New record low set in the coldest city in the continental USA – much of the country headed for a deep freeze

As we begin 2014, it will usher in record cold temperatures. Next week looks quite cold as this forecast for Tuesday shows.


Image from Dr. Ryan Maue, WeatherBell

International Falls, MN set a new record with -42ºF.



504 AM CST THU JAN 02 2014





The International Falls, MN Airport had a record of 8 days with a temperature of less than -30 F in December. This breaks the old record of 7 days. The coldest temperature was -37 on the morning of the 30th. The high temperature for the month was 34 degrees on the 27th.

Many other cities are feeling the cold blast:


Compilation from NWS, Duluth.

More on the way for much of the nation, this map shows the probability of temperatures below -20ºC (-4ºF):



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As of 7AM Central Time, Embarrass had dropped to -46 F.

2014 is setting out to be another inconvenient year for the CAGW crowd.

This brings to mind a question to add to Bob Tisdale’s list. For 25 . . . years we’ve been promised . . . global warming. Where . . . is it? I want a refund. Profanity free, but can be added for effect. -35C this morning. “Normal” minimum is -17C. Wind chill is cheating and isn’t included in that.

Forgot to mention. Record low was -32C in 1981. Sudbury, Ontario.

Anthony, please note that the Probability of -20°C temps is at 850-hPa.

Leon Brozyna

Yep, it’s kick-ass cold out there and here in Buffalo it’s still above zero … 10°F (-12°C) … and it’s set to get colder … and windy. And after two “mild” winters (last winter saw 52″ of snow versus the normal of more than 90″), we’re on track to experience normal snowfall … can’t set around and wait for it to melt this winter like the past two years. Well, I’m all thawed out — back into the freezer …

Pat Frank

Embarass, MN? How ever did that town get its name? 🙂


Looks like the Farmers’ Almanac was right. Bitter Cold this year.

Yancey Ward

Anthony, what altitude is that probability graph for?


This needs to be named, like Super Freeze Polar Bear.

The Ash Lake MN-DOT station is reporting -37 with a -30 wind chill. That can’t be, data entry/reporting problem. No big deal – either way it’s cold.

ed mister jones

Minus Effing eleven effing F in Plattsburgh NY. The aircraft are mostly functioning except for the odd electrical gremlin.

Jim Olson

-47 in Babbitt and Embarrass this morning. -44 at Crane Lake and Orr. -42 at International Falls

Jim G

Quit whining. This is weather not climate and besides, the “climate change” caused by all of your excessive use of cabon fuels is predicted to cause extremes in weather; hot, cold, wind, calm, wet, dry, it does’nt matter. Just ask Algore. You’ll find him in his 24,000 sq ft home or in his jet, flying high above all the rest of us.

Steve Case

Weather Report – Crystal, ND [4 letter f*** word alert]


yep – Deep incursions of arctic air into the continental interiors and yet the global temperatures are still relatively unaffected. The quiet sun causes changes in weather patterns.

Robert Wykoff

Despite all of this, I will bet one hundred and eleventy billion dollars that both the december and january global temperatures come in at least 0.4 above “average”

2014 is setting out to be another inconvenient year for the CAGW crowd.
That presupposes that a) the weather and temperature will be honestly reported and b) that reality will somehow penetrate the overly thick skulls of the CAGW crowd. I would opine that no evidence exists for the latter supposition.


Embarrass isn’t the only good town name in northern Minnesota….there is also a Fertile, MN and a Climax, MN. Years ago there was a headline in a local newspaper that read something to the effect of “Fertile Woman Dies in Climax” True story.


What’s precipitation look like. We’re likely to get another month where data sets wildly disagree. I precip is up, some satellite data may catch warming from latent heat release while the very near surface sees a drop.

It is actually colder down in Minnesota than it is up at the North Pole, as all the cold air was exported. Therefore, if you are an Alarmist, you know where to look. Point at the Pole, and exclaim, “Temperatures at the North Pole are five degrees above normal! O woe is me! O deep despair!”

john robertson

Warmed up to -24C here,NWT Canada, positively balmy after two weeks in the -40s.

