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‘Extreme weather is an integral part of the Earth’s climate’

Extreme caution best in assessing future weather By Madhav Khandekar. Published in The Starphoenix July 6, 2012 In the viewpoint article Extreme weather becoming norm (SP, June 28) Lidsay Olson, vice-president of the Insurance Bureau of Canada, provides a glimpse … Continue reading

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More heated media prepping tomorrow

Maybe some folk scan listen in on this and take notes. PRESS ADVISORY: LEADING SCIENTISTS TO DISCUSS CLIMATE CHANGE, HEAT WAVES AND WILDFIRES WHAT: As a heat wave sweeps across much of the country and wildfires rage in the West, … Continue reading

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Don’t Say That! Just Don’t Say It!

As the result of a Freedom of Information Act request, the US Government has released the list of words that will trigger the Department of Homeland Security to start monitoring your online contributions and conversations. The list is divided into … Continue reading

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Another paper shows that severe weather/extreme weather has no trend related to global warming

From Pierre Gosselin’s  Notrickszone http://notrickszone.com/2012/05/25/comprehensive-alps-study-clearly-refutes-humans-are-causing-more-weather-variability-and-extremes/ A new paper authored by Reinhard Böhm of the Austrian Central Administration For Meteorology (ZAMG) refutes the notion that anthropogenic warming is causing an increase of climate extremes and making weather more variable and extreme. Pressure – temperature … Continue reading

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Another sea ice record in the Bering Sea plus April sea ice summary


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A request to readers: write a “connect the dots” letter this weekend

Note – this will be pinned as a top post for a few days. Other posts will appear below this one. UPDATE: Josh weighs in with a Friday Funny. UPDATE2: McKibben has a Forrest Gump moment with his latest propaganda … Continue reading

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‘ What’s important to these extremists is not the evidence but the scare.’

IPCC now too moderate for professional scaremongers | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog What happened to “listen to the science”? A GLOBAL lobby group has distributed a “spin sheet” encouraging its 300 member organisations to emphasise the link between climate … Continue reading

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Will Happer’s WSJ rebuttal to NOAA’s Lubchenco and Karl

Readers may recall seeing this article in Physics Today titled Predicting and managing extreme weather events by Jane Lubchenco and Thomas R. Karl I had to laugh when I saw the “managing” part of extreme weather events. I’d love to … Continue reading

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Weather is climate, or loaded dice, or something

From the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)  more instituitional worrying turned press release leading up to the upcoming WMO report. I wonder where they get the increase in hurricane intensity from? Apparently they’ve never seen Dr. Ryan Maue’s … Continue reading

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The “bottomless well of nonsense on disasters and climate change”

From the “weather is not climate unless we say it is” department. While weepy Bill McKibben… Twitter / @350: This was a tragic weekend … This was a tragic weekend in the midwest of the USA. It’s more dangerous evidence … Continue reading

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Your tax dollars at work: an NCAR cartoon on steroid use in baseball and compared to climate change

From the video description: AtmosNews takes a lighthearted look at an unexpected analogy, explaining why some people call carbon dioxide (and the other greenhouse gases) the steroids of the climate system. Statistics and extreme behavior are involved, whether we’re talking … Continue reading

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NRDC’s ridiculous weather IS climate “sound the general alarm” map

People send me stuff. Today it is this web page from the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC), another official sounding NGO modeled in the WWF funding style of wail n’ beg. The first thought that went through my head when … Continue reading

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The Odd Omission in IPCC’s Summary for Policy Makers for SREX on Extreme Weather and Climatic Events

Guest post by Indur M. Goklany One of the major reasons why extreme weather events are of abiding interest to both the public and policy makers is the potential loss of life that they can cause. Imagine, therefore, writing a … Continue reading

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The GWPF Responds To New IPCC Report

Natural Variability To Dominate Weather Events Over Coming 20-30 Years Press Release London: For many decades to come, and probably longer, mankind’s influence on the frequency of extreme weather events will be insignificant. According to a preliminary report released by … Continue reading

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Erratic, extreme, press release puts Princeton climate science in a new light

Must be Durban season. From Princeton University here’s a highly charged press release lapped up by some MSM professional worriers today that uses words like “erratic and extreme” to describe that it’s getting rainier in some places, a whole third … Continue reading

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Nature pans Gore’s 24 Hours of ‘Climate Reality’

From the Hockey Schtick: The November 2011 edition of Nature Climate Change pans Al Gore’s 24 Hours of ‘Reality’, disputing Gore’s suggestion that global warming is responsible for all extreme weather and noting: “Gore may have briefly pumped up his disillusioned … Continue reading

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Gore blowback on severe weather links to climate

Uh oh, when you’ve lost the Guardian, you can be pretty sure you’ve lost middle America.

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The Amazing Decline in Deaths from Extreme Weather in an Era of Global Warming, 1900–2010

Guest post by Indur M. Goklany Summary Proponents of drastic curbs on greenhouse gas emissions claim that such emissions cause global warming and that this exacerbates the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events, including extreme heat, droughts, floods and … Continue reading

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Gore’s Climate Reality Project: a massive dud – even warmists are panning it now

Last night after hour#4 I said: You can watch the live video presentation here, I urge everyone to do so (because after hour 4 it is starting to look like a massive dud, Al needs the help) That appears to … Continue reading

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Well there goes the “climate is weather averaged over 30 years” standard

Forecasting climate? The average value of a meteorological element over 30 years is defined as a climatological normal. Source: NOAA/NWS It’s been done: From the University of California – Los Angeles Can scientists look at next year’s climate? Is it … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week – Wuebbles Weather World

Serially warm reporter Dan Vergano of USA today wrote an article on the “Current Extreme Weather and Climate Change” report, released this week that says it’s all our fault. With a peer review team like this one, what other conclusion … Continue reading

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Get that uncertainty off the road, we have adapting to do!

From Vanderbilt University , damn the torpedoes uncertainty and full speed ahead, there’s a trillion dollars at stake: Time to begin anticipating and adapting to climate change Despite the uncertainties surrounding climate change, it is time to start developing effective … Continue reading

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Climate Craziness of the Week: Grist perpetuates the tornado to climate change linkage myth

And of course they throw in all ‘extreme weather’ for good measure. But as they like to say, let’s ‘explode the myth’. From the Grist website, an intro to what they say is a ‘must see’ video, following McKibbens ‘must … Continue reading

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Why it seems that severe weather is “getting worse” when the data shows otherwise – a historical perspective

Dr. Roger Pielke Jr  on his Blog, April 18th writes: A new analysis of floods around the world has been called to my attention. The new analysis is contrary to conventional wisdom but consistent with the scientific literature on global … Continue reading

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Extreme Nonsense by Krugman

Guest post by Indur M. Goklany 1. Krugman in Gradual Changes and Extreme Events forgets that there is a threshold on the left hand side, below which cold kills. In fact, in the moderate to higher latitudes more people die … Continue reading

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Pielke Sr. The Westerlies Explain The Recent Extreme Winter Weather, Not “Global Warming”

There have been a number of news articles that claim that a global average surface temperature trend (i.e. “global warming) explains the extreme cold weather and snow that has occurred recently; e.g. see Comment On The CBS News Article “Is Extreme Weather a … Continue reading

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Climate Disasters: New Baylor Study Explores How People Respond

From Baylor University News Study looks into the interaction of knowledge, risk perceptions and action as it relates to climate events New results from a Baylor University study show that different behaviors and strategies lead some families to cope better … Continue reading

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