John Kerry targets farmers: ‘We can’t get to Net-Zero…unless agriculture is front & center as part of the solution’ – ‘I refuse to call it climate change anymore. It’s not change. It’s a crisis’

We welcome agriculture ministers participating in the implementation of the Global Methane Pledge

The Left’s Climate Imperialism

Curbing DRC’s oil and gas production would disrupt a legitimate path to safe and prosperous living, which every other developing country in the world is pursuing — that is, a…

COP27 Fail: John Kerry MIA as Delegates Demand the USA Pay for “Loss and Damage”

Could this be the worst diplomatic embarrassment John Kerry has ever inflicted on the United States? Even worse than shaking hands with an accused narco-terrorist?

John Kerry Accused of Proposing US Companies Buy Their Way Out of Climate Action

A scheme for permanent impoverishment of poor countries? US companies pay poor countries to stay poor?

China Demand: Respect the One China policy, to Restore Climate Talks

In response to John Kerry’s grovelling plea to restart bilateral climate talks, the Communist mouthpiece Global Times has instructed the USA to “accept responsibility for mistakes”.

John Kerry BBC Net Zero Rant: Instructs Tory Candidates Not to “Jigger” with 2050

“I will say very pointedly and adamantly: We’re behind. We do not have the luxury of jiggering with the 2050 right now”

John Kerry vs. Natural Gas

John Kerry, President Joe Biden’s climate envoy, is the latest government official to deliver conflicting messages about energy.

John Kerry Old School Playground Bully on Climate

The real shame is that it is an agenda-driven phony climate war. There is no need for this, especially in light of the real problems we face today.

John Kerry: Putin’s Useful Climate Idiot

Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine marks the end of the West’s Era of Illusions. It was an era in which Western elites obsessed about solving climate change because the climate…

John Kerry fears Russia-Ukraine war will distract from climate change

You couldn’t make it up!

Egyptians Preparing Sharm el-Sheikh for the COP27 Conference

Bet that won’t be a teleconference event – US Secretary of State John Kerry has flown into Egypt, to make sure everything is ready.

John Kerry: US to be “carbon-free in the power sector by 2035”… A real-time failed prediction!

Guest “From the Famous Failed Prediction Files” by David Middleton ENERGY Published 5 days agoJohn Kerry says US ‘won’t have coal’ by 2030Climate czar John Kerry claims America ‘will not…

New China US Climate Pact: A US Technology Giveaway

A few days ago, China’s CCP Backed Global Times jeered at President Biden’s COP26 powerlessness, predicting more “kneeling” in the future. But today China is all smiles, after John Kerry…

Energy Policy Advocates Files Suit Against State Department Seeking “Special Climate Envoy” Kerry’s Ethics, Recusal Records

Today, the nonprofit governmental transparency group Energy Policy Advocates (EPA) filed an open records lawsuitagainst the United States Department of State seeking records including and relating to the required ethics clearance…

Beijing demands US fulfill wish list of demands in exchange for cooperation on climate change

Among its demands, the CCP requires the United States not to “infringe” upon China’s “sovereignty” in the troubled regions of Xinjiang, Tibet, and Hong Kong. Many Western governments, including the…

John Kerry Blames President Trump for his Lack of Progress Negotiating Climate Agreements

John Kerry believes President Trump shattered global trust in the USA’s climate action commitment. But Kerry claims “more and more” Republicans are starting to take the climate crisis seriously.

The Same People Who Embraced the “Wet Market” Theory Are Now Pushing Climate Change!

How various #ClimateChange dummies, from John Kerry to Prince Charles to Pope Francis, eagerly embraced the “wet market” theory for the origin of Covid-19, even though it has not one…

Biden And Kerry Get Humiliated On Earth Day, But Are Too Dumb To Realize It

Anyway, Biden today, with absolutely nothing in hand from China after Kerry’s failed mission last week, nevertheless proceeded essentially to double the U.S. promise to cut emissions.

Biden’s Green Covid Recovery DOA at the G20 Conference

According to India, mixing Climate and economic policy “would be adding insult to injury as far as the poor and developing countries” situation is concerned”.

Will John Kerry Sell Out Chinese Human Rights to Win a Global Climate Agreement?

John Kerry insists he will not compromise on pressuring China to improve treatment of persecuted minorities like Christians and Uighurs, to win a global climate agreement. But I’m not sure…

John Kerry Busted Flying Without a Mask

Another example of how Covid rules do not apply to top Democrats.

India Ignores John Kerry

Meanwhile back in the real world:

John Kerry: Climate Inaction is a “Mutual Suicide Pact”

He talks – yet nobody acts. Has John Kerry finally noticed that nobody cares what he says about climate change?

John Kerry Disappointed Australia Wants to Keep Exporting Coal

What a shocker – Australia is not rushing to meet John Kerry’s request to give up one of our main export industries on the timeframe of Kerry’s choosing.

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