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Chicago snow 2011 and 1967 – global warming then too?

Here’s the national snow depth, Chicago has between 20-30 inches of snow by this map: Source: http://www.nohrsc.nws.gov/nsa/ Dr. Richard Keen writes in an email: I was a college student in Chicago for the 1967 Big Snow, so here’s a couple … Continue reading

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The Goreacle: Snowstorms caused by global warming

Here Al Gore responds to Bill O’Reilly of Fox News on his blog: An Answer for Bill February 1, 2011 : 11:43 AM Last week on his show Bill O’Reilly asked, “Why has southern New York turned into the tundra?” … Continue reading

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Snowzilla is coming

You’ve probably heard the forecasts already, watch it advance on radar below: Animate this image: >>> Look at all of the warnings below, the red area from Oklahoma to Lake Michigan is Blizzard Warning while the pink is Winter Storm … Continue reading

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Frequency of Big Snows: Northeast U.S. and Colorado

Guest post by Richard Keen, PhD I’m sure by now every snow freak in the Northeast U.S. has pored over the “Billboard Top 40″ (actually, 41) list of major snow storms since 1955. If you haven’t, go to “The Northeast … Continue reading

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Another Eastern Snow – Brutal Winter Assault Continues

Guest post By Joseph D’Aleo, CCM, AMS Fellow Mother Nature for the second year in a row is sending a message to alarmists in the government and the media. Another snowstorm has swept across the nation and focused its fury … Continue reading

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California’s remarkable December weather

While Miami and much of south Florida experienced the coldest December on record, the “other sunny state”, California, has been getting blasted with snow. My family and I experienced this firsthand yesterday on the drive back from Southern California to … Continue reading

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USA record lows outpace record highs 19 to 1 this week

539 new snowfall records were also set. Since we are often treated to lists of record high temperatures when heat waves occur and they are improperly linked to global warming (like in Russia’s heat wave this summer), I thought it … Continue reading

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Heaviest December snow in NYC in 6 decades – 5th largest ever – hundreds of other snow records set around the nation

According to the Bloomberg article:

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First white Christmas in Atlanta since 1882, NCDC gets new snow record in their own backyard

Apologies to my readers and my family, I made the mistake of watching TV today. So I had to report on this rare weather event. Here’s what the National Weather Service serving Atlanta says about it:

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Snowmageddon II: Monster blizzard to bomb New England?

Merry Christmas!  The best numerical weather prediction models in the world have been churning out 5-day forecasts for the past few days that will make someone pull their hair out.  The main question is how far east will the major … Continue reading

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Snowfall “…a very rare and exciting event”

From the Independent, March 20th, 2000: However, the warming is so far manifesting itself more in winters which are less cold than in much hotter summers. According to Dr David Viner, a senior research scientist at the climatic research unit … Continue reading

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New winter temperature proxy in UK: “grit”

UPDATE: BBC and Reuters is reporting (h/t to reader FergalR) that: ‘Transport Secretary Philip Hammond said he had asked the government’s chief scientific adviser to assess whether the country was experiencing a “step change” in weather patterns due to climate … Continue reading

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Hundreds of new cold and snow records set in the USA

New 2 day record December snowfall amount to the Minneapolis/St Paul area While there have been a few high temperature records in the desert southwest and western Oregon, the majority of weather records in the USA this week have been … Continue reading

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Snow Season Off to a Roaring Start

By Joseph D’Aleo, CCM Last year the Northern Hemispheric snowcover was the second highest in the NOAA snow history back to the mid 1960s. It trailed only the legendary 1977/78 winter. It fell just ahead of 2007/08, pushing it to … Continue reading

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The Best Christmas Present Anybody Could Ever Have

My coffee buddy, Butte County Sheriff Perry Reniff helps Alexis Dominguez exit the helicopter (Photo: Bill Husa, Chico Enterprise Record)  Today was a good day. No, strike that, today was a GREAT day! The saga of the Dominguez family lost … Continue reading

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