Matt McGrath Trumpets The Latest Hurricane Junk Science

From NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT By Paul Homewood h/t Ian Magness More from the clueless Matt McGrath: Climate change will expand the range of tropical cyclones, making…

UK Professors Blame Fictional Future Weather on Climate Change

“The Wheel of Time” TV series apparently features magical powers, dark forces and a warmer climate.

BBC’s Fake Climate Check

There is the usual nonsense about global warming making all of these worse. But there is no data provided to show that any of these events are remotely unprecedented, or…

‘The Tragi-comic Climate Doomsday Cult’ (Melanie Phillips on COP26)

No wonder Russia and China didn’t even bother to turn up to COP26. Their contempt for the west must be bottomless as they look upon its accelerating economic and cultural…

BBC and Met Office at War over ‘Deep Freeze’ Winter Weather Forecasts

From NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT By Paul Homewood Get the popcorn out! A rare clash has emerged between the two ‘big boys’ of UK weather forecasting after…

Factchecking BBC’s “Reality Check”

We know that climate sceptics are no longer allowed on the BBC, but if they want to know what sceptics think, why did not the BBC actually ask some of…

BBC: Blackouts in Venezuela Prove Fossil Fuel is No More Reliable than Renewables

According to the BBC, stratospheric cooling proves global warming is anthropogenic, but we should expect a little global cooling during the coming grand solar minimum.

BBC Believes a Conspiracy Drives Climate Conspiracy Theories

Shadows everywhere: The possibility that people might want to reject climate lockdowns and Covid lockdowns of their own volition does not seem to occur to BBC conspiracy theorists.

Justin Rowlatt’s Fake Californian Wildfires Report

All in all, this is an extremely shoddy piece of reporting by Justin Rowlatt, who evidently is the BBC’s go to guy for climate disinformation.

No Mention Of The Little Ice Age, Justin?

Many scientists have closely measured and studied glaciers throughout Alaska, and the conclusions have always been the same. Alaskan glaciers, which grew enormously during the Little Ice Age, began rapid…

Dan Wootton On The Biased BBC & The Orgy Of Hypocrisy

But most concerning has been a full-fledged BBC climate campaign masquerading as journalism.

BBC’s 50C Days Rubbish

We should not be surprised to learn that the BBC are using this junk science to launch a new series, which doubtless will peddle more lies and misinformation:

BBC’s Fake Climate Check On Hurricanes

This Climate Check has little to do with facts, and is little more than propaganda.

BBC’s Executive Complaints Unit Responds, re Radio 4’s “How They Made Us Doubt Everything” Ep. 6: ‘Reposition Global Warming’

Did the BBC finally admit fault or effectively defend their broadcast podcast report from August 3, 2020 (and its days-earlier internet-only release), in which the fossil fuel industry stood accused…

Fact Checking The BBC–John Redwood

MP John Redwood highlights some perverse behaviour by the BBC:

Hottest Month? Poppycock!

More, disgraceful reporting by the BBC (complete with a disgusting use of a photo of the Turkish wildfires):

BBC Censors their Own Climate Change Page

The BBC has caved in to pressure from climate activists and academics, to remove any suggestion warmer temperatures might bring benefits to people living in Britain.

British BBC Scolds Australia for Failing to Embrace Net Zero

BBC’s Australian correspondent is aghast that Australia continues to resist pressure to join President Biden’s climate change economic suicide pact.

Climate change anxiety: Young people ‘feel hopeless’

If kids really are suffering from anxiety, the wretched BBC has to shoulder for much of the blame for their relentless, alarmist propaganda.

Open Letter to the BBC: A modest BBC docudrama suggestion

Rather than disband the creative team who undertook the daunting project of whitewashing the revelation that leading climate scientists had been manipulating & withholding data, hiding evidence, flouting FoIA laws…

BBC Climate Check–April 2021

It is noticeable that the BBC’s latest Climate Check is much more circumspect than unusual. There is virtually no attempt to blame bad weather on global warming. The only reference…

Net Zero Agenda Faltering: “Pie in the Sky”

No doubt at COP26 in Glasgow (rumoured that it may be postponed again because of the pandemic), the usual fudges will be made. There will be vague promises from poorer…

Increasing Hurricane Frequency Due To Better Observation, Not Climate Change–BBC

There is the usual nonsense about hurricanes getting stronger, for which there is absolutely no evidence. As we can see below, major hurricanes were just as frequent as now back…

Remember, The British MET Called the End of Snow Last December

Three months ago, WUWT reported on the MET issuing a new end of snow prediction. At the time I thought it was funny; but given the catastrophic failure of the…