William Connolley demonstrates once again why Wikipedia is an untrustworthy reference source

I saw this coming a mile away. On Wednesday August 20th, Dr. Roy Spencer noted how John Cook’s well debunked 97% ‘consensus’ claim, based of statistical sleight of hand and pal review, was used as an example of propaganda techniques Wikipedia Page on Propaganda Techniques Uses 97% Meme Roy opined: About these ads

About these ads

‘Hoodwinking the Nation’ on climate issues

Guest essay by Charles Battig, M.D. VA-Scientists and Engineers for Energy and Environment American popular culture has scattered nuggets of perceived wisdom. In order to understand and perhaps explain our continuing frustration with getting more of the American public and politicians to accept the reality of climate issues, I invoke “Cool Hand Luke.” In that…

Climate Science; Winning The Science Battle, But Losing the Policy War

Essay by Dr. Tim Ball (Elaboration of my Heartland Climate Conference Presentation) We’re drowning in information and starving for knowledge. Rutherford Rogers So-called climate skeptics, practicing proper science by disproving the hypothesis that human CO2 is causing global warming, achieved a great deal. This, despite harassment by formal science agencies, like the Royal Society, and…