An interesting feature of that temperature map is the “warmer” temperatures over the Great Lakes. That is because the lakes are mostly open water, and giving up heat like crazy. This will cause the lakes to start to freeze over. If they freeze over then the air passing over them is no longer warmed, and the lands in the lee of the lakes get much colder. That includes the big east coast cities.

Gail Combs -warm in North Carolina

Caleb says: @ January 2, 2014 at 9:22 am …
And do not forget all that Lake Effect Snow dumped on the Southern Tier. Lake-effect snow hammering points east and south of metro Buffalo headed farther south… 4 to 6 inches in the Southtowns and the Southern Tier.
I DO NOT miss shoveling all that snow!

Bill Parsons

Embarass, MN? How ever did that town get its name? 🙂

Don’t know, but when you’re freezing your a** off, leaving a letter or two out is probably an expediency worth the embarrassment. Better to turn the other cheek.
I just spent the longest 14 days of my life in Rochester, Minnesota when the thermometers seemed stuck below 20 for all but two days. Nighttime temps were 20 below almost every night. Driving south from Minneapolis, it was so cold that my rental car wouldn’t stream de-icer til we got out and broke off the build-up. I used to think Colorado was cold.
Colorado’s state record low temperature is −61 °F set in Maybell, in northwestern Colorado, on Feb. 1, 1985, according to 7NEWS Chief Meteorologist Mike Nelson. According to records kept by the National Weather Service, Denver has hit -20 or colder 29 times since records were kept in 1872.
Thought I’d died and gone to heaven to be back in Colorado were temps were in the 30’s and 40’s.
Regards for the new year.

Euan Mearns

I have a post over on Energy Matters discussing the possible timing of the next ice age which seems potentially relevant. Looks at orbital cycles and Bond cycles / Dansgaard–Oeschger events building on earlier work done by Clive Best. The Ice Man Cometh


It looks like this year’s trend to colder winter weather is part of the trend that started already in 1998 for most parts of Northern Hemisphere . In Canada the cold cranked up an extra notch after 2010. Winters in about 60 % of the country including the Prairies, Northwestern forests, Mackenzie district, Arctic Tundra, Mountains and Fiords have seen winter tempertaures drop by 4.5 to 5C since 2010 and this year, the winter tempertaures will be even colder.

Alan Robertson

It’s just weather.
(Did you like my warmunist imitation?)

Anybody with 160 meter (ham/amateur radio) capability is invited to join the Weather Net on 1995 kHz (LSB or lower side band mode) at 7:30 PM Central Standard Time … reports of temperature, snowfall, sky condition etc are welcome!
Alternatively, one and all are invited to simply ‘tune in’ at that time! Stations check in from MN, IA down to Texas. Net control first calls a series of stations who have checked in previously followed by a ‘call’ for any newcomers/new stations wishing to check in at about 7:45 PM CST.
What: . . Wx Net
When: . 7:30 PM CST
Where: 1995 kHz LSB

it is weather
could the weather be getting cooler instead warmer?

Mark Johnson

Minus 42 F. What a joke. Alaskans are a lot tougher than that. According to the “”, the AVERAGE minimum temperature for Fairbanks, Alaska in 1971 was minus 40.7 F. And I was there every day.

Frank K.

Here in western New Hampshire, we’re getting hammered by snow, cold temps, and wind from the east coast storm. But hey, that’s typical New England winter weather…
By the way, be on the lookout for any reports of deaths caused by the brutally cold temperatures. Our corrupt MSM likes to reports deaths associated with hot weather…I’m curious to see if they do the same for cold weather.

Eric in Escondido

How do we know this data hasn’t been “fiddled” by “Coolists

Probability of -20°C temps is for 850-hPa.
perhaps you should explain this to folks as it’s misleading to folks who dont read the fine print.

