Net Zero Fail: CBA Shareholders Overwhelmingly Support Fossil Fuel Loans

As global fossil fuel demand surges, a shareholder resolution by Commonwealth Bank of Australia to stop fossil fuel lending was overwhelmingly rejected by 86% of shareholders.

Australia’s Federal Treasurer Admits He Wants a Net Zero by 2050 Commitment

Just in case you thought the politician in charge of Australia’s financial stability has a clue, the following interview with the Guardian should settle any doubts.

SMH: Aussie Government Economic Forecasts Ignoring Net Zero Impacts

It is almost as if the Aussie Government thinks commitments to shut down coal plants and eliminate the use of steel and alumina in industry will not happen.

China Suggests Greta Thunberg is an Ignorant Political Puppet

In response to Greta attacking China’s colossal CO2 emissions, China has responded by suggesting Greta is “short of sufficient academic knowledge study, and lack of sound self-judgment capability”.

Claim: Weak Net Zero Pledges Provide an Opportunity to Force Real Climate Action

According to researchers, companies are wrong if they think they can escape censure with a little greenwashing, because weak pledges are an opportunity to attack corporate credibility.

Claim: China’s Covid-19 Recovery is Not Green Enough

Despite recent promises by President Xi Jinping that China has embraced firm CO2 targets, analysts are concerned that China still appears to be investing a lot of capital into expanding…

ANZ Bank Demands Carbon Divestment as a Condition of Business Loans

If you want to borrow money from ANZ (Australia and New Zealand Banking Group), you better present your carbon offset plan along with your financial records, otherwise regardless of the…

Aussie PM Defies Pressure to Set a Net Zero 2050 Climate Target

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has upset greens by refusing to set a net zero target. ScoMo is not concerned the net zero targets of trading partners will affect Aussie…

Claim: British Conservative Climate Change Plans “The Stuff of Dreams”

The Conservative New South Wales State Premier Gladys Berejiklian has told former Conservative British Prime Minister Theresa May how we can all only hope to emulate Britain’s net zero climate…