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Walking the Plank-ton

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Following on from Anthony’s article, here are my thoughts about the phytoplankton paper “Global phytoplankton decline over the past century”, by Daniel G. Boyce, Marlon R. Lewis & Boris Worm. I started to write about … Continue reading

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Climate proposals threaten pursuit of happiness and justice

New study documents harmful effects of “cap-and-trade” and “endangerment” schemes Guest post by Paul Driessen Environmental justice demands that the United States address global warming, the gravest threat facing minority Americans, insist the EPA, Congressional Black Caucus and White House. … Continue reading

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“Our Climate” iPhone app is rising fast, plus new link widget

I am delighted to report that “Our Climate” made it to the Number 1 paid weather App position in the Canadian iTunes store (out of 570 paid weather apps)!  It took only 40 hours to get there. See screen shot … Continue reading

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Gore cleared in masseuse case

Portland police say the masseuse failed a polygraph and the DNA didn’t match (because there was none). Gore’s aides made a statement: “Mr. Gore unequivocally and emphatically denied this accusation when he first learned of its existence three years ago,” … Continue reading

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I’m honored…I think

In the New York Times: For science that’s accessible but credible, steer clear of polarizing hatefests like atheist or eco-apocalypse blogs. Instead, check out, and Anthony Watts’s blog, Watts Up With That? Of course, we can’t have that, … Continue reading

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Graphing Lesson Part 2 – “Crest to Crest”

By Steve Goddard Earlier in the month I wrote an article showing the trend in Arctic ice since 2002. I took a lot of criticism from people for not measuring “crest to crest or trough to trough.“ Any one schooled … Continue reading

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IceCube spies unexplained pattern of cosmic rays

by Jill Sakai, University of Wisconsin Though still under construction, the IceCube Neutrino Observatory at the South Pole is already delivering scientific results — including an early finding about a phenomenon the telescope was not even designed to study. This … Continue reading

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Friday Funny Bonus: Surreal Climate #3

Josh of Cartoons by Josh writes: Another in the Surreal Climate series – in response the WUWT story about the EPA rejecting CO2 petitions I think we all know what the decent thing to do would be…

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Sunspots at high detail now available from SDO – what will this do to the sunspot count?

Readers may recall a story on WUWT from April titled: Solar Dynamics Observatory – STUNNING first images and movies Now, SDO imagery of the sun is online. This week has started using SDO sunspot imagery in place of the familiar … Continue reading

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Now it’s a Phytoplanktonic panic

Borrowing a phrase from NSIDC’s Dr. Mark Serreze, Phytoplankton are now apparently in a “Death Spiral”. See Death spiral of the oceans and the original press release about an article in Nature from a PhD candidate at Dalhousie University, which … Continue reading

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Friday Funny #1 – 7 of 11 10 must be bad

Josh of cartoons by Josh writes to go along with his newest cartoons: Paragraph Updated: This week we had stories about how climate indicators show that the globe is warming. (7 or 11 depending on how confused you get by … Continue reading

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Frozen Tropics as La Niña takes hold

By Steve Goddard As La Niña takes hold in South America, we are seeing something I’m not sure I have ever seen before. Temperatures in some parts of the Andes Mountains of Bolivia are forecast to average below -5C this … Continue reading

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A cool 50 million

WUWT reached a new milestone with 50 million unique hits on the WordPress hit counter (in the right sidebar) early this morning. I’ve been thinking for days about what I might write when this event happened. Point is I’m just … Continue reading

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EPA Rejects Petitions to Scuttle CO2 Rules

Today the EPA rejected petitions from citizens, groups, and states to reverse its 2009 decision to regulate CO2 as a pollutant. The states of Virginia and Texas, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, coal giant Peabody Energy … Continue reading

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Oh, soot!

Also, see below the “Continue reading” line for an impressive scientific visualization video of black carbon being transported around the globe. University of Iowa News Release July 27, 2010 UI researcher finds black carbon implicated in global warming Increasing the … Continue reading

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New “Our Climate” iPhone app released

Great news, and a present for the many readers of WUWT.  The “Our Climate” iPhone App has made it through Apple’s review process unscathed and the App is now available for download on the iTunes Store worldwide. Here’s what the … Continue reading

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Science says…!

