Study: Hollywood Movies Demonstrate the UN Needs More Funding to Prevent Climate Disasters

The United Nations Office of Disaster Risk Reduction is so obscure they don’t even have their own ambassador. But according to a study, unless the UNDRR receives more money, disasters…

United Nations Demands an End to Silicon Solar Panels and Wind Turbines

Guterres actually demanded an end to coal, but metallurgical coal is an essential component in solar panel manufacture; no coal, no new solar panels.

UN Shames Australia for a Lack of Climate Ambition

Making big climate pledges was a cheap political win when the goal was way off in the future. But now the first deadlines are approaching, long serving politicians in countries…

UN WHO Asks Rich Nations to Pause Covid Vaccination, so Others can Catch Up

WHO Spokesperson Margaret Harris wants rich nations including the USA to allow some of their people die, so more vaccines can be diverted to poor nations to allow them to…

UN: Angry Birds Survey Proves the World Demands Climate Action

Guest essay by Eric Worrall According to the United Nations, “the people’s voice is clear”. The UN believes the results of a survey distributed to gamers playing Angry Birds,  Subway…

A Million Young People Wearing Synthetic Fabrics Demand More Climate Action

What is wrong with a picture of people wearing the products of an energy intensive high tech civilisation demanding more climate action?

Aussie Resources Minister: UN Climate Emergency Demand an “Inconsequential “Grand Statement”

Australian Resources Minister Keith Pitt predicts global demand for Aussie coal will remain strong “long into the future”.

UN Climate Ambition Summit Falls Flat

Lots of ambitious promises of action by 2050, but not a lot of detailed plans.

Australia Not Invited to a Big International Climate Summit

Summit organisers rejected Australia’s attendance, say Australia’s climate action plan was “unacceptably weak”.

UN Paris Agreement Architect Blasts Australia’s “Lack of Integrity” on Climate Action

According to former UN climate chief and Paris Agreement architect Christiana Figueres, coal exporting Australia is not acting with integrity when it comes to global efforts to reduce CO2 emissions.

WHO Presses for More Action on Climate Change

In the midst of an ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, with many nations struggling with their response, the WHO has decided to focus their efforts on combatting climate change.

UN: Urgent Climate Action Required to PREVENT the Greening of the Sahara Desert

6000 years ago during the Holocene Climatic Optimum the Sahara desert was covered in lakes and vegetation. All this went away when the world cooled. Some of the poorest people…

Climate Campaigners Horrified Global Shipping Will be Allowed to Grow

Climate campaigners are upset that the climate targets recommended by the UN International Maritime Organization don’t include a requirement that overall CO2 emissions be reduced.

UN Climate Disaster Doubling Revisited

The claim is so bold that this requires more thorough analysis of the original data. Everyone can access the EM-DAT database by registering as EM-DAT user. Access is free for…

UN Warns Climate Disasters Doubled in the Last 20 Years

According to a new United Nations report, “It is baffling that we willingly and knowingly continue to sow the seeds of our own destruction, despite the science and evidence that…

UN Report Pushes Green Climate Friendly Covid Recovery

In my opinion the United Nations is not serious about climate change. The UN is continuing to try to conflate Covid-19 and climate change, in the apparent hope some of…

UN Advisor: Divert National Military Budgets to Climate Change and UN Sustainability Programmes

Guest essay by Eric Worrall The United Nations appears to think nations should stop wasting money on guns and soldiers and instead embrace funding UN climate change, economic decarbonisation and…

UNSW Report Mixes Climate Change with Chinese Legal Reform

A report prepared by the University of New South Wales for UNICEF China is one of the strangest documents I’ve ever read. Much of the document makes sense, it discusses…

WMO: World Could Hit 1.5C Global Warming by 2024

From the “we have one US Presidential Cycle to save the world department”.

Covid-19 Fallout: President Trump Moves to Formally Withdraw From the WHO

Guest essay by Eric Worrall The World Health Organization’s disastrous handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, their alleged excessive deference to China, and their apparent refusal to consider any serious reform,…

UN Warns Electric Automobile Rush is Causing Human Rights Abuses

The United Nations has issued a belated warning that soaring demand for raw materials for the electric vehicle revolution is creating dangerous conditions for children working in toxic mines.

UN: Covid-19, Climate Change and Racial Justice are all Linked

Guest essay by Eric Worrall According to the UN, everything bad you see in the news is linked to climate change. Or something like that. Covid-19 pandemic is ‘fire drill’…

UN: $3.1 Trillion Required by 2030 to Limit Global Warming to 2C

Guest essay by Eric Worrall A recently released UN report, GLOBAL TRENDS IN RENEWABLE ENERGY INVESTMENT 2020, berates the world for not doing enough to transition to renewables. GLOBAL TRENDS…

Greta Thunberg Demands Canada and Norway Stop Expanding Fossil Fuel Extraction

Guest essay by Eric Worrall Greta wants to use her alleged influence over 20% of the United Nations vote to try to pressure Norway and Canada into a climate virtue…