth’s core is millions of degrees, in AIT, snows of Mt.…