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Trenberth’s IPCC claim of ‘no predictions by IPCC at all’ refuted by IPCC’s own words

Reader Jimbo advises in WUWT Tips and Notes about something Dr. [Kevin Trenberth] wrote that makes you wonder what he’s talking about when there are so many uses of the word “prediction” in the IPCC AR4. It also makes me … Continue reading

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Stalking the Rogue Hotspot

[I'm making this excellent essay a top sticky post for a day or two, I urge sharing it far and wide. New stories will appear below this one.  - Anthony] Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Dr. Kevin Trenberth is a … Continue reading

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Will a new ‘Weather Commission’ be a benefit or a travesty?

This smells like Trenberth’s doings at the behest of Al Gore and his “Dirty Weather” Campaign. If so, then I’m against it, because all this will do is create another bureaucracy loaded with opinionated thinkers sucking up more tax dollars … Continue reading

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Tisdales’ Blog Memo to Kevin Trenberth at NCAR

Guest post by Bob Tisdale Date:  September 20, 2012 Subject:  Trenberth and Fasullo (2012) paper “Climate extremes and climate change: The Russian heat wave and other climate extremes of 2010” From:  Bob Tisdale – Climate Observations To:  Kevin Trenberth – … Continue reading

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NCAR’s Dr. Kevin Treberth’s ugly intolerance of dissenting views from other scientists

And to think I almost wasted my time going to visit Dr. Trenberth at NCAR this fall. This is mind blowing intolerance in professional discourse. Here’s the email, bold mine. email 3946 date: Thu Dec 9 08:28:11 2004 from: Phil … Continue reading

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Skeptics are invited to a public meeting with Dr. Kevin Trenberth

UPDATE: this meeting is canceled, I will not be attending – Anthony I’m pleased to announce that I and the entire WUWT community have been invited to a meeting and demonstration of computer modeling skills with Dr. Kevin Trenberth on … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week – Wuebbles Weather World

Serially warm reporter Dan Vergano of USA today wrote an article on the “Current Extreme Weather and Climate Change” report, released this week that says it’s all our fault. With a peer review team like this one, what other conclusion … Continue reading

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Monday mirthiness: Autumn – time to test fireworks

Josh provides some insight on how Kev and Gav test “the package”of  fireworks.

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Uncertain Climate Risks (Nature Climate Change)

Guest Post by Ira Glickstein As I continue to plow through Vol 1 Issue 1 of the new Journal Nature Climate Change, I came to the following amazing statement: Communicating the value of climate modelling … requires confronting such apparent … Continue reading

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Trenberth at AMS defends himself against deniers

Post by Dr. Ryan N. Maue Dr. Trenberth delivered his highly-anticipated presentation at the American Meteorological Society 91st Annual Meeting in Seattle on Wednesday.  The talk was titled “Promoting climate information and communication of climate change“, and an overflowing crowd … Continue reading

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The hope of Lisbon

Dr. Judith Curry writes over at Climate Etc about the upcoming Lisbon conference on “Workshop on Reconciliation in the Climate Change Debate.” I thought it would be good to touch on this. I was originally scheduled to attend, having been … Continue reading

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Unequivocal Equivocation – an open letter to Dr. Trenberth

This essay from Willis appeared on WUWT overnight Saturday while I slept. After reading it this morning, I decided to make it a sticky at the top of WUWT (I also added the open letter reference) because it says everything … Continue reading

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New paper on ARGO data: Trenberth’s ocean heat still missing

Four out of five ARGO data studies now show Ocean Heat Content declining Readers may recall that Dr. Kevin Trenberth said this in one of the Climategate emails: “The fact is that we can’t account for the lack of warming … Continue reading

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