Climate Activists Defend Spreading Computer Malware to Educate Skeptics

It started a month ago, when a group of climate activists invited kids to deceive climate skeptic family members into downloading malware disguised as a cookie recipe.

A Semi-Competent Report On Energy Storage From Britain’s Royal Society

From the MANHATTAN CONTRARIAN  Francis Menton If you want to power our modern economy on intermittent renewables (wind and solar), and also banish the use of power from fossil fuels…

“There Is A Design Problem In Climate Policy” Featuring Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. & Chris Wright, Liberty

From VERITEN Google Podcasts On Wednesday in Denver, we had the pleasure of joining Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. (UC Boulder) and Chris Wright, CEO and Chairman of Liberty Energy for…

Climate Change Weekly #484: Climate Change and Texas’ Electric Power Problems

From Heartland Daily News H. Sterling Burnett YOU SHOULD SUBSCRIBE TO CLIMATE CHANGE WEEKLY. IN THIS ISSUE: Miss Anything at Heartland’s Climate Conference? No Problem. Climate Change and Texas’ Electric Power…

Professor William Happer IPA lecture – The Crusade Against Carbon Dioxide – September 2023

In September 2023, Princeton University’s Emeritus Cyrus Fogg Brackett Professor of Physics, William Happer, spoke to an audience in Brisbane, Australia about the crusade against carbon dioxide and integrity in…

Climate Wars Heating Up in Rural Australia

To say tempers are running hot over climate policy related bullying and abuse of rural landowners would be an understatement.

Spencer and Christy’s new climate sensitivity paper has been published – and its LOWER.

From Dr. Roy Spencer: If we assume ALL *observed* warming of the deep oceans and land since 1970 has been due to humans, we get an effective climate sensitivity to…

ClimateTV – Live at 1PMET – Green Breakdown: The Coming Renewable Energy Failure

This week we look at green energy, and a book showing how it will likely fail in the near future. Think wind, solar, and batteries can replace the hydrocarbon fuels…

Causality and Climate

On the chicken-and-egg problem of CO2 and temperature.

The six ways renewables increase electricity bills

There is only one way a windfarm will push your power bills, and that’s upwards.”

Soon/Connollys: Challenges of the detection and attribution of global warming | Tom Nelson Pod #153

Dr. Willie Soon, an astrophysicist and geoscientist, is a leading authority on the relationship between solar phenomena and global climate.

Offshore wind is systematically violating the Marine Mammal Protection Act

Clearly a thorough investigation is called for. In the meantime this illegal harassment must cease. Active IHAs should be suspended and no more issued until this issue is resolved.

EV Energy Rationing Lite – “Monetary incentives could guide charging behaviours”

University of Melbourne explaining the velvet glove approach to EV charge time coercion.

An Unsettling Insight

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I got to thinking about the classical way to measure the very poorly-named “greenhouse effect”, which has nothing to do with greenhouses. To my knowledge,…

Right, EpochTV, Global Climate Policies Are Targeting Food Production

The impact of green policies on the food supply is one of the most dangerous emerging global issues.

UK Climate Alarmists Debate Violence (hitting bottom?)

Personally , I’ve now reached a point where I believe breaking the law for the climate is the ethically responsible thing to do.” (- Chris Packham, UK Wildlife TV presenter

A new paper shows that U.S. tornado damage & strong tornado incidence are both sharply down

There is simply no evidence to support claims that tornadoes are getting worse or causing more damage.

Evolution Earth documentary comments on polar bear survival & adaptation: let’s see how they do

I admit I don’t have high hopes but it will be interesting to see what approach this documentary takes on the critical issues of evolution and adaptation of polar bears.

New Zealand Farmers Fed Up with Extreme Climate Policies

Reuters is predicting the possible election of a right wing government on a platform of repealing climate policies which are devastating the countryside.

Summer warming 1895-2023 in U.S. cities exaggerated by 100% from the urban heat island effect

This means warming has been exaggerated by at least a factor of 2 (100%).

The AI Revolution Is Bad News for Net Zero

Driven by the expansion of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and the need for economic growth in developing countries, there is zero chance that Net Zero will be achieved…

Arctic 2023 Refuses To Melt…German Scientists Blame “Unusual Weather Phenomenon”

We notice that when the opposite happens, e.g. heat, storms or more melt happens, then it’s all because of climate warming. But when it goes the other way, then it’s…

Wailing Greens: “Tory strategy is now turning net zero into election fodder”

If only this was true. The real British conservative energy policy is a lot stranger.

People of the State of California v. Exxon Mobil Corporation

this latest People of the State of California v. ExxonMobil lawsuit is not a watershed legal action in the least, it is little more than a repackaged repetition of prior lawsuits among a…

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