Leon Brozyna

Where in the heck is Mr. Gore’s global warming when ya need it? Air temp of 10°F (-12°C) with a wind chill of -8°F (-22°C). And the snow keeps on falling, with a forecast of at least -15°F (-26°C) wind chill tonight.

Eric in Escondido


michael hart

I’m afraid the color scale on the first image has dun my head in a bit. What’s wrong with a graded blue-to-red or something similar?

Mark Johnson

Correcting an error in my post above: The average of minus 40.7 F was for January 1971. I admit that I missed a few days at the beginning of that month, but was there for the cold part of the month, which shows two daily lows of -60F, one of -59F and two of -58.


And to think, there’s a whole other country north of there….

Tom Norkunas

Mark Johnson says “Minus 42 F. What a joke. Alaskans are a lot tougher than that.”. There’s always someplace colder. Someplace with more snow, etc. etc. etc.
In fact, the old song goes “When it’s spring time in Alaska, it’s forty below.”
Been there, done that. Going down the highway when it’s so cold your tires are frozen out of round. Bump bump bump.
To paraphrase a popular comic, “I don’t care who you are, that’s cold, right there.”

Steven Mosher says:
Probability of -20°C temps is for 850-hPa.
“perhaps you should explain this to folks as it’s misleading”
Ryan Maue beat you to it, Steven [or, you’re just piling on]. This was already explained @ 8:00 am above.
Now, can you explain whether this chart [credit: Ulric Lyons] is misleading? Altitude has nothing to do with it. The temperatures are empirical measurements taken from ice cores. How many ‘hockey stick’ shapes can you count? Ten? Twenty? More? And how is the most recent [very small] Mann hokey stick any different from all the other natural global warming events?
Enquiring minds want to know: where is the “human fingerprint”? Please, show us. Because I can’t see one!
Eric in Escondido says:
“How do we know this data hasn’t been ‘fiddled’ by ‘Coolists’?”
Answer: take a trip to Minnesota. Then report back… ☺

Steven Mosher says January 2, 2014 at 10:29 am
Probability of -20°C temps is for 850-hPa.
perhaps you should explain this to folks as it’s misleading to folks who dont read the fine print.

What’s the difference among friends of approximately 4600 ft (1400 m) (less for height above sea level across the land)?
Meaning: In the standard atmosphere 850 hPA represents approx 4600 ft (1400 m). Realistically, you need to look at the ‘soundings’ (radiosonde pressure vs height) data to determine this height. Maybe the answer is not so simple?


Doesn’t matter Anthony, in the First week of October we’ll be told that the Northern Hemisphere “warmed” no matter what the temperatures.


Make that the First week of February (not enough coffee).

Gunga Din

I’d like to hear Mann’s reaction.
“That can’t be right! Maybe if I read the thermometer upside-down……..”

7°C (45°F) here in Calgary. Wish I wasn’t back at work already…

Theo Goodwin

Caleb says:
January 2, 2014 at 9:22 am
Cleveland could suffer mightily and Pittsburgh is just a few miles down the road.


Ice and Gore …

“Meaning: In the standard atmosphere 850 hPA represents approx 4600 ft (1400 m). Realistically, you need to look at the ‘soundings’ (radiosonde pressure vs height) data to determine this height. Maybe the answer is not so simple?”
Since the product being shown does provide a 2meter output ( see the first panel) the question is why show the 2 meter temperature in one panel and then switch to the 850 hPa in the other,
especially when you know the 850 hPa will be colder.

“Ryan Maue beat you to it, Steven [or, you’re just piling on]. This was already explained @ 8:00 am above.”
Sorry the minute I saw the switch from 2 meter data in the first panel to 850 hPa in the last panel I made my comment. I generally don’t read all the comments since most of them will not be probing or questioning, but rather cheerleading.
Imagine if Mann had posted the graphics, leading with temps at 850 hPa and then following up
with temps at 2 meters without clearly calling out the switch.
i will say there is an exception to when I read the comments before posting. That would be when somebody like Goddard posts post on volcanos. Did that happen recently?