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Who are the true denialists?

Guest essay by Professor Philip Lloyd People have the nasty habit of giving their opponents names.  Those who are convinced that humans are wrecking the world by burning fossil fuels call those who don’t believe them “denialists.” It implies that … Continue reading

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How long before we reach the catastrophic 2°C warming?

Guest essay by Neil Catto The other day I conducted a presentation using the UK CET, like I have on several occasions. Along with explaining it as the longest recognised instrumental record of historical temperature anywhere on Earth, it is … Continue reading

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Getting very close to meeting Santer’s 17 year warming test

RSS: no global warming for 16 years 11 months By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley The RSS monthly satellite global mean surface temperature anomaly data, delayed by the US Government shutdown, are now available. The data show no global warming at … Continue reading

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What would the IPCC have written if there had been 12 years of rapid warming?

Climatologists now require 20 to 30 years to even consider any climatic trend: Is that really honest, or is it just very convenient? Guest essay by Stephane Rogeau of France So that’s it: the 15+ years period of no temperature … Continue reading

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If climate data were a stock, now would be the time to SELL

Using a financial markets’ trend-analyses tool to assess temporal trend-changes in global surface temperature anomalies (GSTA). Guest essay by David Dohbro Heated debates (pun intended) are currently on going regarding if the Earth’s surface temperatures continue to rise, have remained … Continue reading

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An impartial look at global warming…

Guest essay by M.S.Hodgart (Visiting Reader Surrey Space Centre University of Surrey) The figure presented here is a new graph of the story of global warming – and cooling. The graph makes no predictions and should be used only to … Continue reading

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Digital Signal Processing analysis of global temperature data time series suggests global cooling ahead

This DSP engineer is often tasked with extracting spurious signals from noisy data. He submits this interesting result of applying these techniques to the HadCRUT temperature anomaly data. Digital Signal Processing analysis suggests cooling ahead in the immediate future with … Continue reading

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Global Warming = Climate Change

Guest Essay by Ed Hoskins This short essay questions the actions to combat Global Warming / Climate Change from three points of view: The Temperature Context Man-made CO2 emissions 1965 -2012. The Significance and Influence of Carbon Dioxide CO2 The … Continue reading

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Friday Funny: New world record temperature ‘hockey stick’ spotted in Washington today

Gotta love this, with all the hullabaloo over a possible new world temperature record in Death Valley, a logging town in Washington has pre-empted them. Hilariously, the reading of 139 degrees F is listed as “suspect” as it should be, … Continue reading

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Policy Implications of Climate Models on the Verge of Failure

At the request of the authors, this was converted from a poster displayed at the AGU Science Policy Conference, Washington, June 24-26. – Anthony By Paul C. Knappenberger and Patrick J. Michaels Center for the Study of Science, Cato Institute, … Continue reading

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Seth Borenstein on weather weirdness: Tweet first, ask questions later

Is Seth Borenstein a reporter or a swivel-eyed activist? Sometimes I wonder with dumb tweets like this: At this moment Helsinki at 5 pm is 84 dF same as miami at 10 am while Washington is 81. Another example of … Continue reading

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Claim: How the IPCC arrived at climate sensitivity of about 3 deg C instead of 1.2 deg C.

UPDATE from Girma: “My title should have been ‘How to arrive at IPCC’s climate sensitivity estimate’ instead of the original” Guest essay by Girma Orssengo, PhD 1) IPCC’s 0.2 deg C/decade warming rate gives a change in temperature of dT … Continue reading

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An analysis of night time cooling based on NCDC station record data

Guest post by Mike Crow Figure 1 Night time temperature profile of a clear sky night in NE Ohio. 8:28pm Sunset/6:16am Sunrise Climate science is all about surface temperature trends. The problem with this is that the CAGW is a … Continue reading

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Periodic climate oscillations

Guest essay by: Horst-Joachim Lüdecke, EIKE, Jena, Germany Alexander Hempelmann, Hamburg Observatory, Hamburg, Germany Carl Otto Weiss, Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt Braunschweig, Germany In a recent paper [1] we Fourier-analyzed central-european temperature records dating back to 1780. Contrary to expectations the Fourier … Continue reading

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Temperature change in perspective

Guest post by Ed Hoskins The UK Met Office long term Central England Temperature record[1] has kept a continuous and consistent data set since the 1660s. It appears to be reliable and to have maintained its quality. It has not … Continue reading

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Cold and snow wave grips the USA, nearly 10,000 cold and snow records set in the last six weeks

Paging Seth Borenstein! 9787 new cold and snow records since March 13th If this were a month of a heatwave across thus USA, like last July, you can bet it would be MSM headlines all over the place and breathless … Continue reading

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Marcott issues a FAQ on their paper

This is from Real Climate, who played the “he who must not be named” game again in not pointing out criticisms. Gavin dissapoints. UPDATE: McIntyre responded earlier today with The Marcott Filibuster Marcott et al have posted their long-promised FAQ at … Continue reading

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February 2013 global surface temperature – at normal

Dr. Ryan Maue posted one of his WeatherBell analysis maps on Twitter today, and the result is no Headline maker, it is simply “normal”. He writes (image follows):

