China, Russia, Oil, Gas, Coal, Climate …

The “alarm bells” only ring for those willing to listen. It’s high time the West re-evaluates its energy and climate change approach – before it is too late.

Peace Breaks Out In The Middle East As US Influence Declines: From OPEC To OPEC+

At a stroke, MBS displaced the “oil-for-security” deal that has lasted over three quarters of a century between the US and Saudi Arabia since Franklin D. Roosevelt’s historic meeting with…

The Rubicon Crossed: The Energy World Turned Upside Down After the Ukraine War

Reposted from Forbes. Tilak Doshi Contributor I analyze energy economics and related public policy issues. 49 BCE Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon river with the 13th Legion, a defiant act…

Russia’s Biggest Weapon (And China’s Too) Is Fossil Fuel Energy

This time, the Russian people don’t feel the brunt of the war, so the pressure to end it is limited it and Russia’s vast fossil fuel revenues are available to…

Green Raw Deal: Climate Fanatism Has Put Us Full Throttle On The Highway To Hell

This combination of a misguided energy policy and a war, which shows no sign of abating anytime soon, is a toxic mixture that may threaten all of us.

Goldman Sachs’ Jeff Currie: ‘$3.8 Trillion of Investment in Renewables Moved Fossil Fuels from 82% to 81% of Overall Energy Consumption’ in 10 Years

So though, all of that investment in renewables, you’re talking about 3.8 trillion, let me repeat that $3.8 trillion of investment in renewables moved fossil fuel consumption from 82 to…

White House “Desperate… Panicking” Over Saudis and Oil

Civilization depends on cheap energy, and we are right to expect that our political leaders put the provision of it above electoral politics.

21 Million German Households, Industry Suffer Body Blow as Green Energy Scheme Disintegrates

Moreover, a vast array of skeptics and critics also had warned for years that Germany’s “Energiewende” was heading for disaster. They too were ridiculed and dismissed.

The New World Energy Order: A Battle Of Attrition

Pensioners and poorer sections of society across Western Europe and the UK, unable to afford skyrocketing heating and electricity bills, will be the most affected proximate victims.

German Electricity Prices Spiraling Out Of Control…Tripling Since 2000… Blackouts, Unrest Loom

What a mess; they’ve reached 41 cents a kilowatt-hour and it’s about to get much worse – especially for the people who can least afford it.

BRICS In the New World Energy Order: Hedging in Oil Geopolitics

The BRICS have been catapulted into a position of being the only constellation of forces that challenges the global economic dominance of the G7 developed countries bloc.

India is Buying Up Cheap Sanctioned Russian Oil and Selling it to the U.S. and E.U. at Huge Profits

India is buying up cheap sanctioned Russian oil, refining it, then selling it to the US and EU for huge profits, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

Watch Western Sanctions on Russia Boomerang: A Global Energy and Food Crisis in The Making

After weeks of contradictory advice from Brussels, the EU just gave its assent to payment for Russian gas in roubles by its members.

The Russia-Ukraine War: A New Geopolitics of Finance And Energy Trade Emerges

As one local oil analyst put it, “If Russia is offering oil at a cheaper price and the trade is between rupee and rouble, then looking at the national interest…

As Energy System Comes Apart, Germany Now Preparing Emergency Natural Gas Rationing Plans

“The government is having a contingency plan drawn up to determine which companies should first stop receiving gas when Russian natural gas fails to arrive,” reports  Blackout here. “A corresponding…

Climate Alarmists Bidding to Claim the Coming Food Price Crisis

As the impact of the interruption of Russian fertiliser sales and Ukrainian grain supplies approaches, climate alarmists are mounting a campaign to claim the coming food price spike as a…

“Freeze To Hurt Putin” Sounds Better Than “Government Rationing Gas,”… German Pols Look To Sell Hardship

That means tenants may find themselves freezing in underheated apartments all winter long. But it’s all for a good cause, politicians are insisting.

As Germany’s Green Dream Becomes A Nightmare, Asia And Russia Power Ahead With Nuclear Power

The prospects of this emerging renaissance of nuclear power seem to have already attracted the attention of smart money investors growing tired of technology stocks such as Tesla or Facebook.

A ‘mass exodus’ of polar bears from Alaska to Russia has taken place, local residents claim

Quite simply, this flexibility in response to changing conditions in the Arctic has allowed the polar bear to be an evolutionarily successful species and not a symptom of climate change…

Russia Is Right, There Is No Connection Between Climate, National Security, and the United Nations’ Mission

Russia recently vetoed the U.N. Security Council Resolution aimed at labeling climate change a threat to international peace and security. They were right to block the United Nations’ efforts to…

“Renewable Energy Dogmatism” – The New Red Menace?

Guest “Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the Renewable Energy Dogmatism Party?” by David Middleton Renewable Energy Dogmatism Is Turning the World Red. Just Ask…

Xi And Putin Leave Climate Alarmists At COP26 In The Lurch

Expect another religiously presented “gloom and doom” climate event with false promises hailed as historic achievements by an elite who offer only fear and deprivation for working people.

G20 fails to agree on climate goals in communique

Clearly China, Russia and India were never going to commit to give a date for phasing out coal power, as they know their economies depend on it. And while ever…

As US and Europe push climate policies, Middle East and Russian state oil producers stand to benefit

In the long term, US and EU green policies to reduce fossil fuel investments will increase the market share of Middle Eastern and Russian oil and gas producers Global demand…

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