The Bright Side of the Manchin/Schumer Climate Deal

Guest “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” by David Middleton While there is a lot to dislike about the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, it’s infinitely better than…

Claim: Democrat Voters Disillusioned at Biden’s Broken Climate Change Promises

“Why haven’t Democratic politicians done more to prioritize this issue” – the dying gasp of a failing administration?

Climate Alarmism Not (Manchin feels the breeze of energy freedom)

The climate crusade is fueled by deficit spending both in removing wind and solar and EVs from the tax code and by limitless spending by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Democrats Vent their Fury as Joe Manchin Shelves Action on Climate Change

We’re all going to die

Yahoo: “Biden’s on the verge of losing on climate change”

If only President Biden was a dictator? According to Yahoo, the USA’s “chokepoint filled federal system” is threatening to derail Biden’s radical climate change agenda.

Climate Pundits Shocked at President Biden’s Green Backtracking

According to the NYT, the State of the Union speech was a missed opportunity to focus attention on the link between Russia’s military power and Western fossil fuel dependency.

Climate Claim: Joe Manchin Controls “the fate of the world”

Aussie press demonizing Senator Joe Manchin, the lone Democrat who opposed President Biden’s Build Back Better.

Channeling Dan and Jane to confront Biden policies

And you’ll just keep hopping into bed with any Climate Industrialist who’ll pay you twenty bucks to shill for their greenbacks energy scams.

Time Magazine: Did We Just Blow Our Last Chance to Tackle Climate Change?

According to Time Magazine, the struggle to keep global warming below 1.5C is all but lost – but governments have to keep spending money.

Claim: Senator Joe Manchin Fundamentally Misunderstands Climate Economics

Did Manchin’s concern about the Texas Blackouts just save the USA from Build Back Better? Washington based reporter Tim McDonnell wants you to understand why a deluge of government cash…

Cheers! Biden’s Climate Agenda Collapses: Dem Sen Manchin kills Build Back BANKRUPT Bill

Manchin: “I cannot vote to continue with this piece of legislation…This is a no,” Manchin said.

Biden’s Climate Agenda Dies In The Senate

However, it seems like the Clean Electricity part of the bill is dead in the water, thanks to the resolute opposition of Joe Manchin, the Democrat Senator for West Virginia.

Watch: Morano’s full 25 min speech on Climate Lockdowns at Heartland Skeptic Conference in Las Vegas

“If you’ve loved the last year and a half living under covid lockdowns, you’ll LOVE the coming climate lockdowns,” Morano quipped.

THE LANCET: Urgent action needed to integrate climate change mitigation into COVID-19 recovery plans to address global inequities in health and build a sustainable future

The 2021 report of the Lancet Countdown on health and climate change: code red for a healthy future outlines the growing risks to health and climate

UK government scraps green homes grant after six months

The abandonment of the £1.5bn programme, which offered households grants of up to £5,000 or £10,000 to put in insulation or low-carbon heating, leaves the UK without a plan for…

Job Killer Joe’s Climate Team Promises to Replace the Fossil Fuel Jobs they “Sacrifice”

Perhaps it might have been a good idea to create these promised new green jobs, before destroying the old jobs?

Marc Morano: We Will Go From COVID Lockdowns To “Climate Lockdowns” Under Biden

Climate Depot publisher Marc Morano warned Biden and Democrats are using the COVID lockdown model to prepare for “climate lockdowns” in an interview Monday night with FOX News host Tucker…

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