Population Crash Cancels Alaska Snow Crab Season – Media Falsely Blames Climate Change

The evidence clearly demonstrates that the current large crash of the Bering Sea crab population is due to combination of overfishing and the largest La Niña event in a decade.…

Placing The Blame for Europe’s Energy and Economic Crisis

On the other hand, if you work for the New York Times, it’s possible to look at the exact same set of facts and draw entirely the opposite conclusions.

Bloomberg and NewsBusters Show ESG Is Neither Virtuous Nor Profitable

… numerous states have also begun to wake up to the damaging effect of ESG-focused investment.

“Germany Poised to Become LNG Powerhouse”???

Guest “I do not think that word, powerhouse, means what you think it means” by David Middleton Germany Poised to Become LNG Powerhouse With Law to Cut Red TapeLegislation set…

United States Department of…Bloomberg?

Regardless, is Bloomberg New Energy Finance, which so breathlessly touts — as an expert outlet, a “strategic research provider” — the same agenda pushed by the Biden administration — a…

China & India need $50 trillion for Net-Zero transition, report says

Get your wallets out!

Bloomberg: Nowhere is Safe from the Climate Apocalypse

The recent resurrection of the “Day After Tomorrow” warming causes cooling scenario has panicked climate alarmists, who until recently thought they could ride out the apocalypse by moving somewhere cold.

What is good for the climate geese is NOT good for the ganders.

How dare we, in the healthier and wealthier countries, turn our backs on the 11 million kids dying every year in developing countries, and insist that we should limit poor…

“Arctic air freezes Permian shale fields”… Fake news?

Guest “how to spot fake news” by David Middleton Reporting from Ice Station Dallas Fake news isn’t necessarily false or untrue. U.S. oil output plunges as Arctic air freezes Permian…

With these two guys leading, what could possibly go wrong?

From banning supersize drinks to banning supersize storms? Bill Clinton and Bloomberg unveil ‘climate risk’ project NEW YORK—Former President Bill Clinton and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced a…

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