No Significant Precipitation Trend Change in Germany Since Recordings Began In 1881

a look at precipitation data for Germany over the past 140 years shows no significant change at all. 

No, WaPo, Climate Change is NOT Fueling More Devastating Rains and Flooding

WaPo did a shameful job of journalism, misleading their readers into thinking something that simply isn’t true.

Wrong,, Atmospheric Rivers and Hurricanes are Not Getting Worse

The misleading nature of attribution science has been pointed out multiple times at Climate Realism, for example, here, here, and here,  as the accuracy of a computer models are only as accurate as the…

California:  Atmospheric River and Misguided Climate Fear

It’s remarkable that so many intelligent people profess that the current California disaster is due to human-caused climate change.

The California Drought is Over. Definitively.

 Blaming climate change as the primary cause for current problems and recent “drought” leads to not dealing with the real problems.

Wrong, Washington Post – History and Data Contradict Claims of Worsening ‘Atmospheric Rivers’

WaPo and much of climate science today is overly reliant on projections from computer models rather than looking at trends in historical and real-world data.

Fear, Flooding, Forecasting & Australia’s 2022 Official Rainfall Statistics

There are stories emerging now of children who experience panic attacks every time it rains.

Rescued 66,000 Sheets of Real UK Rainfall Observations Refute Alarmist Claims of More Drought

From the NoTricksZone By P Gosselin  Europe saw a dry summer this year and global climate alarmists claimed that droughts are becoming more and more frequent. This is the new normal,…

Rescued Victorian Rainfall Data Smashes Former Records

Specifically, this data should allow the official gridded monthly rainfall reconstructions for the UK to be extended back to 1836, and even earlier for some regions.

Modeled Rain on a Modeled Plain

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Thanks to Nick Stokes, who pointed me to the University of Melbourne Computer Model Intercomparison Project 6 (CMIP6) data repository, I got data on rainfall…

Australia Rainfall Not Unprecedented, Skill at Forecasting Dismal

This is Part 4, of the series ‘Australia’s Broken Temperature Record’.

Extreme rainfall and past climate: an experiment over twenty European cities

Recently, the European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecast (ECMWF) has released a new generation of reanalysis, acknowledged as ERA5, representing nowadays the most plausible description for current climate.

Analysis Of UK Winter Extreme Rainfall

Is climate change making winter floods getting worse in England?

Claim: California’s Rainy Season Starting Nearly A Month Later Than It Did 60 Years Ago

The new study in AGU’s journal Geophysical Research Letters, which publishes high-impact, short-format reports with immediate implications spanning all Earth and space sciences, is the first to quantify just how…

Brazil’s Rainfall Remains Healthy: Susceptible to Natural Climatic Events, Not Anthropogenic Global Warming

by Vijay Jayaraj Brazil has been in the midst of controversy for not acting on climate change. Greta Thunberg and other children have named Brazil as one of the five…

Rainfall Trends in India Show No Climate Fatigue

by Vijay Jayaraj Climate is particularly important to farmers in agrarian countries. Drought could mean the difference between life and death. India, for example, is predominantly agrarian. Of the country’s…

Something’s Rotten in D.C., and It Isn’t Those Rain Totals

Reposted from Awesome Weather Facts Blog By Chris Martz | July 9, 2019 It seems as if every day, there’s someone linking ordinary and not-so-ordinary weather events to the “climate…

If Precipitation Extremes Are Increasing, Why Aren’t Floods?

From a paper by the same title published in AGU’s journal “Water Resources Resarch” and also “Commentaries on Hydrology and Earth Surface” h/t to CTM It is now well established…

New intensity scale ranks California’s ‘atmospheric river’ storm events just like hurricanes

Remember the series of reservoir filling and snowpack building winter storms California experienced mid-January? It was the result of an “atmospheric river” driving a series of Pacific storms onshore, just…

The recent "atmospheric river" that soaked California, as seen in a forecast

An unusual April storm system brought heavy rains to northern California during the beginning of the month. The soaking rains caused localized flooding and even melted some higher elevation snow,…

Blaming AGW for rainfall records in China, while giving El Niño caveats

From the INSTITUTE OF ATMOSPHERIC PHYSICS, CHINESE ACADEMY OF SCIENCES and the “we think but we aren’t sure, but let’s blame AGW anyway” department. Scientists find culprits for extreme rainfall over…

Texas A&M Expert: Rainfall From Harvey Shattered Every Record

By Keith Randall, Texas A&M Marketing and Communications Hurricane Harvey was billed as a once-in-every-500-year event, and it more than lived up to its billing. It produced rainfall amounts that…

Harvey sets another all-time rainfall record for continental U.S.

Yesterday, we carried a story from the Texas State Climatologist on a new 3-day rainfall record being set in Houston. Today, another record fell. Tuesday afternoon, the National Weather Service (NWS) announced…

Texas state climatologist: 'Texas just broke all-time contiguous U.S. rainfall record'

By Dr. John Neilsen-Gammon, Texas State Climatologist who writes in via email – Based on my not-fully-vetted record compilation, Harris County Flood Control District gauge #110 just broke the all-time record…

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