Science Turns Authoritarian From The American, by Kenneth P. Green and Hiwa Alaghebandian Science is losing its credibility because it has adopted an authoritarian tone, and has let itself be co-opted by politics. In a Wired article published at the end … Continue reading

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Reviewing Last Month’s Forecasts of Doom

By Steve Goddard Doomsday clock – Bulletin of The Atomic Scientists Way back in June, The Guardian wrote up an excellent summary of the official forecasts of doom. Scientists at the US National Snow and Ice Centre Data Centre (NSIDC) … Continue reading

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“The Greenhouse Effect – Part II”

Guest post by Ben Herman and Roger Pielke Sr. We have received a further question on our post:“The Greenhouse Effect” by Ben Herman and Roger Pielke Sr. The question is summarized by the following text Anyway my question refers to the common … Continue reading

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GISS Arctic -vs- DMI Arctic: differences in method

We’ve all seen this graph below of Arctic Temperature above 80°N from DMI. But, there’s something surprising about how it is created. In this guest post by Harold Ambler, he finds that DMI actually goes to the trouble of applying … Continue reading

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Border Transgressions

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach There is a new paper out in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences called Linkages among climate change, crop yields and Mexico–US cross-border migration (hereinafter L2010). It has Supplementary Online Information (SOI) here. … Continue reading

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HadCrut Is Hotting Up – adjustments over a few months

By Steve Goddard During May I wrote about a growing discrepancy between HadCrut and GISTEMP. Dr. Hansen discusses it here. Excerpt and comparison below:

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GISS Polar Interpolation

By Steve Goddard There has been an active discussion going on about the validity of GISS interpolations. This post compares GISS Arctic interpolation vs. DMI measured/modeled data. All data uses a baseline of 1958-2002. The first map shows GISS June … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a Microburst

From Mike Smith @ Meteorological Musings A central Oklahoma microburst descends from the parent cloud to the ground. Photo from National Severe Storms Lab At 6:46pm yesterday (Sunday) evening, a strong microburst (likely strong enough to bring down a commercial … Continue reading

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Two-dimensional wetting technique gives room temperature ice

Now if we can just apply this treatment to all the glaciers and the Arctic… Artificially controlling water condensation leads to ‘room-temperature ice’ Via Eurekalert. College Park, MD (July 27, 2010) — Earth’s climate is strongly influenced by the presence … Continue reading

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From Science @ Researchers using NASA’s fleet of five THEMIS spacecraft have discovered a form of space weather that packs the punch of an earthquake and plays a key role in sparking bright Northern Lights. They call it “the … Continue reading

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The Australian Temperature Record- The Big Picture

This is part 8, essentially a wrapup see all other parts 1-7 here: Guest post by Ken Stewart, July 2010 “…getting seriously fed up with the state of the Australian data.” (Harry the mystery programmer, in the HARRY_READ_ME file … Continue reading

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Final Instruments on NASA Climate/Weather Satellite Integrated

From the “weather is not climate department” a tool that will measure both. GREENBELT, Md. – The last of five instruments slated to fly on the upcoming NPOESS Preparatory Project (NPP) climate and weather satellite have been successfully integrated, according … Continue reading

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Step Changes in Science Blog Climate

Guest post by WUWT moderator Mike Lorrey One of the nice tools that has is that it lets you compare multiple sites against each other. For those with competition of either economic or political nature, this is of high … Continue reading

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Pat Sajak solves manmade global warming

I’m sure that many will dismiss this because, well, ‘he’s a game show host”. But, most people don’t know this, but Pat was the TV weatherman for KNBC-TV in Los Angeles before being recruited by Merv Griffin for “Wheel of … Continue reading

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GISS Swiss Cheese

By Steve Goddard We are all familiar with the GISS graph below, showing how the world has warmed since 1880. The GISS map below shows the geographic details of how they believe the planet has warmed. It uses 1200 … Continue reading

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AccuWeather’s Joe Bastardi starts a weekly sea ice report

Joe writes to me today to tell me he’s started a weekly sea ice video report. He’s following our weekly Sea Ice News and Sea Ice Page lead, and even prominently referencing WUWT during his broadcast. Good for him, because … Continue reading

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New peer reviewed paper refutes claims of blizzards of last winter being driven by “global warming”

Paging Joe Romm: In fact, this record-breaking snowstorm is pretty much precisely what climate science predicts.  Since one typically can’t make a direct association between any individual weather event and global warming, perhaps the best approach is to borrow and … Continue reading

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“Unaccounted feedbacks”: to B or not to B

University of Helsinki via Eurekalert Unaccounted feedbacks from climate-induced ecosystem changes may increase future climate warming The terrestrial biosphere regulates atmospheric composition, and hence climate. Projections of future climate changes already account for “carbon-climate feedbacks”, which means that more CO2 … Continue reading

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Interior Dept. Inspector General Investigating post facto falsified statements from engineers on drilling moratorium

While this isn’t our normal fare here at WUWT, I found it interesting and relevant, since WUWT covered the Deepwater Horizon oil drilling spill story early on here, with several follow ups. This story is a result of that spill. … Continue reading

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