Manchester To Shut Down in 2027 If Carbon Targets Are to Be Met

Manchester will blow its carbon budget for the rest of this century within the next five years if urgent action is not taken, councillors have been warned.

Ocean Atmosphere Response to Solar EMR at Top of the Atmosphere

How can climate models hope to reflect the real world when clouds are parameterised with no sensitivity to surface temperature?

Germany’s Fridays for Future Spokesperson: “We’re Planning How To “Blow Up” African Oil Pipeline!

Rich, privileged (white) eco-fanatic says her group is thinking about “how to ” blow up huge African oil pipeline!

Irma illusions – and realities

If human emissions made Irma worse, did they also bring the 12-year lull in Cat 4-5 hurricanes? Paul Driessen Hurricanes Harvey and Irma brought out the best in us. Millions…

An analysis of night time cooling based on NCDC station record data

Guest post by Mike Crow Figure 1 Night time temperature profile of a clear sky night in NE Ohio. 8:28pm Sunset/6:16am Sunrise Climate science is all about surface temperature trends.…

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