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Boulder Escapes Global Warming

Guest post by Sam I. Outcalt Abstract: The historic record of the mean annual air temperature record at Boulder does not display the major “global” climate transitions detectable in the total annual precipitation record. Hurst ReScaling is demonstrated to be … Continue reading

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Preliminary comments on Hausfather et al 2013

There’s a new paper out today, highlighted at RealClimate by Hausfather et al titled Quantifying the Effect of Urbanization on U.S. Historical Climatology Network Temperature Records and published (in press) in JGR Atmospheres. I recommend everyone go have a look … Continue reading

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Hansen’s NASA GISS – cooling the past, warming the present

The Climate of Gavin: How GISS Have Changed The Temperature Record Since 2008 Guest post by Paul Homewood I ran a post yesterday, showing how the latest version of GISSTEMP had changed from using Hadley/Reynolds to ERSST for ocean temperatures, with … Continue reading

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Unique paper looks for natural factors in station data–shows significant probabilities of natural signal

Since we have been paying a lot of attention to the surface record given the recent revelations surrounding the adjustments to data and NOAA’s release of the State of the Climate  Report claiming that the USA had the hottest year … Continue reading

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Circularity of homogenization methods

Guest post by David R.B. Stockwell PhD I read with interest GHCN’s Dodgy Adjustments In Iceland by Paul Homewood on distortions of the mean temperature plots for Stykkisholmur, a small town in the west of Iceland by GHCN homogenization adjustments. … Continue reading

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Is this what global warming looks like? Over 2000 new low temperature records set in October

In the continental USA, there were 137 high temperature type records versus 857 low temperature type records this past week , a 6-1 difference. Last week there were 1154 low temperature type records putting the two week total for October at 2011. There … Continue reading

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Dr Jeff Masters shows why siting (and instrumentation) matters – Death Valley steals all time temperature record from Libya

I had to chuckle when I read this. Dr. Jeff Masters writes about the newly discovered siting and instrumentation issues that takes away the all time temperature record from Libya. Let’s hope it doesn’t cause any riots. Masters writes: As … Continue reading

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Lies, Damn Lies, and Anoma-Lies

Anomalies are unsuitable measure of global temperature trends Guest post by David M. Hoffer An anomaly is simply a value that is arrived at by comparing the current measurement to some average measurement.  So, if the average temperature over the … Continue reading

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July was also the 329th consecutive month of positive upwards adjustment to the U.S. temperature record by NOAA/NCDC

I’ve noticed there’s a lot of frenetic tweeting and re-tweeting of this “sound bite” sized statement from this Climate Central piece by Andrew Freedman. July was the fourth-warmest such month on record globally, and the 329th consecutive month with a … Continue reading

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Detecting regime shifts in climate data – the modern warming regime ended in 1997

The Analysis of the Global Change using Hurst Re Scaling S.I.Outcalt : Emeritus Professor of Physical Geography, University of Michigan Abstract: Three data sets used to document the case for anthropogenic global warming were analyzed using Hurst Rescaling. The analysis … Continue reading

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May UAH Global Temperature – unchanged

UAH Global Temperature Update for May 2012: +0.29°C By Dr. Roy Spencer The global average lower tropospheric temperature anomaly for May 2012 (+0.29 °C) changed little from April (+0.30 °C), with some warming to near-average temperatures in the tropics being … Continue reading

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An analysis of the Central Netherlands Temperature record

Many readers are familiar with the Central England Temperature Record (CET), now Frank Lansner investigates the Central Netherlands Temperature Record (CNT). Long, but enlightening. – Anthony Guest post by Frank Lansner Instead the KNMI has decided only to make available … Continue reading

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UAH Global temperature, up in April

UAH Global Temperature Update for April 2012: +0.30°C By Dr. Roy Spencer The global average lower tropospheric temperature anomaly increased again in April, 2012, to +0.30°C., with warming in both Northern and Southern Hemispheres, but slightly cool conditions persisting in … Continue reading

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Roy Spencer’s UAH report for March

See also Dr. Christy’s report from yesterday here UAH Global Temperature Update for March 2012: +0.11 deg. C By Dr. Roy Spencer The global average lower tropospheric temperature anomaly jumped up in March, 2012, to +0.11 deg. C. as La … Continue reading

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Global annualized temperature – “full of [snip] up to their eyebrows”

Guest Post by Dr. Robert Brown, Physics Dept. Duke University [elevated from comments] Dr. Brown mentions “global temperature” several times. I’d like to know what he thinks of this. Dr. Brown thinks that this is a very nice piece of … Continue reading

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Bitter cold records broken in Alaska – all time coldest record nearly broken, but Murphy’s Law intervenes

Jim River, AK closed in on the all time record coldest temperature of -80°F set in 1971, which is not only the Alaska all-time record, but the record for the entire United States. Unfortunately, it seems the battery died in … Continue reading

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Santer’s “17 years needed for a sign of climate change” compared against the IPCC models

I recently covered a press release from Dr. Ben Santer where it was claimed that: In order to separate human-caused global warming from the “noise” of purely natural climate fluctuations, temperature records must be at least 17 years long, according … Continue reading

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