Silence of the Grid Experts

Utility experts are charged with complying with reliability standards rather than maintaining reliability. 

“80% Renewables by 2030 – Its Bullsh*t”: Former Snowy 2 Pumped Hydro Boss Slams Aussie Green Energy Plans

“… you were being realistic and they didn’t want to hear it. …” – Aussie climate and energy minister Chris Bowen has been accused of pushing aside experts who criticise his…

China, Russia, Oil, Gas, Coal, Climate …

The “alarm bells” only ring for those willing to listen. It’s high time the West re-evaluates its energy and climate change approach – before it is too late.

Aussie Green Energy Shock: Snowy Hydro Cost and Completion Time Blowout

As coal power operators respond to the new carbon tax by accelerating plant closures, Australia’s big battery, the Snowy 2 pumped hydro project, has just announced more cost and delivery…

Wind-financed Exposé against Kevon Martis Backfires

Delegitimization is a favorite tactic of the climate alarmist/forced energy transformation lackeys.

Feds admit offshore wind can kill whales!

Of course these admissions are well hidden, buried in the depths of thousand page documents

“A couple of hours after Liddell [Power Station] Closed, AEMO … Issued a Market Notice”

Life without coal? Within hours of Liddell Coal Plant closing and removing 10% of New South Wales baseload power, an electricity reserve shortfall notice was issued.

Peace Breaks Out In The Middle East As US Influence Declines: From OPEC To OPEC+

At a stroke, MBS displaced the “oil-for-security” deal that has lasted over three quarters of a century between the US and Saudi Arabia since Franklin D. Roosevelt’s historic meeting with…

Brickworks Closes West Australia Branch, Cites Energy Costs and Planning Delays

The green zealots who run West Australia appear to have claimed another energy intensive industry scalp, with the complete pullout of a branch of Australia’s largest brick manufacturer.

South Africa and The Green Energy Wall

Funny how all that “free” electricity and near-daily blackouts don’t lead to rapidly increasing per capita GDP. Instead, it’s the further impoverishment of already-poor people.

Nuclear Energy is a Game Changer, But Not for Climate Reasons!

So, people advocating for nuclear power on the basis of its potential to address a nonexistent climate emergency undermine their arguments for the technology’s actual benefits of safety and efficiency.…

DOE vs. Gas Cooking: A Review of Critical Comments

Calling DOE guilty of “nanny state” behavior insults the inherent maternal (but forgivable) instincts of nannies everywhere to make us do what’s best for us. 

Biden to Veto Tariff Rises on Forced Labor Chinese Solar Imports

“… this joint resolution would undermine .. jobs and investments in the solar supply chain and the solar installation market.”. But what about China’s alleged use of solar supply chain…

Claim: Anti-ESG Investment State Leaders Have Conflicts of Interest

According to Naomi Oreskes, personal fossil fuel investments by politicians leading ESG divestment constitute a conflict of interest.

The Renewable Capital Cost Green Trick

But there is still more, there is a very well hidden green trick.

Right,, Wind Power is Unprofitable

If the technology was really so great, it would be able to compete in the marketplace without continuing government support.


Conservative watchdogs highlight ‘alarming’ surge in whale deaths as wind farms grow off NY, NJ coasts

Another Non-reassuring Report On New York’s Energy Future

Hey, these are just “suggestions.” Go ahead and spend twenty years and a few hundred billions of dollars trying to build it out. Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t.…

50 years after the oil embargo crisis of 1973, no American policy for energy independence

With no policy for energy independence, God help America!

Is Russia Preparing to Attack Offshore Wind Turbine Infrastructure?

According to a joint investigation by Norwegian journalists, the Russian spy trawlers are back – and this time the are mapping offshore infrastructure, including wind turbine cables.

Solar Optimism and Coal Alarmism a Century Ago

The notion that the sun’s energy can be converted into electricity because it is just there to be concentrated is naivete.

The Unbearable Lightness of Renewables – In Time

By: Leen Weijers, VP Engineering, Liberty Energy Wind and solar don’t work most of the time. You may think intermittency is acceptable because the sun shines for free and the…

Did The Guardian Just Almost Call for a Coal Plant to Stay Open?

“… The end of a relatively low-cost coal contract in 2028, however, could challenge Bayswater’s economics … A reduced operation, such as retaining just one or more of the four…

Addressing Wind/Solar Instability: Hardwiring the Grid

…and there were predictions that Texas was going to be in trouble

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